Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Beauty Test Tube Jan 2012 edition!

Here is a pic of what I received in the New Beauty Test Tube for January 2012.
Also forgot there was a Macadamia sample kit inside.

New Beauty Test Tube January 2012

New packaging for Test Tube!!
There was also an unexpected change with the New Beauty Test Tube this season- the packaging now seems more sturdy and "eco friendly". It is made from a cardboard cylinder and no longer the plastic packaging.
This kind of packaging seems much more sturdier,so maybe this is better?

*So far I have had the chance to try the  Mirai purifying body wash. The body wash comes in a kind of airless pump and is a very nice sturdy looking container.
The body wash is quite thin in texture and has a very light citrus grapefruit smell-I think anyone who does not like strong scents would like this product.
The body wash did foam nicely and left my skin nicely moisturized.
There are so many soaps I have tried that leave your skin feeling tight and dry and this one did not.
 The size of the body wash is 150ml and retails for around $20, but if you go to the Mirai website they sell some travel size body wash and body serum for a very good price and those would be good for a trial and your gym bag.
The only minus I can see is the pump itself is kind of heavy if you have to carry it around.
Also this product works best with a bath puff or else you use up too much product.

So has anyone else tried anything from the Mirai line??

*I also sampled the Immunocologie treatment cream Venomax.
The jar in the Test Tube is 15ml (quite decent for such an expensive product).Full size jar is $275!
From looking at the Immunocologie website the cream looks like it is very good and has a lot of exotic ingredients.
I tried a bit on my skin as it is very dry from winter and my skin did feel very moisturizes right away and quite refreshed. But I have not used this product long enough to determine how it will work for me yet.
The only minus I see is that there is no size listed for the jar on Immunocologie's website and not sure how many people want to pay $275 and GUESS? how much product you might get.
Now is the jar 30ml,45ml,50ml,60 or 75ml- there is no "standard" size for jars of cosmetics yet,so this info is always helpful to know.

Topbox December 2011 Edition!

My December Topbox was received just as I was going on holidays, so did not get around to posting about it.
So far I am still very pleased with the items that were sent and they are all things I have never tried!
There was two full size items in the "box" (more like a fancy mailing tube) and two decent sample size items.
Here is what I received in the December edition of Topbox- as far as I know everyone gets the same items.

*Cargo Cosmetics full size lipgloss with timestrip technology. (value $25)
-The insert on the box says it is the Blu_ray version, but my packaging does not say this.
Mine says "Classic lip gloss" and is the shade Luxor.
I have not tried it yet as I can not use any lip gloss for another week or two!

*Bella Pella glycerine soap in Marula and Neroli (full size 125 grams $7.95).
I have never heard of this brand before and was speaking to my mother about this company and it turns out she bought some gifts there this year and they also make a lovely bar to wash your dog apparently!
I have not yet tried the soap, but it will be the next one I open from my big collection!
The soap looks almost too pretty to use (I did say almost.....)

*Cover FX Skinprep primer (sample tube 7ml./.full size is 30ml $45)
-The primer went on very nicely and my makeup did look nicer and last longer than usual.
The price is ok compared to my usual primer (DHC velver skin coat costs $20 for 15ml).
I will most likely buy this once I run out of other primers.

*Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 gel (sample vial 5ml/full size 30ml $78).
This product is great for very dry winter skin and helps the skin retain moisture. Also makes lines look more filled in as the gel draws water to your skin.
This product is great, but on the high end of pricing for me right now. If you have the extra funds it is nice, but I am using a similar product from another brand that is just as good (or almost as good).

Overall very pleased with the items I received and will enjoy using them.
I also hope to stop by the Bella Pella store next time I am in Montreal! December selection! new beauty box service! November box!

I am quite a fan of these beauty box services where you receive some full size and sample items every month.
When I heard there was a new company starting up in Canada I had to sign up! is $10 a month and you get 4 or 5 deluxe samples or sometimes full size products.
So far I have gotten the November box and the December edition!
Since the company is quite new they have a limited sign up period and are not taking any new registrations for now, but from what I read you might be able to sign up in Febuary.

The items I received in my first Topbox were:

*Cake Velveteen hand cream in It's a Slice (full size 3.4oz) $18
-It is nice on the hands and a lovely orange vanilla cake batter type scent!

*Deborah Lippman nail laquer in Some Enchanted Evening (full size 15ml $20)
-I tried the polish by itself and it had a nice sparkly festive look. Would also look nice over another nail polish.

*Dr Brandt Time Arrest Eye serum (sample tube 2.5ml)
-This is a kind of eye gel/serum/light cream. It absorbs well and did not irritate my skin at all. My skin was moisturized well all day and it is winter here.
The full size is quite pricy at $85 for 15ml. If I was not on a budget and did not have some emergency home renovations,I would be tempted to buy this product.

*Stila: was supposed to get the lip glaze but they ran out and subsituted the tinted moisturizer.
It is a small tube of 5ml (I think). Haven't gotten around to trying it yet as I have so many face items open right now.

Overall I am very pleased with the Topbox service and plan to continue with it! November 2011 edition!

Also, almost forgot that there was a sample of the Benefit toner included as there was some shipping issues and it was to make up for that.
Have you signed up for Topox yet or any other of the beauty sample services in Canada?
If there are any special codes or offers I will be sure to post them here!