Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I received my April 2013 Topbox quite a while ago, but did not get around to reviewing as I can not use most of the products in it at the moment.
The assortment of items sent was great and the sizes were quite generous too!
I also found of there is a new product line that is going to be sold at Target Canada stores called be Delectable. The line is made by the Cake Beauty people that has been so hyped up over the years.
Target is not yet open where I live, but I will be sure to check out the beauty dept, as it seems they will have some interesting products.

The products that came in my Topbox this month:
Contents of April 2013 Topbox!

*Be Delectable from Cake Beauty! Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream:  we were sent a full size product. The tube is 118ml and has a value of $12.
For a "drugstore" type place this is still quite a spendy hand cream, but the cost is much less than the original Cake creams.
I thought the presentation of the tube is very well done and seems much more simpler than the original cake products.
The hand cream smelled just like a vanilla cupcake or dessert and when I did use the cream it left my hands nicely scented and very soft. It did not take long for the cream to absorb either!
I will buy this product and many others once the Target here opens.

*Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover: sample size 50ml, value $12/ full size er100ml $24.This makeup remover looks very good. I am surprised I have never seen it even though I used to buy EA makeup. This is the kind of makeup remover that you need to shake before using as it is separated into 2 layers. The Topbox info card states it is good for waterproof makeup- I do not really wear much of that and already have another eye makeup remover to use up from an earlier Topbox.
I will update this once I try it...

KMS California FREESHAPE  quick blow dry: sample size 30ml, value $3/ full size 200ml $18.75.
This is a spray that claims to reduce the time it takes to blow dry your hair by up to 50%.
I can not use a hair dryer at the moment, so not sure when I will try this product.
KMS happens to be one of my favorite salon lines (I buy the large Hairstay gel). I'm sure when I do try this that it will work well!

*Michael Todd True Organics Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub: sample size 30ml, value $6/ full size 100ml tube, $18.
I have never tried a charcoal scrub before, this should be interesting. The product claims to be gentle for sensitive skin and to "scrub" with Jojoba wax beads, while the charcoal detoxifies.
I can not really use any face scrubs for a few more weeks, so will have to wait to sample this!

Topbox April 2013 Info Card!
My overall impression of this box:
I thought this was a pretty good box overall and I like that I was introduced to some new brands and products I have never tried.
I'm very curious about the Michael Todd organics line and will be looking more into that.

If you got this Topbox what did you think of the products? And how were the other scrubs?


Finally getting around to posting what I received in the March 2013 Topbox!
Better to post this late than never. I'm finding I have too many samples to try, but with the elimination of Glossybox and the implosion of Glymm- this is the only "beauty box" I am receiving at the moment.

I signed up to receive the regular Topbox. Most of the prive ones have not interested me as much so far.
March 2013 Topbox!
Here is what was in the regular/standard Topbox:

*Aveda Caribean Therapy body cream: sample size 25ml tube, value $5.25/full size 200ml $42.00
With the name Caribean Therapy I am expecting this cream to smell like a tropical island getaway. The cream contains "mango, cocoa butter and warm island aromas" according to the Topbox description.
Upon first smelling this cream I think it smells like lavender or more floral- kind of like when you walk by an Aveda store and they have all those aromatherapy scents going eon.
This cream is a bit more floral that tropical to me. It still smells very nice and absorbs quite well.

*L'Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil: sample size 3ml glass vial, value .75 cents. (2 samples included so $1.50 total value)/ full size 125ml bottle, value $26.
I will try this later today and report back. So many of the beauty box companies send hair oils and serums that it would take me weeks if not more to try them all out....
Update- just tried the mythic oil and I found the scent too strong for my liking. It is a very floral scent and I can not use something so strongly scented most days.
The nice thing about the oil is that you do not need to use much. I have very long hair and still have half of the sample left (1.5ml in the vial).
If you can handle strong floral scents- this might be a good product to check out!

*MaskerAide Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask: "sample" size full size!!! One sheet mask (23g), value $4.99. Sold on at $4.99 per single mask or else a package of 4 masks for $19.
This mask was formulated in Canada and produced in Korea.
Sheet masks have been quite popular in Asian countries for quite a few years. My sister who has traveled to some Asian countries always brings me back some sheet masks from other countries.
Topbox has sent out a MaskerAide mask before in another formula- this time it was Weather Warior.
The mask left my face feeling refreshed and very hydrated- I would use this mask again!
This mask would be perfect to take on a vacation or after a long day outdoors.
The packaging is cute, the mask feels great- I just wish it was a bit cheaper as I would use it all the time.

*Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush eau de parfum: sample size 4ml tube, value $6.00/ full size 50ml $79 and 100ml $105.00.
I am usually not a fan of floral perfumes and was not sure what to expect from this.
Recently I had a very bad experience with a perfume oil  sample made from essential oils and that left me not wanting to try any new scents. Whatever I had tried made me feel like throwing up and gave me a headache.
March 2013 Topbox Infocard!
Anyway, I tried the Vera Wang Lovestruck and it smelled so nice and light like being outdoors in the sun.
This is one sample I will be using up- not sure if I will buy it as I have to use up some of my collection first.

My overall thoughts on the March 2013 Topbox:

The mix of samples is great t o take on vacation-you have a face mask, hair oil, body cream and a perfume for your travel bag! It would have been nicer if the hair oil was a bigger sample and the perfume had a spray top as I seem to spill it quite easily.

Did you get this Topbox? What did you think of the products?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Topbox benefit Prive Box Feb 2013 WHAT A GREAT FUN BOX!!!

I really should have written about the Feb box much sooner.....
But being overloaded with mail (and a wrist injury) kind of stopped me from blogging lately.
Now onto my review:

The Feb Tobox gave a choice of the regular box or a Prive box that consisted of one brand's items. benefit (yes that is how it is written) was one of the choices and what I received.

Here is the cute info card that was sent- and seeing this is benefit, how could it not be cute??!!

Front of Infocard!

Feb 2013 Topbox Card!

*There was also a "red envelope" sent with this package.
In Asian cultures this usually signifies a special gift or is used for giving money at special occasions. I will reveal at the end what was in my red envelope......

What I received in the Feb 2013 Topbox:

*POREfessional balm: sample size 7.5ml, value $12
I really like the name of this balm, it makes the product look really fun and catchy!
The instructions state you can use this under your makeup to make it go on more smoothly and last longer or else to pat on top of makeup to minimize the look of your pores.
So far I tried this under my makeup as a "primer" and my foundation did last longer and go on more smoothly. I like that the product is light beige, so almost anyone can use it.
Now to remember to use this over my makeup to see how that works...

*Total Moisture Facial Cream: sample size 8.9grams or 0.3oz, value $9.00
The moisturizer comes in a cute little glass jar that is a mini of the original product. This is supposed to be for normal to dry skin. I'll have to report back on how this works for me.

POREfessional and Total Moisture

*Benetint: sample size 2.5ml, value $7.20
This is a lip and cheek stain that is liquid and applied with a brush like the ones for nail polish.
The description states this is rose tinted- it is also rose scented. If you dislike the scent of roses this product might not be for you.
I like that there is no shimmer in this product and it is quite easy to use. Not too much else to add about this product.

benetint and Dandelion Gloss and Powder!
*Dandelion Gloss and Powder: sample size powder 3.00grams, value $18.00/ lipgloss sample size 6.5ml, value $8.00!
These samples came very nicely packaged and in very generous sizes- I am quite impressed.
Still need to try them out though.

Dandelion Gloss and Powder!

Bonus item!!

In the red envelope was a cardboard "swipe" sample of the new Fine One One cheek and lip brightener!
This is just one of those samples that is "printed" on a card and covered with a plastic sheet where you use your fingers to apply the product.
I do like these as they are portable and hygenic and do not have people's germs all over them like store testers.
Fine On e One had a bit of a powdery finish on me and the final product had to be blended quite well or you can risk having "neon cheeks' and it can look a bit strange.
On my lips I hated this product as I could not get it to apply smoothly- and my lips are never dry. It just looked  in like a bad neon mess.
Fine One One bonus sample!
Overall I think Fine One One is ok for cheeks but will not be buying the full size. It might be better to try this product in store before committing to buying.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Topbox Prive edition Clinique skincare and cosmetics January 2013!

Better to be posting this late than never- I just did not get around to posting about the first Prive edition of the Topbox.
If you are not familiar with Topbox, it is a monthly subscription service where you receive 4 or 5 deluxe samples by mail for the cost of $12 per month.
The new Prive feature allows you to have the choice of the regular mystery Topbox or else a box that is curated by a specific brand.
The box that everyone got in January was with an assortment of Clinique skincare and cosmetics.
I am not that thrilled by Clinique products as I have been using quite a few of them for a few years, so not much was really new to me in this box.
That is not really Topbox's fault- even tnough they could have maybe sent out some survey to see who already uses Clinique items.

Here is the info card that came in my Topbox:

eWhat I received in my Clinique Prive Topbox:

*Clarifying lotion 3 in combination/oily: sample size 30ml, value $3.00.
This sample size is decent and should last at least a week. It is somewhat drying as there is alcohol in it. For normal skin this can be quite drying. This does feel very refreshing to use during the summer though.
Not too much else to say about this toner at the moment, but I do like the Acne Solutions toner with the powder in it better...

*Rinse Off Eye Makeup Solvent: sample size 60ml, value $12.50.
This is a very generous size for the eye makeup "solvent" and is half the full size!!!
 I am low on what I am using now, so this will come in handy. I have used this before and did like it.
Really great that this is fragrance free as my eyes are quite sensitive and I do not use fragranced eye products.

*Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo in Strawberry Fudge: sample size 1.6 grams, value $15.
I really like the presentation of these sample eye shadows, it looks almost like the regular size and had me fooled for a minuted until I read the back (full size is 2.5 grams).
The shadow applies very smoothly and has a nice shimmer that is not overpowering.
Strawberry is a light pink shade with some gold in it, while fudge is a medium brown with shimmer in it as well. This duo could be used by many skin tones as it is quite easy to use.
The swatch I did is indoors under some fluorescent lighting without a flash.

*Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle: sample size 7ml, value $16.00
This sample seems neat and is probably enough to use for a week.
But I do not have any sun damage (did that fancy computer scan at the derm :) and do not have any wrinkles,so this is a sample that I will pass along to a family member who can use it.

Contents of Jan 2013 Prive Topbox!

What did I think about this box:

Overall this box was not so exiting for myself, but I am sure that many people have never tried Clinique before. I'm always surprised to hear this as they are one of the companies that sells one of their famous yellow moisturizer every second (or something like that).
The only thing that I think was missing from this box was a lip gloss or a chubby stick- I was really hoping to try more lip products and hear so much about clinique lipgloss that I was really hoping for one in this "box".
I am still quite pleased with this Topbox, just not exited about it!

Did you receive the January Topbox?
What Clinique item do you like best?