Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday shopping made easy online! Places with affordable shipping in Canada!

Happy shopping season everyone!
I happen to have a lot of gifts to send and do not like trekking to the post office, have to package and wrap the gifts carefully and then pay for postage.
Just seems like too much....work!
 In this modern time it seems much easier to buy gifts online.
The only issue is if you are not careful you can spend tons on shipping. Just thought I would post some of my favorite websites to buy gifts in Canada.
Most of these websites have free or very well priced shipping.

1) Well.ca free shipping for any item in Canada. There is a charge to send items to the US, so for  US based gifts something else is faster and better.
But for sending a gift in Canada, this is great! Well.ca also sells a lot of nice handmade soaps,candy,food!
Prices are usually better than a retail store for the most part.

2) Chocodirect.com
This is one of my favorite places to buy candy and gifts. Shipping is $5 for any order and I just noticed this week they made some gift baskets for the holidays!
The website is based in Quebec and usually an order takes at most 5 days to be received.
Chocodirect only ships in Canada, so not really good for US gifts.
The price of their baskets is quite good and compared to most of those "basket shops" shipping is very resonable. They do not seem to be charging a crazy ammount just to have items in a basket.
I calculated the cost of their $20 basket and the value of the items is $19 if you buy them without a basket!
Speaking to my mother who happens to order gift baskets for the holidays, she told me that she pays around $15-20 to send gift baskets from a local store (she is in Montreal).
I have been shopping at Chocodirect for a few years now and have not had any issues with shipping. One good thing they do for the environment is they seem to reuse or "repurpose" their mailing boxes. My last order, the outside packaging was a box used to hold a large  quantity of chocolate bars (it was a giant Valor chocolate box). The packaging inside to protect my items was mostly paper and my glass items had bubble wrap!

Hopefully this helps your online shopping. I will try and find more sites and add links later today!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ribs at Alex's Bakery! Tasty Spicy lunch!

Last weekend I passed by Alex's Bakery on Bank st and saw they had some bbq chicken and ribs on the lunch menu that day.
From what I've seen they change the hot dishes they make every day and I think that ribs and chicken and just on the weekends?
I know the last two Saturdays they have had some very tasty spicy ribs and fish en papilotte- tilapia one day and salmon another time.
This is my lunch with the bbq chicken and I just asked for a tiny bit of ribs- this is not a whole portion. A whole portion I was told has "5 bones" in it. Not too sure what you call those. It is a decent size portion and the price is around $7.50 plus tax for the chicken or ribs.
The rice that day was jasmine rice and the meal also came with a side of guacamole!
Alex's Bakery Bbq chicken and ribs!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Candied orange peel at Alex's bakery on Bank st: Ottawa!

I have been going to this small new bakery for the past few months.
This lovely and modern looking store is a new addition to the Glebe area.
Usually I purchase some pastries and bread a few times a week.
During my last visit I spotted a few interesting new items- some homemade jams and freshly made candied orange peel.
I happen to be a fan or candied orange peel with chocolate, orange marmalade-so this was right up my alley :)!
The lady working at the bakery told me that they freshly made the orange peel in the store. The display was very nice looking and the price was very good at .80 per piece.
Each piece of candied orange peel was aprox 2x3" and around 1/4 inch in thickness- so fairly easy to bite into.
You could see the texture of the peel quite well and it was quite tart in taste!
I plan on purchasing more of this peel for myself and for a gift to someone who happens to enjoy everything with candied orange.
If you have a chance do stop by and try this item.

Candied orange peel from Alex's bakery!

Test Tube August 2011 New Beauty loot!

My quarterly edition of New Beauty Magazine's Test Tube has arrived!
Here is a list of what I received in my tube:

*Mally Evercolor Starlight waterproof eyeliner in "Midnight". full size $15 (it is a dark black shade).
*Lashfood lash conditioner 1.5ml (full size 8ml =$120.00).
*L'Oreal Elnett hairspray 312g can $14.99 full size.
*Orlane Hydro-mattifying care 3.5ml (full size 50ml=$88.00).
*Dr. Brandt Vacum Cleaner 7.5ml (full size 30ml= $45.00).
*Sparitual Handprint Serum 7.4ml (full size 120ml $60).
*YBF lipliner in "Posing Plum" (full size $8.00).
*Macadamia - Healing oil treatment 30ml (value $15), Deep repair masque 30ml.

There was also an issue of the latest New Beauty magazine!
The magazine is always interesting with a lot of timely scientific articles on the latest cosmetic surgeries.
I also enjoy seeing the before and after photos of celebrities and "regular people".
In Canada you can pick up this magazine at Chapters and at Shoppers Drug Mart!
A bit on the pricey side, but worth reading.

I will be uploading some pics as soon as my slow computer downloads them off my camera!

Aug 2011 Test Tube still packaged!

Aug 2011 Test Tube: another view!
I will be posting reviews of each product as I get around to trying them.
So far I have tried the Mally waterproof eyeliner. The eyeliner is a very dark black shade and goes on very smoothly. After a minute or two it seems to set and has a lot of staying power. I put some on my hand and washed it at least 4 times and the eyeliner did not budge!
Another nice thing is that it is made in Germany.

More reviews to come.......

Sunday, July 3, 2011

New breed of chicken called "Cotton Candy"!

I was at the Lansdowne Farmer's Market during mother's day when there was a petting zoo.
There were some very unusual animals there that week.
What really caught my eye were the fluffy colored chickens!
They looked just like fluffy cotton candy, with the pastel shade to match!
If you manage to find one of these chickens at the store,supposedly the meat tastes a lot like...cotton candy ;)
These colorful birds are actually the size of a small chicken, but this pic was taken on a cell phone and turned out much smaller.

Cotton Candy chickens at the Lansdowne Farmer's Market! 
A grey Llama!
There was also a grey spotted Llama. I have never seen that before!

A goose with very fluffy feathers!
There was also a pair of geese that have very fluffy feathers.
I was told it is a breed that originates in another country (forget which one).
The same petting zoo was at the Lansdowne Farmer's Market this weekend!
Hopefully they will be back, the animals were interesting to see,

Close call with food poisoning at Maison Baguette!

Hope that everyone is having a great summer!
I haven't posted in a while as I just did not get around to it. Now I hate to start up again with a negative experience,and debated writing this- but this was my personal experience two weeks ago.
I had bought a few (3) coupons through a local deal of the day website and had heard of Maison Baguette before from their previous location downtown.
Having never gotten the chance to go to their old location, I jumped at the chance to try this much heard about bakery.
My first visit was good- had a breakfast sandwich made from a croissant and that was ok. It was slightly ruined by the cooking of the eggs in the microwave and also heating the croissant in the microwave.
The breakfast croissant was alright,but the sogginess somewhat ruined it, at least they did use real cheese!
I also had a bread with fruits in it and the homemade baked beans.
My visit was overall positive and I looked forward to going back to try other items.

Now my visit two weeks ago was not very pleasant for the most part.
I had bought a filled croissant and that was good (unfortunately it is hard to remember what was even in it), a "corn bread" and the homemade baked beans.
I did not try the baked beans in the store as they were already packaged. Since it was hot out at the time I had brought a small insulated cooler to keep my grocery items cool.
The beans were transported in that and were still very cold when I got home.
The beans were tasted when I got home and I immediately noticed an "off taste" or a fermented taste.
Also when I had gotten the container home the lid was inflated,but I thought that was just from carrying the container on the bus (even though it was secure).
I ended up putting the container in the fridge and came back an hour later to find there was a lot of buildup of gas and the container looked like it could explode in my fridge-the lid was pretty much about to pop off the container.
Unfortunately I did not get a picture,but I know what spoiled food looks like (cans and sealed containers that are bulging are unsafe to eat).
I also consulted with some food safety experts, a nurse and the city dept that handles food safety and my details of the spoiled item did confirm that it was spoiled and too "fermented".
(I have also seen a similar thing happen with some beans from Costco someone bought a few years ago...roommate had left them in the fridge too long...).
Just to be sure, I also spoke to some "bean experts" who make baked beans every week and they told me the item was unsafe to eat and that I'm lucky I did not get ill from this.
Before I forget, the beans were also not dated, so no idea how long they were there for. It was also the last container in the fridge.

Based on this latest experience, I am sure I will not return to Maison Baguette on Montreal road.
Another thing is I thought most of their items were supposed to be homemade?
Well, when I was there they were advertising fresh waffles....MADE FROM A MIX.
I do not remember the brand, but they had the manufacturer's poster for Malted waffle mix.
If I wanted items made from a mix those are easy enough to make in my own kitchen.

I'm sure some people may have had more positive experiences with Maison Baguette,but I am not one of those persons apparently.
Now I do want to end this post on a positive note and will also include my list of places that have delicious fresh baked beans.

Bearbrook Farms at the Lansdowne Farmer's market has fresh baked beans every week.
The only downside is they have bacon in them and vegetarians might not want that?
But if you enjoy eating bacon and like baked beans, these are very tasty.
They have molasses,onion,bacon and...beans.
A large container is $5- you can also only get these on Sunday's till 3pm.

La Binerie Plantagenet also makes baked beans that are sold in some local stores.
I've bought these from Farm Boy before. These are good and they also have a vegetarian version for the people who do not want meat in their beans!

Foolish Chicken on Holland also has baked beans on their menu. I just had some as a side dish with my meal and they were very good. Forgot to ask what was in them though.

So there you have it! Thankfully I managed to avoid food poisoning!

Monday, May 23, 2011

CocoMira delicious and addicitive Canadian candy!

CocoMira is a candy I tried quite a while ago and meant to post about sooner.
If you have not heard of CocoMira it is a hard toffee-like confection that is topped with chocolate and various kinds of nuts.
CocoMira is made in Canada in Toronto.
When I first tasted CocoMira Maple Crunch, it reminded me of Almond Roca- except that CocoMira is in flat squares instead of the foil wrapped candies of Almond Roca.
CocoMira Maple Crunch is made with real Canadian maple syrup and I found it had a richer taste than the Almond Roca toffee center. The milk chocolate was not overly rich and was quite sweet. The combination of nuts of the Maple Crunch is pecans and almonds- which makes for a nice tasty change.
CocoMira also happens to be gluten free, for those people who are trying to avoid those ingredients.
I bought CocoMira at Natural Food Pantry in Ottawa, but it can also be bought in many other stores and ordered online.
This would make a great Canadian gift for anyone who likes sweet treats.
The only "problem" there is with CocoMira was that it is too easy to finish the whole box by yourself!

CocoMira Maple Crunch and Hazelnut Crunch!

Valmont Bio-Regenetic Serum amazing for those 11 frown lines!

Recently I was able to get my hands on one of the elusive Valmont Switzerland skincare serums.
Having heard so much of this famed line and how it made the skin amazingly soft and young looking,I was curious to try some of this line.
Valmont is quite a premium line and out of my budget at the moment, so the opportunity to try even a sample is nice.
The Valmont product that I tried was Bio-Regenetic Serum. The website for Valmont claims the serum helps give the skin energy and can restructure the skin with DNA and RNA ingredients.
Now, I have not been using this product very long and can not yet determine if my skin will have any permanent changes from this product.
When I first tried Bio-Regenetic serum it absorbed very well and also has minimal to no scent. Good for people who are sensitive to highly scented products. I also have very sensitive skin and was not irritated at all by this product.
The Valmont serum was used on my "11" frown lines and I did notice an immediate plumping action and my lines were much less noticeable the whole day.
So far this very luxurious product has been very pleasing to use.
I would recommend Valmont Bio-Regenetic serum to anyone who wants a very luxurious was of improving their frown lines!
If you can get your hands on a sample it is the best way of trying this serum and knowing if it works for you.
The sample I was able to obtain came in a 3ml plastic tube and is not airtight. The full size Valmont serum is 30ml in size and comes in an airless pump to protect the ingredients.
(I got my sample from a store I shop at).
If you are looking to purchase Valmont products in Canada Essential Day Spa sells that line on their website and has great customer service.
The Valmont Switzerland website can be found at:

The price of Valmont Bio-Regenetic serum is $257.00 in Canada.
Valmont Bio-Regenetic Serum   
 *Thanks to Essential Day Spa for having this Valmont product pic on their site. I do not have the full product in my hands here.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Todric's Lobster Open Ravioli! Great taste and presentation!

I finally had the chance to go back to Todric's and try the Lobster Open ravioli in cognac cream sauce.
The dish was very well presented and had a very rich spicy taste.
The cream sauce was very rich and had an unexpected bit of spiciness to it. I asked the server and was told that there was a bit of cayenne pepper added to the sauce (it was not very spicy,just nicely spiced).
The "ravioli" part of the dish was made of two big sheets of pasta and the cream sauce and large chunks of fresh lobster were placed between that.
The ravioli was very fresh and nicely cooked too.
One part of the dish that surprised me was that there was actually mushrooms in the filling of the ravioli-that went well with the lobster (but was not mentioned on the menu). The mushrooms made the dish seem much more filling!

The server also mentioned that in this dish the chef uses the meat from a one and a half pound lobster,so that was quite substantial.
What was very original was the presentation- the head and tail of the lobster were on the edges of my plate.
There was also the two lobster claws and those were very carefully placed on the edge of the pasta making it look like the whole crustacean was there!
This dish is not something I would order every day as it is quite rich and would be better for a special occasion.
The market price for the lobster ravioli dish today was $38 (also why I could not eat this too often).

Also while at Todric's today I also had the chef's creation appetizer and a pineapple upsidedown cake.
Those will be added to my post soon this weekend!

Todric's Lobster open ravioli in cognac cream sauce!

Lobster Head!
Lobster Tail!

New Beauty Test Tube March 2011 contents!

Finally my wait for the latest shipment of New Beauty magazine's Test Tube arrived in the mail!
The thing with this program is you never know what you are going to get.
But that is a big part of the fun with this program.
So far I have been thrilled with most of the items in the tube and the ones that are not suitable for me have found friends who wanted those items.

Here is what was in the March 2011 edition of the Test Tube.

*Bioelements Quick Refiner 7.3ml jar
*Beauty Society Youth Accelerator serum 5ml tube
*Ahava Intensive body cream 40ml tube
*Ahava foot cream 15ml tube
*Kerstin Florian Neroli cleansing milk 30ml bottle
*Slice of Life vitamin gummies 28 ct bottle
*Pevonia Power Repair collagen cream 15ml
*Supersmile ergonomic toothbrush!!! (one of my faves!)
*Mally volumizing mascara (full size,black)
*Dr Denese Hydrosheild Ultra moisturizing face serum 10ml bottle (full size is 15ml)
*Lumene Sensitive Touch cleansing wipes 10ct travel packet
*Smashbox Photofinish primer 7.1ml tube
*John Freida Root Awakening hair cream 21ml tube
*LashFood natural eyelash conditioner 1.5ml
*Jane Iredale Tantasia self tanner 10ml tube
+ New Beauty magazine

So far I have tried many of the products as I was away and did not have many of my regular cosmetics with me.
The Kerstin Florian Neroli cleansing milk smells just like fresh neroli hydrosol and was very refreshing,Bioelements quick refiner also left my skin very smooth looking.
Mally mascara stood up well to humidity and a night out. 
Beauty Society Youth Accelerator serum did make my frown lines look less obvious and was easy to use under makeup too!

I will try and add some more specific reviews as I have more time this weekend!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Carefor Chocolate Brunch & Competition Mar 19 for a good cause in Ottawa!

I just heard of this brunch and chocolate dessert competition that is in a few weeks.
It is being held at the Centurion conference and event center on Colonade Rd in what was formerly Nepean.
(In case anyone does not have a vehicle, the bus #3 passes by Colonade Rd.)
Here are some more details about the event and info on where you can purchase tickets.
I think one of the best parts of the event is that you will be allowed to have a take home box for the chocolate desserts you do not finish!!!!


7th Annual Carefor Chocolate Brunch & Competition

On Saturday, March 19th, 2011, 400 guests will meet for the sweetest fundraiser of the year at the Centurion Conference and Event Center - 170 Colonnade Rd South in Ottawa!
Starting at 10 a.m., guests will be treated to a delectable brunch, live music, a silent auction with items donated by local businesses, and finally the opportunity to vote on the establishment that makes Ottawa/Gatineau's BEST chocolate dessert. Take home containers will be available to ensure everyone gets the most out of the chocolate competition!

The event sold out the past 2 years so be sure to pick up your tickets early. Call us at 613-749-7557 x2180 to purchase your tickets NOW!

Tickets for adults are $75 with a $25 tax receipt provided.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Piccolo Grande visit to Mackay my visit in December. Thumbs down!

Usually I enjoy going to Piccolo Grande in the Byward Market during the warmer months and always make it a after dinner (or anytime) treat.
When I saw a deal on a local website for a half price lunch and gelato that seemed like a good opportunity to try a new location.
Here are the details of my visit. I don't have too much else to add to the description as I have not been back to this location.
This was previously posted by myself on another website and is being added to my blog to give a heads up to people who enjoy gelato.
Last week I went to Piccolo Grande at 411 Mackay st.
I had gotten a coupon deal from the website Koopon.ca
For $12 you got a soup, sandwich, coffee and cup of gelato.
-thought that was an ok deal and had never been to that location, so bought one of the coupons for lunch.
You could buy unlimited coupons, but figuring how it is not so close by to me and I usually buy gelato at a nearby store (5 minutes from my place), I only thankfully bought one of these "deals".

Usually I like to support local stores and if service is somewhat bad one day I might give the store another chance.
But my visit that time, too many things were annoying and doubt I will be going back to that area for ice cream.
The soup they had 2 choices today-roasted red pepper and the other one lentil soup.
Service was kind of slow as there is only 1 lady working there and I think she is the owner.
There was 2 people eating lunch there already and the lady finished serving them before even taking my order.
She could have gotten me my coffee while I waited 5 minutes (not a huge deal though).
Then as I am waiting for my food some other customer comes in and the lady working there makes the food for that person instead of my food-that I did find annoying as I was there first (but my being not rude,did not say anything about this).

So finally I get my food. Had ordered the tandoori chicken wrap, roasted pepper soup,coffee and cup of gelato.
The wrap was made with a tortilla and had tandoori chicken breast,tomato,lettuce and a kind of curry mayo.
There was not tons of chicken on the sandwich-but the quality of the meat was good. Lettuce and tomato were fresh and I could hear the lady chopping the lettuce for my sandwich.
Soup was good and had lots of little bits of carrot in it,some corn kernels and a good red pepper taste-was not spicy.
Coffee-I was under the impression that it was any coffee on the menu and not premade drip coffee.
I did ask for a cappuccino and the lady there she just told me all they were making today was drip coffee.
Kind of felt ripped off on that-it is prob not more than .50 for a cappuccino in cost to make.
Now finally I get to my gelato-got a pistachio and vanilla cup.
The ice cream was no longer in the display freezer-but was in the storage freezer as I was told they would be putting out chocolates for holiday sales.

So after waiting for the gelato to defrost so it could be scooped I had my dessert.
The pistachio ice cream was a bit gummy and seemed like it had been there a while. The vanilla was fine.
I do not think I will be getting pistachio ice cream from Picolo Grande-I like the place on Bank st I go to a lot more (as it has actual nuts in the ice cream).

Overall I can say my lunch was alright.
But before I forget, there were a few other things that annoyed me.
The lady had a bit of a cough and she also did not wash her hands in between serving customers and handling cash and making other items.
Then I also asked about the price of the Leonidas? chocolates that were in the display as they did look good. She tells me $1.50, another person came into the store and she tells that person that is was $1.
That's not really cool!

Ok went back to look at my offer online (I've bought so many from coupons or auctions,hard to keeptrack).
But my deal was from Koopon.
Also forgot to add that I do not think it is a value of $24.
Normally soup is $5 and a sandwich is $5 or $5.50- but there is a special of soup and sandwich for $8.95
Coffee is around $1.50 and ice cream around $4.50 (was not a big cup).

I'm still very disappointed with my meal at Piccolo Grande.
Lousy service, the owner of that location really seems to cheap out on everything.
But not washing hands at all and seeing the woman lick her fingers when she put the ice cream containers back??
I didn't put that in my earlier review,but really just yuck!
Also that my pistachio ice cream seemed like it was old and was kind of gummy.
Then the refusing to make me any coffee except what was already there-premade coffee in a thermal server.
Sorry to make this long, but this was from my post and follow up post on another site.
Also forgot to add that as the woman was making my food she was hacking and coughing too.
Hopefully she did not cough too much on my food?

The only good things of my visit were that on the way back I stopped at Epicuria and bought some cheese scones and macarons (macarons were not made right..were too crunchy,not gonna complain for a .70 item. would get those again if they have them as they were tasty).
And that I also finally saw where Da Bombe bakery is and went to buy a peanut butter mousse dessert (and their lunch menu looked good too).

*Just wondering has anyone else visited this store?
I also find it a bit odd that even though Piccolo Grande is known for gelato, they will have none on display?
I could understand if their freezer broke or was being cleaned (happened at the place I go to this summer).
I'll also add the soup was good at Piccolo Grande Mackay st, but not enough to make me go back there.

Also, did contact the website Koopon.ca that sold me the deal and they told me that the woman is running the store by herself and her son is away-still not a good excuse for lousy service like the day I was there.
Was also hoping to get a partial refund or credit and nothing was offered,which is not that good either.
My last thought on this is why the heck would a GELATO SHOP that is known for ice cream and supposedly sold hundreds of these deals recently NOT have any ice cream on display.
Especially if their offer now is gelato and a chocolate piece for $6???

If anyone goes to this store I'm curious if they actually have any ice cream out now.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Pretty Pink Box Dec 2010 haul!

Finally after a long wait due to the Canadian postal system my December My Pretty Pink Box arrived!!!
Ths box was like a late holiday present to myself...or maybe a new year's s present!
Here is what was in MPBB:

A lovely holiday card from the owner of MPBB program Linda!
*Stuck to the card were two Monet Mineral's eye shadows in the shades Cappuccino and Strawberry Soda (1 gram each).
*RJM Creations has a very cute and useful,well made brush roll!http://www.etsy.com/shop/RJMCreations
*Corrective Skincare sent a Polygel 5% treatment (30ml)
*Ancient Stones Minerals sent a sample of their Eye Candy makeup!
*Marc Anothony sent a tube of their Strictly Curls lotion sample (30ml)
*LA Girls eyeshadow in Crystal Cocktail
*Shelisa's My Sexy Lips balm tube in Peppermint Kiss
* Curls Gel-les-C organic natural hair serum! (can't wait to try this out).

This has to be one of the best boxes I have received so far.
I haven't gotten around to trying anything in this box yet,but will post some reviews soon.

My Pretty Pink Box Dec 2010!

I made Bacon and Cheddar scones!

I have eaten out quite a lot lately, but rarely think of posting dishes I have made.
My resolution this year will be to post more tasty dishes and recipes online!
I'll start with some Cheddar and organic maple syrup bacon scones.
They were quite tasty and also freeze well (as I had many left over).
The Cheddar came from the local producer Les Folies Bergeres (www.lafromagerielesfoliesbergeres.ca).
The organic bacon came from local producer Ferme Fee et Fougere and is made with organic pork and organic maple syrup.
Both these delicious ingredients were bought through the Marche Outaouais, which is a farmer's market that is in Gatineau. You can order your items online and they are dropped off at the food co-op where you pick up your items a few days later.
I think this is a great modern idea and quite a time saver!
To find out more about this new market their website is at:


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Todric's Dinner #2 Fresh and Tasty Meal!

A few weeks ago I had the chance to eat at Todric's restaurant again!
The meal, as expected was very fresh and used seasonal ingredients.
This was supposed to be posted a few weeks ago and kind of got behind of updating this blog.
The good news is they still have these items on the menu if you care to go for dinner.
I had the beef short ribs with jasmine rice and some very fresh green beans. The preparation of the ribs was "Asian style" and there did seem to be some soy sauce on the ribs.
The meat on the ribs was very tender and almost fall off the bone. Portion was also quite big and more than I expected. The value for the meal seemed good as I was full after this plate of food and had no room for dessert.
The menu and website for Todric's can be found online at:  http://www.todrics.com/menu-restaurant
There is also the option if eating a daily lunch there and a weekend brunch is also offered on Saturday's and Sunday's.
*I plan on going next weekend for brunch and will report back on my meal.

Asian-style beef short ribs from Todric's.

 Also ordered the soup of the day which was Lobster bisque. The soup was very creamy and rich and had a good lobster taste. All the soups I have tried from Todric's have been quite good so far.

Lobster bisque!
 Guest had the fish of the day-that time it was Grouper served with sweet potato mash and some grilled vegetables. The portion of fish was nicely grilled and was much bigger than guest expected. There was enough for one very hungry person or possibly two people. But seeing as Guest was very hungry the whole plate was eaten (Guest did not have a soup or salad before).
The fish was very fresh (as expected) and nicely cooked, very flaky and easy to eat.
I will most likely get a fish dish on my next visit there.

Grouper, sweet potato mash, roasted vegetables from Todric's.

Happy New Year!!!

Hopefully everyone has had a good holiday break and a wonderful new year!
Also hoping everyone has a year of good and healthy foods!
I don't have a seasonal picture to post, but took this cute duck picture in  Ottawa.