Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ribs at Alex's Bakery! Tasty Spicy lunch!

Last weekend I passed by Alex's Bakery on Bank st and saw they had some bbq chicken and ribs on the lunch menu that day.
From what I've seen they change the hot dishes they make every day and I think that ribs and chicken and just on the weekends?
I know the last two Saturdays they have had some very tasty spicy ribs and fish en papilotte- tilapia one day and salmon another time.
This is my lunch with the bbq chicken and I just asked for a tiny bit of ribs- this is not a whole portion. A whole portion I was told has "5 bones" in it. Not too sure what you call those. It is a decent size portion and the price is around $7.50 plus tax for the chicken or ribs.
The rice that day was jasmine rice and the meal also came with a side of guacamole!
Alex's Bakery Bbq chicken and ribs!!!