Sunday, August 23, 2015

Food at the Capital Fair 2015, Waffle on a stick,mini doughnuts,fried Mars bar and poutine. A petting zoo too! (former Gloucester Fair, The Ex).

The 2015 edition of the Capital Fair just opened and is running until Aug 30.
Admission is FREE and it is located at the Rideau-Carleton Entertainment Center.
This is the same venue where they hold horse races and some concerts.
I have not been to any fair in quite a few years and thought it would be fun to check out for the petting zoo, stunt dog show and the food!

First I'll start with the food.
There was the typical fair food-poutine,fries,slush,pizza,mini doughnuts and a stand selling some waffles on a stick.
That sounded like an interesting item to try-I had a pepperoni and cheese filled waffle that came with marinara dipping sauce.
The waffle was made when I ordered it and the cheese was in the middle,with the pepperoni and batter on the outside. This was not a big sized item,but was very tasty- very similar to a pizza. I would definitely order this again.
There was also a grilled cheese and bacon waffle and that looked good too. There was some kind of bacon "bomb" waffle meat thing,but that was sold out-so did not get to try that.
Cost was $5.00

WAFFLE ON A STICK:Pepperoni and cheese!

Inside of the waffle on a stick!

Tom's Doughnuts and Cotton Candy from a vendor.
I also bought some other typical fair foods to take home-mini doughnuts and some cotton candy!
The doughnuts were from Tom's doughnuts and cost $5 for 18 from the stand when you come in the fair. There is also a Tiny Tom's doughnuts in the fair and they are $5 for a dozen.
My doughnuts were made right when I ordered them and were piping hot,so I thought they were really good.

Also had a lot of fun at the petting zoo,the goats and llama were very friendly!