Friday, September 20, 2013

Topbox August 2013 review! New and Interesting products!

My August Topbox showed up in my mailbox around two weeks ago.
Topbox is a monthly cosmetic subscription service that sends out 4 various deluxe samples each month.
As of right now Topbox is just a service for Canadians only. The cost is $12 and the products come in a nice reusable mailer tube!

I also noticed that the month was not on my product card anymore. Not too sure why, but guessing that some people may receive these items later on possibly?

Here are the contents of my August 2013:
August 2013 Topbox

* Clinique: Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +: 
Sample size 15ml tube, value $5.15/ full size product is 50ml ($17) and 125ml ($32).
At first I was not too thrilled with receiving this lotion as I already have the original Clinique lotion and a tube of the men's moisturizer here.
After reading that this new lotion helps strengthen skin's moisture barrier by 54%- I was very intrigued.
The Clinique moisturizer, as expected had no scent and is quite light compared to the original Dramatically Different Moisture Lotion.
I do think I like this one better as my skin felt more refreshed, but feel it might not be enough for winter.
Also no Spf, so you need a separate sunscreen.
After trying this lotion for a week, I will buy some once my other Clinique products run out!

*Miyu Teas & Beauty: De-Stress Mi Beauty Essence: 
Sample size spray 15ml, value $6.40/ full size 80ml ($34). + one tea bag,not sure of value.
I have never seen such an interesting product combination!
You get a De-Stressing tea bag that contains peppermint, licorice and chamomile with candied "pearls".
There is also the matching face spray that you can use to refresh yourself during the day.
The face spray did not have a strong scent at all and felt very refreshing, it is very enjoyable to use.
I have not tried the tea yet, will do so soon and report back...

+I also appreciate how much care was put into the presentation of the sample and that there was a very clear info booklet with both the French and English explanations!

*B.KAMINS: Lip Balm SPF 20:  
Sample size 3ml tube, value $4.20, full size 15ml ($21).
This lip balm is nice and I see they have changed the writing on the sample package!
Earlier samples I got from other stores just had the lip balm title on them and nothing mentioned about SPF and I found it confusing to be sure it was the same product.

Now the balm is clear when it goes on and has no taste. I kind of expected a maple scent or taste after hearing so much about the bio maple that is used in this line.
I also like that there is a info card with ingredients included.
Overall I do like this balm and will use it up. Not sure if I will buy it as I like flavored balms a bit more!
Almost forgot to mention that B.Kamins is a Canadian brand and made in Canada!

*AVON: MEGA effects mascara:
Full size product, value $12 (9g).
This is an interesting mascara, the wand is really different and looks like a wide paintbrush with little plastic spikes on the end. It is a bit hard to get to use and prob not too good to use if you are in a rush.
The formula did dry quickly and is a nice dark black.I also did not notice a strong scent to this mascara, so that is a plus too!
I will have to experiment a bit more with this product and do a follow up post sometime.

Final thoughts on the August 2013 Topbox:

Overall I am pleased with the samples that were sent and there is something in each different category-face,well being,lip/sunscreen, cosmetics.
The value of my box is $27.75! and I think that is pretty decent!
If you like to try new products and brands Topbox is a great subscription for that purpose!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blood is the New Black: Blind Bargain Bag! Men's Shirts! Aug 2013.

This is part of my earlier order from the website Blood is the New Black.
I had ordered 3 Blind Bargain bags and kind of got behind on my posting and taking pictures.
The bag I had ordered was the men's bag, as I like my shirts a bit bigger.
Also I found for the men's shirts I was more likely to get t-shirts and not tank tops of sleeveless items.
Now I do also like the sleeveless items I got in the women's bags- but was really in need to some new t-shirts!

These are the shirts I was sent in my Blind Bargain Bag:

By: Hannah Stouffer

This is one of my favorite shirts. I do not have any info on the title or when it was made/sold.
The print is a kind of forest scene and there is some kind of mythical looking animal hidden in the background.
The print is much more pale in person too and has a more pastel kind of look.

Jenny Mortsell: Lips

I really like this shirt design and was actually trying to decide if I wanted this top or now. 
It was not added to my order as I was trying to cut back and only buy 5 tops I wanted.
Happy I got this fun design!

Nylon magazine cover?

uessWho is this supposed to be? I have not read Nylon magazine in....forever!
The inside of the top says by Sterling Bartlett.
The sale tag for this top has the SKU for Urban Outfitters and $9.99. Guess this shirt was sent back as it did not come in a plastic bag.


This is kind of a interesting top. Had to look up where CANARSIE is and it is in New York City.
Never been to that part of NY but from the looks of this shirt I guess they are like snakes (or is that dragons?) and have beer bottles....
Well......ok then.

And the last top..................


How fitting and funny. YES......check out my blog!
Hopefully my shirt pics have been fun to look and and that it makes you want to come back and check out my blog.
I am also decorating a couple of my shirts from an earlier come back to check that out!