Sunday, August 26, 2012

Glossybox Canada July 2012 review!

Glossybox is another one of these monthly cosmetic subscription services that delivers a lovely boxes with deluxe cosmetic samples. The cost for Glossybox in Canada is $15 per month, which so far has been worth it. The only somewhat small issue is that out of 6 items 4 are drugstore brands-but out of the six items three are full size. The value for this box is still good.
Some people are also not pleased that the box ships towards the end of the month, for me as long as I get a box it is fine.

This is what I received for my Glossybox Canada for July 2012:

July 2012 Glossybox contents!

*ZOYA - NAIL POLISH SUMMER 2012 – BEACH AND SURF COLLECTION (full size polish 15ml in Kimber, value $8.00).
Zoya is a salon brand, I had never tried this brand of polish until now- even though I have heard about it for many years. Usually I use the other salon brands as I have one favorite brand already.
But the quality of the Zoya polish was great and I will be buying others from that brand- the price is also much less than my hard to find European salon brand...
The shade I received is KIMBER- a dark raspberry pink shade with some gold shimmer in it.
Coverage was very good and I did not need many coats,also the durability was very good and there was almost no chipping after 4 days.

*ALESSANDRO - HEEL RESCUE BALM (30ml tube, value $7.00/full size 100ml tube, $19.95)
This is a brand I have never heard of before. The back of the tube states this cream is made in Germany-that makes it seem like a good product.
I have had severely dry heels for the past month and can never have enough foot creams to try out!
The Alessandro balm is a bit thick and minty smelling,but absorbs right away.My heels look well moisturized and feel better.
The cream contains shea butter and olive extracts, along with PLANKTON EXTRACTS and lactic acid.
Ingredients look good,but why do I need plankton in my foot cream?
Overall I do like this cream and would buy it.

*JOHN FRIEDA - SHEER SOLUTION (10ml bottle, value $2.50/full size 60ml, $14.99)
I've tried the regular Frizz Ease products and they are good. The line uses silicone to get rid of frizz.
I have finer hair, so it will be nice to try out the sheer solution.
In the bottle there are 2 layers and you need to shake the product before using.
Small peeve that my bottle is 1/3 empty....
I will update once I try this product!

*BURT'S BEES - LIP SHIMMER (full size 2.6g, value $5.99)
Burt's Bees products are nice and I have only tried their regular lip balms that are not colored.
I got the colour CHERRY, which looks like a darker red in the tube.
It is nice that the product comes in a skinny tube, makes it easier to apply!
The lip shimmer is a nice sheer red shade and could be worn by most people quite easily.

*Dove Visible Care softening Creme body wash (full size 200ml, value $5.99)
Not too thrilled to receive a Dove body wash, only because I already have some many Dove products here.
I have never tried this specific kind that claims "visibly more beautiful skin in one week".
Guess I'll have to see once I try this out.

*Beauty So Clean Sanitizer Wipes (sample 4 wipes, value $1.00, full size box of 48 wipes, $12.50)
These are makeup sanitizing wipes to clean lipsticks,gloss,cream makeup. They work quite well and I will buy these to keep my makeup products with a minimum of bacteria!

Theme for the month!

I am unable to allign the images,my computer is being very fussy!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Topbox August 2012 review!

Topbox has to be one of my favorite monthly cosmetic subscriptions so far!
I like how the price of the monthly subscription is decent and you always get more value than you paid for!
This month there was a good variety of products and the bonus of a Nexxus shampoo and conditioner was very nice!
Here is what I received:

Topbox August 2012 contents!

*Kellett Skincare Clarifying Acne Treatment (10ml pump bottle, value $15.00/full size 50ml,value $75.00) .
This is a Benzoyl Peroxide gel at 5% strength. The lotion is very light and did not dry out my skin. It seems to have some moisturizer in it also. I really liked this product,but do not really need such an expensive treatment  for as I am pleased with my current spot treatments.
Now if you have the budget for this, it is a lovely product and has a nice "grown up" presentation!

*Expression Round Crease Brush (full size $16.00).
I really like this crease brush. Usually I use professional makeup brushes,but this brush is quite nice!
The bristles are very soft and the brush picked up enough pigment to make a nice application.
Normally I do not use a crease brush (I prefer smaller brushes),but for a sheer application of eye makeup this is great.

*Marc Jacobs: Dot Marc Jacobs eau de parfum (4ml miniature, value $7.00/full size 50ml,value $79)
The topbox description states that this perfume is a "lush floral bouquet of beautiful jasmine and juicy red berries".
I can not smell the jasmine that much myself (I am a bit congested), but do smell the fruity
 part of this quite well. To me the perfume smells fruity and fresh and would be good for daytime.
Any age could wear this as it is not a strong scent.
The packaging is very cute too- but it is not a scent for me. I prefer scents like Verbena, green tea,cucumber and Bvlgari Black (smells like vanilla and spices).
I will use up this sample though as it is a nice change from my regular perfumes.

*Chloe: L'eau de Chloe perfumed body lotion (30ml bottle, value $10.00/full size 200ml,value $60.00)
The Chloe lotion is much lighter than expected. I thought it would be a thicker consistency- but the way it is so light is also good for warm weather.
The scent is not too strong-I think it is a green and fresh smell and reminds me of being outside.
If you have extremely dry skin you might want to find something more moisturizing. I just applied this to my hands that are a bit cracked and dry and my skin still feels like it needs more moisture.
But for a light lotion to use during spring and summer this is great!

There was also a bonus of a Nexxus shampoo and conditioner.
Topbox wrote that it is a new line to drugstores.
I'm not too sure about that as I have seen it in drugstores for at least a year, if not two?
I know Nexxus used to be a salon only brand and many salons still carry that line.
The size of the product sent by Topbox was very generous too 90ml!

*Nexxus Therappe: Luxurious Hydrating Shampoo (90ml bottle, value$  )

*Nexxus Humectress: Ultimate Hydrating Conditioner (90ml bottle, value $)

*Summer travel extra: Pink Wipes biodegradeable wipe. (sample = 1 wipe, full size 15 wipes for $12).
Description of Aug 2012 contents

Description of Aug 2012 contents

**I will finish updating this blog post shortly and add about the Nexxus hair products.
Do you receive a Topbox or other beauty subscription? 
Also what do you think of this month's products.
Comments are always welcome!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Glymm Bag August 2012 review!

Hopefully by now most people have heard about the Glymm beauty subscription?
If not it is a monthly subscription- much like a magazine, but instead you receive deluxe cosmetic samples.
The cost per month is currently $12.
So far I am enjoying this service and like trying different new products that I have never heard of!
My only peeve with Glymm is I have had enough already with the cosmetic bags- please send something  USEFUL  like a nylon bag for groceries or produce- something to change it up a bit.

Now on to the items for August 2012:

August 2012 Glymm Bag!

*Vitamine & Sea Mineral Clay Mask (sample jar 10grams?,value $3.00/ full size 210ml, value $62)
This was a fairly small sample size. I had enough to try out on two or three small spots on my face.
The Glymm description stated the mask is made with mud from the dead sea.
The mask has a thick texture in the jar and is more a dark green shade. I also noticed there was quite a seaweed smell or maybe more a outdoors mud smell to this mask.
Not the most pleasant,but not that great either. If you enjoy clay masks then this is for you!
The actual retail product is quite big and seems like it would last a very long time compared to the small sample.

*Naked Princess Naked Shine Luscious Lip Gloss (sample size mini tube 0.008oz or 0.25g, value $2.20/ full size 2.96ml, value $26.00)
This lip gloss came in a cute doll size applicator (it seems, super tiny).
The lip gloss did not have a taste, but did have a very nice wet look shine and was also not sticky.
The colour Barely Coco is a very natural looking pinkish brown once put on and I'm sure would be flattering to all skin tones.

The Glymm website states that this lipgloss has a healthier formula and has gentle lip plumpers.
I did not notice any lip plumping with this product.
The gloss was still enjoyable to use though

*Bentaberry: G-1 moisturizing Face cream for boys and girls - Regulating line (3ml sample tube,value $2.20/full size tube 30ml, value $22.00)
I am not very familiar with this line and have not yet tried this product.
The cream is supposed to contain many natual ingredients and mattifies the skin and has a scent formulated by a "famous perfumer".
Personally I prefer unscented face products-if you get headaches sometimes you do not really feel like using scented face products.
I think I will try out this cream today and report back later.....

*Mai Couture Blush Papier: PRETTYFUL shade. (sample size 2 sheets, value $1.00/full product 50 sheets,value $19-26.00).
The concept behind these blushing papers is that it is a modern and convenient way to apply blush on the go!!!
The papers are quite thin and it was a bit hard to just get one sheet out of the sample package.
But the sample presenation was very pretty and nicely executed.
The sheet size is 1.97inx2.6, as stated on the back of the package.
The blush was a very light color and I could see more shimmer than pink on myself (I already have very pink cheeks,lol).
The shimmer did make me look a bit more awake though and is kind of a shimmery pink.
Overall I did enjoy using this sample and hope to see the other items in this line in person before buying anything.

Cocolilly Nail Enamel in PROVOCATIVE #3

u think of this
*Cocolilly Nail Enamel in Provocative #3 (full size item, value $12.00).
I really like getting nail polish in the cosmetic boxes as I get to try brands and colors I would never think of picking up at the store.
Bright neon pink is not something I would pick up at the store or salon to put on my nails. The brightest I did this year was a neon orange that was still quite dark (Mavala Nice).
But since it is summer and the weekend I can try this out,this would not be a appropriate choice if you work in an office or a bank. Better for weekends and vacations.
The quality of the polish is very good and I just applied 2 thin coats  with no base coat and a Sally Hansen quick dry topcoat and this lasted 4 days with no chipping!
The polish has quite a lot of shine and a nice finish.
The Glymm website states that there are 5 shades of pink in this collection. This is not a brand I have heard of before either.
From the Glymm website:

"Coccolily’s favorite color is pink and so designer, Naana Tennachie Yankey created five different shades of pink for you."

Overall thoughts on the Glymm August 2012 bag?

So far I have enjoyed trying all the samples and feel the value is fair this month (I only paid $10.00).
Total value of the samples received is $20.50.
I did find quite a few of the samples are very small,but the nail polish does make up for that.
Now I wish these was a way to let Glymm know I like more muted colours (I am in my 30's.....have to save this for the weekend).
My other peeve is the continuous cosmetic bags.....enough already.
Maybe give members the option of either a bag for those that really want to collect them and the other people get a 5th sample??
Or change up the containers like a lunch bag one month,produce bag the next, reusable food bags even? Like a "ziplock" back but made of nylon for your crackers??

What did you think of this month's selections?
How do you feel getting so many cosmetic bags.
I'm going to send this post to Glymm and want to know what their response will be!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Glymm bag July 2012 contents!

I'm finally getting around to posting the contents of my July 2012 Glymm bag!!
Out of the four items I received I am only familiar with one of the brands listed- the Joico K-Pak hair mask!
I used to use a lot more Joico when I swam a lot, their products are very good!

Everything I received came in a nice nylon orange cosmetic bag. The bag matches the previous two that were sent. I really hope Glymm will switch it up and maybe send some eco-friendly shop tote-I do not need a million cosmetic bags and am running out of people to give them to...

Here are the samples I received for July 2012:

*Cyberderm H20 Hydration (5ml sample "syringe", value $6.00/full size 50ml $60.00)
I am guessing at the size of this item. It came in a syringe type container-def a different presentation.
Have not tried this yet....

*Cyberderm PM Anti-Age (5ml sample "syringe"/full size 50ml value $12.00)
Have not tried this yet. The product came in a cute presentation box with the H2O Hydration!

**One funny thing I did notice was they call themselves "the sunscreen company" and mention sunscreen on the packaging- yet there is no sunscreen in these products.
I did see on the Glymm website that Cycber Derm does make sunscreen and hope to try them out in the future.

*Mane Teeze Social Butterfly hair perfume (8ml spray, value $6.00/full size 50ml, $34.00)
This hair perfume has quite a strong scent. It smells a bit tropical and vanilla like- almost reminds me of the tanning salons friends frequent.
I do not like how there is alcohol listed in the product.
My sister also tried this and found the scent too strong to her liking and mentioned it felt like alcohol on her scalp- this was without reading the label even....
This will probably be used to freshen up after going out or after my dance class if I am going somewhere and can not get to a shower.
There are other scents available,but the Mane Teeze website does not even describe them??
So I can not even know if I would like their other scents.

*Mereadesso Beautiful Body Balm (30ml tube, value $8.00/full size 200ml, $54.00).
Have not yet tried this out.

*Joico K-Pak Revitaluxe Bio-Advanced Restorative Treatment (50ml tube, value $8.00/full size 150ml tube, $24.95)
You can also find the Joico line for sale at
My aunt buys skincare from their site and is pleased with the service.
I also see that Joico has a body line with body wash,butter and more.

I will be updating this post later during the week once I have the chance to try out my many new cosmetic samples. There is a lot to sample as I have four subscriptions at the moment!
Cyber Derm samples!

Glymm July 2012 contents!

Are you a Glymm member? Or have you tried out these products?
I would love to know your thoughts on these items...
*Before I forget, there was a 25% off nail polish coupon from Glymm. Very tempted to add to my nail polish collection!

GLOSSYBOX June 2012 contents...more Drugstore than Dept store?

I received my Glossybox a few weeks ago and have been very behind in all my reviews.
My main computer stopped working and injury lead to almost no typing.
The contents of the box are good overall,but I do feel that Glossybox (in Canada at least) is not really living up to the promise of "high end samples" and lately has been more drugstore items.
Usually I do not mind drugstore items- it is just Glossybox should maybe rephrase it's mission statement?
It is still a good value and I have been getting my money's worth,so will stay subscribed for now!

Here is a list of what I received for June 2012:

*Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser (200ml full size product, value $9.99)
-Have not tried this yet-will update soon!

*Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen lotion (14ml tube, full size is 88ml $15.99)
This is a nice purse size and I do like this product.
But I did get this same sample free from the Neutrogena anniversary promotion-so do not really consider this a "deluxe sample".

*Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz (150ml full size, value $16.99)
Usually I like all Wella styling products I have tried so far,but have never tried any of these ocean type hair sprays that have been popular for a while.
Will update once I try this out late in the week.

*Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex (7ml tube value $5 , full size is 50ml $30.99) not
This is a nice light serum. Have not used it long enough to report any results.
I have at least 3 samples of this from other boxes,so am able to properly test this out.

*Covergirl Flipstick Blendable lip duo in 855 Minx (full size 3.8gr $12.50)
This is a neat idea,but not exactly a shade I would have liked.
Generally I do not wear dark lip makeup and stick to pinks and nudes.
Minx is more a dark brown and copper shade. I do like the copper end of the lipstick better.
But it is a neat idea,as you can customize your lip makeup on the go.
Since I have "wasting" makeup I am going to use this over my lipbalms that have sunscreen to get a more sheer look!
I might be tempted to check out the other shades in this line next time I am at the drugstore!

*Gilette Venus Embrace Razor (one razor and cartrige- value $13.43)
The packaging stated that this has 5 blades and is Venus' closest shave.
I have not tried this specific razor,but all the multiple blade Gillette products I have tried are great,so I'm sure this is a good product!

*Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strip (1 strip, value $1.50/full size box is 8 strips and $10.00)
I've tried samples of this before and it is ok. I do not like how hard the product feels once it is dry on your skin. Will most likely give this to a friend as my pores are already very clean from using a weekly face mask.

Theme for June 2012

Glossybox list of contents June 2012

Contents of June 2012 Glossybox!!

If you have tried any of these products or subscribe to Glossybox I would love to know what your thoughts are on these products are service?
So far I am having fun trying products I would not usually pick up for myself. As long as the value is decent I will stay signed up!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Topbox content for July 2012.

My posts for the cosmetic boxes I've signed up for are all somewhat late in being posted.
Between a computer that completely stopped working and refuses to turn on and a hand injury preventing me from typing-I am behind on everything that I usually do.

In the July 2012 Topbox the items that were received were:

*China Glaze nail laquer in  BLUE SPARROW (neon).
   This was a full size item (14ml) and sells for $10-12 at professional nail salons.
   The product cards stated that this was a "personalized shade" and I find that kind of hard to believe- being in my 30's  I would not be choosing a bright blue nail polish. Not a good look for job hunting or if you work in an office.
So far I have tried the China Glaze polish a few times- it does not seem to wear very well on my nails.
I tried using a Essie base coat and matte top coat and that did make my polish last 3 days tops without chipping.
Also tried just a base coat and no top coat and after not even a day my polish was chipped.
One very different characteristic I noticed of this polish is that it dries with a matte look. Not really something I expected. But still a interesting and different look.
Overall the China Glaze polish seems decent and I will probably pick up another one just to see if the quality is better.    
*Nume Style Hydro Punch Hydrating Shampoo.
  This shampoo sample came in a tube that is 20ml, the full size of the product is 250ml and sells for $24.99)

  The value for the shampoo is around $3.

*Finally got around to trying  the Nume shampoo!
The shampoo is quite liquid an d a translucent pearly kind of colour. There was some foam- not tons,but washing my hair a second time there was more foam.
My hair was nicely untangled just from the shampoo,but I still need some conditioner. I did get a sample tube of the Nume conditioner a few months ago from a sample service.
My only issue is that it would have been nice to try BOTH  shampoo and conditioner together to see how they work. If this brand had a travel kit with small sizes I would love to get my hands on one!

**With the Topbox there was also a $100 coupon for the NuMe hair appliances.
I see those coupons everywhere and already own professional hair it would have to be a great sale to get me to consider more styling tools.

*Pure+Simple : Calming Cucumber Mask
  The mask came in a 20ml pump bottle and the full size of the mask is a 50ml jar.

   The value for this mask is around $12.50.
   Usually I do not go for moisturizing masks, but this one is very lovely!
   I really like how it can be used for sensitive skin and the website also says you can use it as a overnight mask and a eye treatment!
The mask has a gel texture and a very light cucumber smell that disapears a bit too quickly (for my liking).
I thought this mask was great for releiving sunburn and dry summer skin and plan on purchasing the full size of this item.
The only thing I did not like is the sample comes in a great pump bottle,but then the actual product is in a jar.
I like the pump bottle better as it seems more hygienic and keeps the product fresher.

*Sampar Essentials Ultra Hydrating Fluid.
  This face cream sample came in a foil packet that was 2ml of product. I received 2 of the packets so it is worth $6.40.

The full size of the cream is 50ml and sells for $80.
I have heard of this brand but not tried any of their line yet.
Product Info July 2012

Product Info July 2012

Topbox selections for July 2012

China Glaze Nail Lacquer!

Overall I am pleased with the Topbox for July 2012.
Will add more text later today........