Thursday, June 21, 2012

Topbox June 2012 contents and review!

Just received my June 2012 Topbox beauty subscription, and as usually another great set of samples!
This has to be one of my favorite sample subscrptions in Canada at the moment!
I have not had the chance to try anything yet,but will post the contents for now.

June 2012 Topbox contents:

* Get Creamed Body : Nacked Decadence Salon Hair wash. (60ml bottle, full size 240ml $22.00/ value $6.00).
I recently heard of this brand on a natural products website,but am not familiar with the brand at all.
The hair wash seems like it would be very gentle on all hair types. I will try it later today.

*Bread & Butter skincare face cleanser. (90ml tube, full size. only sells in 3pc kit for $35).
I have heard of this brand before,but never tried it.
It is nice to get full size products to try out. Would be nicer if you could just order the face wash separately from the other items,but still $35 is a good price for 3 skincare items.

*Stila Forever Your Curl Mascara (3.5ml tube, full size 7ml and $25).
I have not tried this yet- I have 3 mascaras open already!

*Pari Beauty Precious Glow :eye base and highlighter (4ml tube?, full size 10ml $15).
So far I like all the Pari Beauty products I've tried.
For an eye primer this does sound good. Usually I have a preferred eye primer that goes on clear and moisturizes (Mavala Eye Base).
But I am always curious to try new eye makeup products!
The applicator in the tube is like the "doe foot" kind of sponges that lip gloss containers usually have.
Applying this to my hand I expected more beige shimmer,but this blends in quite well and has a very subtle shimmer look!

As a bonus there was also two deluxe samples of drugstore items- Simple eye makeup remover and Garnier BB Cream x 3 sample packets.
I received the Simple eye makeup remover in my last Glossybox and did like the product- so do not mind another one!
The Garnier BB cream I am very curious to try and 3 sample packets is a good trial. I might be able to get more than one use out of each will have to see!

Overall impression of the June 2012 Topbox?

Quite pleased with the contents and look forwards to trying everything.
I will update this as I get around to trying all the samples!

Topbox June 2012 contents!
Bonus drugstore items!
Product info:
More product info:

Glymm bag June 2012!

My monthly Glymm sample bag showed up a few days ago and there have been quite a few interesting changes with their format lately.
Now the service is still monthly- but costs $12 per month. Your items come in a cosmetic bag instead of a cardboard box and you have to go online to look up the product info.
The only annoyance so far is having to go online to look up every item received and how to use it.
Also, I am not so sure I need a new cosmetic bag every month- hopefully Glymm will find some other kind of useful container they can use (lunch bag,mesh grocery bag,packable nylon tote (like the cheap Yves rocher kind that is great).

Now on to the items I received:

This month the Glymm cosmetic bag is a nice blue nylon material!
Inside the bag was:

* La Fresh Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover Wipes x2 (reg size 18 packets $9.99 /Value $1.00)
I have not had a chance to try these yet. I am only doing my nails next hopefully this stands up to my bright nail polish!

* Vitamine & Sea : Perfect Skin Solution Serum (2ml vial on sample card/ Full size 45ml $68.00/ Value aprox $2.00)
Again, have not yet tried this item.
But I do like the way it is packaged on a sample card with all the ingredients and where the product is made.
I really hate it when companies just send a sample with no ingredient info.
From the packaging I also learned that this product is 100% natural and made in Montreal..and a vegan item!
I usually like face serums and have been reading people dislike this one because it is too oily?
It is all made of oils and the packaging states you just need 2 to 4 small drops- so this is a very concentrated product.
For myself this would be a good night time product I think.

*Clark's Botanicals: Smoothing Marine Cream (small jar,my guess is 10ml product/Full size 50ml $115.00/ Value $20)
This is a cream that contains glycolic acids and exfoliates and also helps with skin redness.
Sounds like a good product and the cream does feel light when applied to my hand. I will have to test this out later this week!
The cream is like a very light lotion and does not have a strong scent,which is great. I do not like strongly scented face products. This smells kind of like cocoa butter...or something?

* Belvada: Duo Lipstick 2-in-1 refillable lipstick and balm. (full size product/value $20.00).
The full size of the lipstick and balm was sent out!
The amount of each product is 3.5ml for the lipstick and 3.5ml for the balm.
I really like how this contains mainly natural ingredients and does not have a strong taste of any kind.
My skin is quite sensitive and my lips did not burn from applying this lipstick and balm!
Thankfully I was sent the soft pink shade as I do not wear red lip products.
The lipstick part I got is a light pink with a bit of shimmer in it- applied it looks very natural. The balm is a clear colour and goes on nicely too.
This is not a company I have heard of before,so I will look into what other products they make.
Also I have never seen a packaging like this before- it is a great idea.
My only minus with this product is the lip balm does not have SPF in it and usually I use sunscreen lip balm during the day.

*Salvador Dali perfumes It is Dream (2ml? sample spray vial/ full size 30ml $36.70/value $2.00)
I do not mind getting perfume samples,but do not really consider most of them deluxe as I can usually get all the samples I want easily.
I have never heard of this perfume before and it seems to be new for March 2012.
Not really something I would go out and try as it is listed as a fruity floral- and I dislike floral fragrances.
But this one is quite light and nice and seems good for daytime use.
Still not something I would wear and this specific perfume does not really interest me. Still I will put it in my bag and use it up (I do not hate it or want to give it away..or use as air freshener- which some people I know do with the samples they hate.....).

My overall impression of the June 2012 Glymm bag:

So far I like the variety of products and the blue bag is cute.
I really hope I will not get stuck with a dozen cosmetic bags this year-I already have a huge pile of them here that are unused.
The sample sizes were very good and it is nice to have two nail polish remover wipes to try, as they are single use.

Glymm June 2012 contents!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Glossybox May 2012 review!

Glossybox is one of the newer subscription box companies that has recently launched in Canada.
If you are not yet familiar with the concept- it is a monthly cosmetic sampling box that is delivered to your door and costs $15 a month.
At the moment I think it is the most expensive monthly box in Canada!
So far for the cost, the quality and size of the samples have been great- there are usually several full size items and many travel size samples too.
My only issue with Glossybox is that they are not consistent with when the boxes go out and the May 2012 box came on the very last day of May- and now we are being told the June box "will go out in June..."??
I figure as long as I actually get a box that should be good enough!
(I am used to waiting on my other boxes from the US as my family does not go there monthly,so a few weeks delay is fine).

Now on to the Glossybox May 2012 contents:

Opening the Glossybox!!

Contents of the May 2012 Glossybox!!
The contents of the May 2012 Glossybox were quite heavy and did not dissapoint!
There were several full size items in the box- actually 3 out of 5 items were full size. The Simple cosmetics were travel size and a third of the regular size.
I have not had a chance to try every item in the box yet,but will update this as I manage to do so.
Here is a breakdown of what was received in my Glossybox:

*Curel Foot Therapy (100ml, full size item. Value $3.99).
I have not seen this foot cream in the stores yet, it must be very new as not even the big stores have this yet.

*Simple eye makeup remover (56ml, travel size. Value $4. Full size 150ml retails for $12 here).

*Simple facial was gel (50ml, travel size. Value $4. Full size 150ml retails for $12 here).

*boxx Cosmetics Cream Corrector in Orel (Full size 4 grams. Value $24).
I did get the chance to try the boxx Cosmetics makeup and it does go on very nicely! The shade Orel matches my skin tone perfectly (I am medium beige in other makeup and olive skin tone).
The boxx makeup worked very well as a under eye concealer and did not cake during the day. The finish was not too matte and it would probably be better if you used a setting powder during the summer at least as this is quite a creamy makeup.
I do like that it is oil free though and that there is no scent to the makeup.
This line is new to me and I will surely look into trying more of their product in the future!

*Sebastian Professional Volupt Shampoo (Full size 250ml. Value $15.78).
Sebastian is a very good brand and sold only in salons (or is supposed to be salon only).
I have never tried this line from Sebastian and usually use the Laminates and Potion 9- so will see how this shampoo compares...

Card explaining this months box!
Glossybox May 2012 contents list!

Overall I am quite pleased with this Glossybox and did get more than my $15 worth. The value of the items in myt box this month works out to be around $65.
That is great, but only if you are actually going to use these items. For this month every item in the box will get all used up!
If you have signed up to Glossybox, what did you think of the selection this time?