Thursday, July 18, 2013

Seasonsbox June 2013 review!

My June 2013 Seasonsbox finally arrived a few days ago!
This is my first box that has shipped from the United States. Recenetly Seasonsbox underwent quite a few changes and one of them was moving their operations to the US.
One reason I has signed up for this box was because it shipped from Canada and also showed up in my mailbox pretty quickly.
Now it takes almost a whole month to receive my box- with shipping this slow I am not too sure I would want to send a box as a gift. When they did ship from Canada I was going to send quite a few boxes to family for gifts.

Unboxing done in pictures!

Opening the shipping carton!

Product infocard!

Organic Tagua bracelet an d Vance Family candle.

The first item I tried in my box was the organic tagua bracelet. This item is made from the palm tree nut and dyed with organic Italian dyes. This is a very lovely bracelet and feels pretty much like stone and has quite some weight to it. The blue is more like a lapis dark shade and is very pretty. There is also some beige and brown that did not show up in the photo.
I have not worn this bracelet yet as I find it a bit tight on my wrist- but maybe wearing it a bit should help.
This is the kind of bracelet that goes with everything and has quite a classic look!

The Vance Family Soy Candle in pineapple coconut scent has a lovely tropical aroma and not too much coconut. I am not a big fan of coconut scents and was worried this candle would be too much coconut.
Luckily it smells more like a tropical drink and has a very fruity tropical scent.
The candle is not very strongly scented though and smells more when it is not lit, it seems. When I did light the candle the scent is extremely light. I was told it is because they only use organic flavor oils to scent the candle and not chemicals.
I do plan on buying a few more of these candles to test out the scents!

Rishi Iced Tea in Tropical Crimson

The Organic Rishi Iced Tea in Tropical Crimson looks very tasty.
But when you have gotten tea in pretty much every second Seasonsbox, that is a lot of tea to drink!
I do plan on making some of this later today to take out with me. It should be very refreshing with this humid weather.
An update will follow once I try the tea......

Moksa organic Lemon Poppyseed Exfoliating Bar!

I like exfoliating soaps and like lemon too, so I'm sure I will enjoy this soap.
The bar has a very lemony smell, there is supposed to be vanilla bean in it too but my nose can not detect it.
The bar is quite a large hefty size too weighing in at 184gr or 6.5oz.
I already have a few other soap bars from earlier Seasonsboxes, so eventually I will get around to using this one.
If anyone has already used this soap bar, what did you think about it?
I am interested in other Moksa products like their body oils and hopefully I will see something else of that brand in a box this year?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Topbox June 2013 review!

I'm a bit behind in writing my review of the June 2013 Topbox that I received.
I looked at the contents and thought they were fun and neat- but that I also have tons of unopened lipgloss and mascara and am trying to get through that first.
The brands that were sent this month are great! I have not tried very much from these brands at all yet (other than Benefit).

What was received in my Topbox:

*Belvada Cosmetics: Mini Eyelash Curler. Full size item! Value $5.99
I like that this is a Canadian brand and this looks like a cute item to add to my travel makeup bag. Usually I use a heated lash curler as this works well for me. Having tried other similar last curlers, I'm sure this one is fine.
Also, I've noticed that on the Topbox card there is a maple leaf to show what brands are Canadian companies. This is a great idea, but the lash curler is made in China (for some people this can be an issue).

*benefit Cosmetics: sugarbomb ultra plush lip gloss. sample size 6.5ml tube, value $8.26/ full size 15ml, $19.
This lip gloss is quite generous for a "sample size" being at almost half the retail product! In an earlier Topbox I did receive the Dandelion powder and gloss (super cute set) and the lip gloss is very similar in colour and texture. I'm tempted to save this gloss for later, since I just opened the other one.

*Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics : Fairy Lashes mascara. Full size product, 8ml/ value $24!
I love getting full size items in my subscriptions, it is always fun and a great way to trial a product.
I have heard of this brand before and know they have some cute eye shadow palettes. But I have never seen their cosmetics where I shop or may have been tempted to pick some up.
The mascara looks interesting and the description states "formulated to make eyelashes flutter and flap".
Now I am not too sure how this will translate into a look, but I will try this later today!
The JPP website claims this mascara is water-resistant and a mix of black and blue pigment for more dark lashes. It is quite humid and rainy here today, a good time to test this mascara.

update: just tried the mascara and it gives the look of long thin lashes and is quite nice! Will have to try it during the day when I am going outside.

*Lise Watier: SOLO Eyeshadow. Full size product, 2g/ value $18!
Lise Watier is another Canadian brand and based in Quebec. This eyeshadow is also made in Canada!
June 2013 Topbox contents!
The eyeshadow is light and has a fine texture. The colour BLUE CURACAO is a shimmery light blue- very much like a sky blue I'd say. This is one of those makeup shades that I think you need to be careful wearing as it is easy to look like you are going to the disco on the 1970's.

Topbox infocard!
My overall impression of the June 2013 Topbox:

I am quite pleased with the variety and brands that are offered. The full size and deluxe size items are a great way to trial a product.
Also I have not tried much from most of these brands and have bought some benefit makeup before, but not lately. The value for this box is also great at $45.00 for what cost me $12.00

Did you receive the June Topbox? What did you think of your items?