Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Pretty Pink Box Dec 2010 haul!

Finally after a long wait due to the Canadian postal system my December My Pretty Pink Box arrived!!!
Ths box was like a late holiday present to myself...or maybe a new year's s present!
Here is what was in MPBB:

A lovely holiday card from the owner of MPBB program Linda!
*Stuck to the card were two Monet Mineral's eye shadows in the shades Cappuccino and Strawberry Soda (1 gram each).
*RJM Creations has a very cute and useful,well made brush roll!
*Corrective Skincare sent a Polygel 5% treatment (30ml)
*Ancient Stones Minerals sent a sample of their Eye Candy makeup!
*Marc Anothony sent a tube of their Strictly Curls lotion sample (30ml)
*LA Girls eyeshadow in Crystal Cocktail
*Shelisa's My Sexy Lips balm tube in Peppermint Kiss
* Curls Gel-les-C organic natural hair serum! (can't wait to try this out).

This has to be one of the best boxes I have received so far.
I haven't gotten around to trying anything in this box yet,but will post some reviews soon.

My Pretty Pink Box Dec 2010!

I made Bacon and Cheddar scones!

I have eaten out quite a lot lately, but rarely think of posting dishes I have made.
My resolution this year will be to post more tasty dishes and recipes online!
I'll start with some Cheddar and organic maple syrup bacon scones.
They were quite tasty and also freeze well (as I had many left over).
The Cheddar came from the local producer Les Folies Bergeres (
The organic bacon came from local producer Ferme Fee et Fougere and is made with organic pork and organic maple syrup.
Both these delicious ingredients were bought through the Marche Outaouais, which is a farmer's market that is in Gatineau. You can order your items online and they are dropped off at the food co-op where you pick up your items a few days later.
I think this is a great modern idea and quite a time saver!
To find out more about this new market their website is at:


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Todric's Dinner #2 Fresh and Tasty Meal!

A few weeks ago I had the chance to eat at Todric's restaurant again!
The meal, as expected was very fresh and used seasonal ingredients.
This was supposed to be posted a few weeks ago and kind of got behind of updating this blog.
The good news is they still have these items on the menu if you care to go for dinner.
I had the beef short ribs with jasmine rice and some very fresh green beans. The preparation of the ribs was "Asian style" and there did seem to be some soy sauce on the ribs.
The meat on the ribs was very tender and almost fall off the bone. Portion was also quite big and more than I expected. The value for the meal seemed good as I was full after this plate of food and had no room for dessert.
The menu and website for Todric's can be found online at:
There is also the option if eating a daily lunch there and a weekend brunch is also offered on Saturday's and Sunday's.
*I plan on going next weekend for brunch and will report back on my meal.

Asian-style beef short ribs from Todric's.

 Also ordered the soup of the day which was Lobster bisque. The soup was very creamy and rich and had a good lobster taste. All the soups I have tried from Todric's have been quite good so far.

Lobster bisque!
 Guest had the fish of the day-that time it was Grouper served with sweet potato mash and some grilled vegetables. The portion of fish was nicely grilled and was much bigger than guest expected. There was enough for one very hungry person or possibly two people. But seeing as Guest was very hungry the whole plate was eaten (Guest did not have a soup or salad before).
The fish was very fresh (as expected) and nicely cooked, very flaky and easy to eat.
I will most likely get a fish dish on my next visit there.

Grouper, sweet potato mash, roasted vegetables from Todric's.

Happy New Year!!!

Hopefully everyone has had a good holiday break and a wonderful new year!
Also hoping everyone has a year of good and healthy foods!
I don't have a seasonal picture to post, but took this cute duck picture in  Ottawa.