Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Glymm Box April 2012!! A Winning box this time!

Glymm box is one of these cosmetic subscription services where you get a monthly package with four "deluxe samples" and sometimes full size items.
My last month (March 2012) box was definitely not as good and I have yet to post my picture or review-but will do so this week as I did manage to try all the products in the box.
Yes- even the funky purple hair extensions (they did look nice on me as a small highlight in my brown hair).

But now for the Unboxing of the April 2012 Glymm box!

Unboxing! This lovely bow was there when I opened my box :)
This was the first thing that I saw when I unboxed my Glymm box! A lovely tried bow and a very seasonal looking card. Another picture will follow so you can read the full text on the colourful card!
After the bow was undone!
Now on to the actual contents of the box:

Lucia N0 6 guest soap in Wild Ginger and Fresh Fig scent.
*The soap packaging is too pretty to open and the size of the soap is 25 grams. On the Glymm site these are sold as a set of 8 soaps for around $20. I have not yet tried this soap,but really want to buy some just to put in a basket for guests who drop by. These soaps would also make a nice thank you gift if you slip one in a small card to mail to someone.
From smelling the soap I do notice there is some ginger scent,but fig is harder to detect (for me anyways).
The value of this item would be around $3,I find that is decent for this box.

Orange Sanguine perfume from Atelier Cologne.
This is a small perfume sample that comes in a glass tube with a stopper and instead of the usual card you get at the store, the packaging is a classy postcard you can reuse. Just the packaging alone of this sample looks very luxurious and expensive!
From my estimate the sample is 2ml and well filled. The Orange Sanguine fragrance (for English it is Blood Orange) is a very light orange scent. I kind of expected this to be like Body Shop Satsuma that hits you with the candy orange smell (nice for soaps,but not in an office or workplace).
The Orange Sanguine smells very classy and sophisticated. You could wear this anywhere and I don't think it would bother people.
I really want to buy this scent. A 30ml bottle is $60 though. Maybe when I use up more of my perfumes (I do own 40+ bottles and have at least 50 samples to get through- and this is just what I kept and did not give away to friends).
I think this is a very nice sample to receive and the value of this is aprox $4.
I plan to reuse the postcard as it is very pretty and tasteful (pic coming soon).

Free Your Mane Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner.
This sample comes in a small one use packet. Each packet is 7.5ml and this is a sulfate free product made with Baobab,Argan and Pomegranate seed oil.
I have not tried this yet,but will do so later today. My only issue with this sample is I have a lot of hair and 7.5ml of conditioner is not enough! (I have shoulder length curly hair,medium thickness...and very dry hair).
It would have been better to send 2 packets of each if possible. Still I like trying new hair products without investing.
The value of the samples would be around $1, ok I guess. Usually I can get tons of these sample packets from the salon I go to, so this is not too exiting for me.

Mai Couture Social Gloss in G'VINITY! Full size product worth $28!
I was very surprised to see a lovely full size lip gloss in this month's Glymm box. After the very small Mai powder papier sample last month,this was unexpected.
The gloss I received is a lovely beige colour with some pearl shimmer in it. The full size is 5ml. The info card states that this gloss does not contain any allergens and has a "complex mix of plant extracts". So far that sounds very good!
I am very pleased with the shade of gloss that was received as I had a similar one from another brand that was discontinued.
This sample was really nice to receive and will surely make me want to stick with my Glymm box subscription for the future!

Glymm Box April 2012!
The last "item" that was received was a $100 "gift certificate" for hair appliances and extensions from NuMe hair products online. The cheapest item NuMe has is a mini hair iron for $15 and shipping adds another $15, plus most likely tax and duty for Canadians.
To make this more clear, the $15 would be the cost AFTER your "gift certificate" was applied. The before cost is $115.
I have a US address, but do I really want to spend $30 at minimum on a hair iron from a brand I am not too familiar with?
Well, at least I am glad I did not pay for one of these "coupons". I see on many deal sites that NuMe is selling the same credit for $20.
Maybe if I really needed a hair tool I might consider this. But then again I can buy actual professional tools for a decent price and have them in my hand the same day without all the tax and duty and shippment waiting time.
If I was more familiar with NuMe products I might change my mind in the future.

What do you think of the NuMe products overall? I am very curious is anyone has used them. I see they now have a kiosk in some of the shopping malls here. Usually I buy my hair appliances at a salon or hair supply store that only carries professional items- they do have some good sales a few times a year.
At the moment my hair straightener is a Babyliss and a Isinis hot air styler (like a hair dryer,brush and curler in one...works super fast).
Has anyone also tried the NuMe styling products?

My conclusion is that Glymm Box for April 2012 is a great deal!
The value of the items in the box is:

Soap $3
Perfume $4
Shampoo packet and conditioner $1
Lipgloss $28

The total value of this box is $36 and my cost was only $10 for this!
Can't wait to see what the surprise will be next month!!