Monday, December 17, 2012

GLOSSYBOX November 2012 review.

As usual, my Glossybox arrived at the end of November.
Here are the products that I received for the Canadian edition of November 2012.
Do you think this box is worth the $21.00.......or should I unsubscribe???

Welcome letter!

Nov 2012 Canadian Glossybox!

Items in my Glossybox:

*Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolor holiday shades. (All is Glam, All is Bright, full size 15ml, value $10.99).
OPI is a very good brand. I like that Glossybox also sent shades from the recent season. This is the perfect festive glitter polish! There is very fine red, silver and diamond like glitter. You only ne ed one coat to look nice with this one!

*Kryolan for Glossybox Blusher (shade Glossy Rosewood, size 2.5g, value $16.73/ full size............).
The blush I received is a very natural looking pink colour that is matte and has a very natural look.
It seems just as good as my MUFE blush. I will be using this product often!

Nexxus Salon Haircare: Hydration Kit. (Therappe Shampoo 89ml bottle, value $2.50/full size 400ml, $9.99//Humectress Conditioner 89ml bottle, value $3.75, full size 400ml, $14.99)
I've received this kit before in another beauty box (Topbox, summertime). Nexxus is a pretty good brand- but is now a drugstore/salon line. A few years ago you could only find Nexxus in expensive salons.
Now the basic items are in most drugstores. I think it might have to do with the company being bought by Alberto?? maybe....I'll have to look into this more.

*Vitabath Spa Skin Therapy: moisturizing bath and shower gelee. (sample size 6oz or 170g, value $6.00/full size 360ml, $9.99).
I have not tried Vitabath products in a couple years. The new design on my bottle is so pretty!
I'll have to report back on how the new shower gel works.
But I did notice Glossybox wrote the products are SULFATE FREE....and when I went to read the ingredients on my bottle it was written "SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE"..... I did not see any Parabens listed,so that is good.

*Maybeline MNY My Gloss. in colour 585. (full size product, 9ml, value $7.49).
This is not one of the Maybeline lip glosses from North America, but a European version that is made in France! The gloss is a nice sheer opal pink with very fine shimmer-I think this gloss would suit everyone.
There is also a nice kind of fruity scent to the gloss, it is a very light scent and not distracting at all.
I find it neat that Glossybox does send products that you can not always find locally,hopefully they will keep on doing that!

*Curel Hand &Cuticle Therapy Cream. (full size product, 100ml tube, value $3.99).
I am familiar with the Curel line, but have not seen this product in stores near me.
So far I have only seen the Curel foot cream and this hand cream sold on American websites online.
My hands are extremely dry during the winter- so any new hand products to try out are always welcome.
I will report back in a few days with how my hands are doing.
The Curel hand cream contains Ceramides, so I think it will be a very helpful product!

If you are in Canada, where did you find the Curel hand and feet products?

Product Info for Glossybox Nov 2012!

*There was also a Uber Beauty discount card with 50% all products. I've heard of the brand, but do not know anyone who stocks or sells it at their salon around here.
I'm not so sure I'll be placing an order, as I would like more ingredient info before purchasing.
Do you know anyone who has tried this line? I'd love to get people's thoughts on this.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Here is what I received in the Glymm Stocking Stuffer mystery grab bags.
You also get a $40 gift card to their online store!
I will update with written descriptions soon. 
Odered two (2) bags and they had the exact same contents. Most of it is items I received in earlier Glymm boxes,but I really like the selections I was sent!!!

Glymm Stocking Stuffer bag!

Naked Princess mini lip gloss set!

The Naked Princess gloss set is too cute! These glosses are super tiny.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Glossybox October 2012 review!

The October Glossybox usually shows up at the end of the month and in this case it was sometime in November.
I did not get around to writing up a review of this box as life got in the way.
Well, better to have a late review than to not post at all...
The theme of the October 2012 box was Breast Cancer Awareness and the cosmetic items had an overall "pink theme" meant to represent breast cancer.

Glossybox monthly info.


*Jouviance Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Cream (sample size 5ml tube, value $9.35/ full size 50ml, value $93.50).
I have not tried this cream yet. Interesting that it says you can use it for face and eyes?
Usually I can not use the same face products for my eye area and face. My eye area is too sensitive and I usually can only use fragrance free very "plain" eye products.
I'll have to see how this goes sometime....

*Modelco Flipstick Lip Duo (special Glossybox size, value $38.75).
This is a brand I have heard of before and wanted to try. Also this item is a "special Glossybox edition", as I did not see this exact item on Modelco's site or at Dermstore where they sell this brand.
I did find the gloss and lipstick separately though.
The idea of having the lipstick and gloss in one portable package is a neat idea- but I do not think it was well thought out. The mirror is in the middle cap and you can not use the mirror until AFTER  you use the product as it is stuck to the applicator part you need to apply the product.
The gloss is a nice light pink shade with some shimmer in it. There is also a nice kind of berry scent to the gloss and it is a very glossy non-sticky finish. Overall I do like this gloss and it did not bother my lips like some brands do. The shade I received was  STRIPTEASE!
The lipstick is a nice kind of neutral dark pink that looks more like a cream finish.
The colour for the lipstick is DUSK.
The lipstick did not have long staying powder, but did moisturize nicely. Maybe if I used a lipliner it might help..but I never seem to bother with those.

*ZOYA professional laquer in RORY! (full size 15ml, value $8.00).
Zoya is a brand that is only sold in salons and the quality is very good!
I'm quite pleased to receive polishes from this brand. The colour Rory is a dark pink, almost purple shade with some silver/grey shimmer in it. I do not own anything that looks like this colour and do not usually chose pink polish, so this is fun to use!
I plan to buy more Zoya products in the future!

*Sebastian Professional Trilliance Shampoo and Conditioner. (Shampoo 50ml, value $3.20/ full size 250ml $15.79// Conditioner 50ml, value $3.35, full size 250ml $16.59).Sebastian hair products is a brand I really like, but for some reason have never tried many of their shampoos and conditioners.
I buy a lot of their styling product though.
The Trilliance shampoo and conditioner is supposed to make your hair very shiny and smooth and Idid find that was true! My hair even though it is curly still had a nice natural looking shine and was much more manegeable too. I will most likely buy both the shampoo and conditioner once I run out!

GILLETTE VENUS & OLAY single razor (full size, value $14.99).
I am going by the value that this razor sells for on!
Haven't had the chance to try this razor yet,but will update once I do so.

Glossybox info card!

Glossybox Oct 2012 contents!

Close-up of lip and nail products!

My thoughts on the October 2012 Glossybox:

coming soon........

Friday, November 30, 2012

Glymm November 2012 bag!

My Glymm bag came a couple of weeks ago, but I did not get around to writing about the products or taking pics until recently.
Many people online were also wondering if you signed up for the promotion  with the free monthly nail polish, would you be getting a second full size polish in your bag as well?
It does seem that the people who signed up under the nail promo received two nail polishes this month.
In my printed card there is The New Black polish that everyone received and my bonus polish is Cocolilly (in mature wine).


What was received in my Glymm bag?

*Lys Parisien Shampoo (sample bottle 50ml, value $2.40/ full size 500ml, $24.00)
The shampoo has a nice light fresh kind of scent. Also the shampoo made a lot of foam while cleaning my hair, but my hair did not feel dry at all. I also did not need to wash my hair twice like with some shampoos that feel like they are not cleaning.
I also did not lose any hair with this  shampoo, some shampoo formulas somehow make me lose more hair. Not too  sure what ingredient can cause that.

*Lys Parisien Moisturizing Balm (sample bottle 50ml, value $2.40/ full size 500ml, $24.00).
The conditioner contains Argan oil and coconut. My hair was nicely untangled and not weighed down at all from this formula. I have curly hair and this did not make my hair look flat at all.
In the bottle the conditioner is quite light and is very easy to apply.
I would consider buying this conditioner when I run out of some of my other hair products.

The New Black nail varnish in Gold Grenade.(full size 4ml, value $5.00).
These nail varnishes look very cute and what I received is part of a set. The New Black packages their polish in sets of 3 or 5 themed shades. So really you would pay $15-24.00 for a set of polishes.
Now the polish I received is called "Gold Grenade". There is nothing at all gold in this bottle.
The shade of polish is a cream orange red that is quite bright and festive.
I also found the texture of the polish to be much more thin than my usual polishes. It did take two coats to get a nice finish.
I am very tempted to get a set of this brand's nail polish- the ombre sets look very nice and Glymm has a promotion on their website at the moment.

*VILAINESS SOAPS Bar in SCINTILLATING (Sample bar 1oz or 30grams, value $2.00/ full size 3.5oz or 100 grams, value $6.00).
This is the second Vilainess product that I have received from Glymm (hopefully they will have samples of the foaming scrub one day......?).e
I did sample a whipped body cream that I liked so much and ended up buying.
When I first opened up the soap sample I thought it was a chocolate mint scent (it does look just like chocolate mint fudge), but after reading the wrapper it is a vanilla mint soap (still good).
I really like how the soap sample is packaged in a nice black envelope with a great description and all the ingredients. So many companies never bother to list ingredients for samples and I find that very annoying and time consuming to look up.
*I haven't tried this soap yet,but will post an update once I do use it (I'm sure I will like it).

*The Beehive Scents: LuLu Lemondrop. Perfume vial on a card, eau de parfum. (sample size 0.7ml or 0.024fl oz., value $0.50 cents/ full size bottle 100ml, $35.00).
I really like the sample scent I received. The card states that it is supposed to be "lemongrass and citrus with a fruity blend of berries and spun sugar".
To me it just smells fresh and fruity. I'm pretty sure the name of the company has confused a lot of people on Facebook as I recall reading that people were wondering why this did not smell like honey at all....
The Beehive is actually a clothing store that just created their own line of scents.
My only issues with this sample is how tiny it is- how can you actually get 14 uses out of this?
And with such a small sample I think it would have been better to send one of each scent since there are three in this collection. It also seems kind of cheap for Glymm to even call this a deluxe sample.

**BONUS NAIL POLISH: COCOLILLY in MATURE WINE. (full size 15ml/value $13.00)
I am quite pleased with the extra nail polish that was sent this month. This summer I did receive another Cocolilly polish and the quality was very good. Now this darker shade is not something I would usually pick out for myself,but after trying it on one finger it did look very nice.
This is also a great colour for fall!
I did swatch both polishes I got this month:

Swatches of new nail polish.
*Top:China Glaze "Exotic Encounters"  from Topbox
*Middle: Cocolilly "Mature Wine"
*Bottom: The New Black "Gold Grenade"

Product info/printed card.

This month I have to say I am quite pleased with Glymm and the brands of nail polish they sent.
Are you a member of Glymm and if so- what The New Black shade did you receive? or did everyone get red??

Friday, November 16, 2012

Topbox November 2012 edition review!

My Topbox just arrived right now- around 6pm!
Somehow the postal service around here has been all changed around. I kind of wish I had a video camera or tripod to do a "live unboxing" but for now some quick pictures will have to do!

Topbox contents Nov 2012!

Description card about the products.

I did not take a look yet to see what other people have received in hope of being nicely surprised this month.
Overall pleased with the contents so far...

What was in my November Topbox?

*China Glaze nail laquer in EXOTIC ENCOUNTERS! (full size product 14ml, value $10-12.00).
China Glaze is a very good brand of nail polish. I'm very pleased to see this in my box .
The shade I got can be described as a dark teal blue and has a cream finish- so no shimmer at all.
I really like this colour and do not own anything like it.
Giving my nails a bit of a break, will try this later during the week!

*I really liked the China Glaze nail laquer.Depending on the light source the polish went from looking like a dark turquoise shade to a more army green look.
The polish did chip easily without a topcoat,but I am also hard on my nails. The polish was also easy to apply and was not streaky or too thin like some brands I've tried that seemed almost "watery".
In the future I will definitely buy more China Glaze brand product. The price is very affordable too!

*Cuccio Naturale hand and body butter in "pomegranate and fig". (sample tube 9.24g or .33oz, value $1.00/ Full size 240g, $18.95).
I have not heard of this brand before. My first impression is how TINY the sample tube is for a body "butter". Considering this is supposed to be for anywhere on your body, this is a small amount to try out.
At least it is better than a foil packet.
Upon opening the tube I noticed the "butter" is quite thin and more like a lotion- when I think of body butter it is usually a much thicker consistency. I also do not really smell the pomegranate part and only really smell the strong "fig" or green scent. The product did absorb quickly into my hands and that is nice.
I'll have to try out this product a bit more to give a better opinion. Usually I like fragrance free items on my hands though...

*MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Eyes eyeliner. (sample size 0.7g, around 1/2 reg product, value $10.00/ full size pencil is--- , value $20.00).
The shade that I was sent is 10 a black! I have never tried  MUFE eye pencils,but do use their blush and foundation- so I'm sure this a high quality item too.

*Roberto Cavalli eau de parfum (5ml deluxe size, value $8.00/ full size 50ml, $80).

I really like the box the perfume came in- it really reminds me of the designer's style.
It also made me think this EDP would be quite floral and strongly scented (and I was correct about that).
The floral scent of this is too much for me, but if you do like strong floral scents, you might enjoy this.
Most of my perfumes are either green/fresh or more fruity. I could actually picture the girls on Jersey Shore wearing this perfume to go out.
Still it is nice to try different perfumes or else I might always be stuck on the same five scents....

Thoughts on the November Topbox:

The value of this box is aprox $31.00. My cost for the box was $10 (and has now gone up to $12.00).
I like that the brands in Topbox are reputable and known companies (and some new ones too).
The full size nail polish and the eyeliner were my favorite items from this box.
I am still very pleased and am keeping this subscription.

Have you tried any of the products in this box? Very curious what are people's thoughts on these...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Topbox October 2012....where are the "real" deluxe samples???

I was so unenthusiastic about the October 2012 Tobox that I put it off until the very end of the month to bother writing about the contents.
My first thoughts on opening the Topbox were where are the deluxe samples, well more like there was 2 deluxe samples and two samples I can get for free at the store.

October 2012 Topbox contents!

Topbox description card

*Aveda Invati shampoo and conditioner (sample size 10ml tube each, value $2.70/ full size 200ml, $27)
One of the so-called deluxe samples was the Aveda Invati shampoo and conditioner- each sample is a cute little tube.......and only 10ml??
Aveda is known for being very environmental- yet these tiny samples are over-packaged in a cardboard box with a long flap that folds out and more written papers inside. I guess I can recycle the cardboard, but the shampoo and conditioner sample- what is supposed to be a deluxe size is just 10ml and I have gotten so many free hair product packets that size and bigger for free.
I have not yet gotten around to trying these hair samples, but will do so today and update later!

This afternoon I did get around to trying the Aveda Invati shampoo and conditioner.
The shampoo smelled nice, but really dried out my hair. There is one more use left in the small tube. The shampoo was also quite liquid compared to what I usually use.
The conditioner was thicker and did moisturize well. But there was almost not enough conditioner to do my whole hair. My hair was untangled and the scent of the conditioner did last a few hours.
I would consider buying the conditioner, but really did not like the shampoo.

*MaskerAide: hydrating facial sheet mask (full size, one mask/ value, $4.99)
These kind of sheet masks are very popular in places like Korea and many Asian countries.
My sister has actually brought me a few of these sheet masks over the years from China,Japan,Korea.
I also see these masks at the Korean grocery that I go to, but never think to pick one up.
This kind of mask is like a sheet with the cut outs for your eyes and mouth that you leave on as a concentrated spa treatment.
The mask from MaskerAide that I received was "All Nighter: Awaken,Replenish &Refresh".
I have not yet used this,but will get around to using this week.

*Stila eyeshadow palette: In the Garden (size: ?a paper palette with 10 one or two use samples, value: ?maybe $2.00 at most).
This was a neat sample to receive but,I do not consider this a deluxe sample when I can go to the store and get this for free. I might have been more ok with this is they sent more than one kind of Stila palette to try- like blush,concealer or whatever else they had.
Still this is a cool idea for sampling and a very sanitary way of trying samples. It would be nice if more stores had this for testing cosmetics as I never use the testers in the stores on my face (who knows what germs are there....).
I should be able to get two uses out of each eyeshadow colour if I use a makeup brush to apply.
Unfortunately I can not use any eye makeup right now for a few more weeks,so this will have to wait.

*Stila: Prime Pot in Taffy. (sample size 2ml, value $15.00/ full size 3.3ml, $26).
The Stila Prime Pot can be worn like an eyeshadow or as a primer/base for other eye colours.
I received a light beige shade that looks like it could be used by quite a few people.
Normally I prefer a eye base that is clear and do have a brand I usually use (Mavala eye base).
I'm not able to test out this product at the moment as I can not use any eye products for a little while.

The verdict:

Overall I was pleased with the value of this topbox, but still disappointed that two of the samples you can get for free.
The value of the topbox was around $25- considering I paid $10 that is still a good deal.
I am still going to stick with Topbox for now as I did enjoy all my earlier boxes.
If the price is raised I'll have to reconsider.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

L'Oreal owns what???!!!

This isn't really a review post, but more in response to some comments I read online.
A few people on some social sites were saying  they do not use certain brands because of what company owns them.
That got me to look up some info online and I found this very informative!
I had no idea that L'Oreal owned so many different brands. But I did know that most of the large cosmetic brands are owned by only a couple of the large companies.

Here is the list of what L'Oreal owns:

We want people everywhere to have easy access to our products through a presence in outlets that match their individual lifestyles.

L'Oréal Paris
Maybelline New York
CCB Paris 

L'Oréal Professionnel
Shu Uemura Art of Hair
Keraskin Esthetics

Helena Rubinstein
Shu Uemura 
Giorgio Armani 
Ralph Lauren
Viktor & Rolf
YSL Beauté
Maison Martin Margiela
Stella McCartney

La Roche Posay


Hopefully you have found this list informative!
I will try and find out about who owns other brands and add to this list soon.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Glymm October 2012 box with Bonus Nail Polish!

I just received my Glymm box earlier this week!
In September (and now again) Glymm has a promotion where if you sign up for the year at $10.00 per month and use a special code they will add a full size nail polish to each monthly box.
Now I thought this was a neat idea and my next thought was "I hope they do not send Ocean brand nail polish".
Previously I had received on of the Ocean brand polishes and could not find any info at all on this company or brand. I am fine with receiving products I have never heard of as long as they have a website where you can get more info and order the product.

Now on to the rest of my box and what I was sent for October 2012:

Glymm Oct 2012

*Miss Jessies: Baby Buttercreme (received 60ml jar, "full size"/value $9.00)

On the Glymm website this product is written up as "ULTRA HYDRATING HAIRDRESS FOR DRY PARCHED KINKS AND CURLS."
It also seems to be aimed more for people with ethnic hair, cornrows and "natural hair". Usually that means it is for African-American people. In the US I always see this brand sold with the hair relaxers and "ethnic" hair products. This is why I am quite surprised that Glymm even sent this out.
Usually I do use some hair products for African-American people as I have very dry hair, but have never put this down in any profile.
I have always been curious to try this line out, but when I went to Target I always end up getting the Curls brand line as that is my favorite and silicone and mineral oil free.
Looking at the Miss Jessies Baby Buttercream the first ingredients are Water, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil!
I am still going to try the product out this week.

So far I just tried a bit on my hand and it is quite moisturizing and has a very light vanilla powdery kind of scent. The scent is not very strong, which is good as I do not like overly scented hair.
I will update once I try this hair cream for a few days.....

*Cyber Derm: Every Morning Sun Whip SPF 25 (sample 10ml tube, value $9.00/ full size 50ml, $38.00)
Cyber Derm again?? At least it is not the same item as before and this packaging is more useful.
I like the Cyber Derm products, so do not mind getting their samples!
Last time I received two Cyber Derm samples in some cool looking lab syringes. Not as useful for travel,but it was a neat presenation (I had gotten night cream and the H20 cream).
So far I have only tried the Sun Whip on my hand and it is very light. I am going to use it today and this weekend and report back on that.
Usually I use mineral sunscreen and this one is supposed to be a mix of mineral and "regular" sunscreen ingredients with a mat finish (  15% Zinc Oxide (ZinClearTM), 7.5% Octinoxate (Encapsulated)).
Another plus is that this is a Canadian company!!

*Cyber Derm: H20 Hydration (sample 10ml tube, value $12.00/ full size 50ml, $60.00).

This is a sample I already got from Glymm earlier.
I did really like it and found it very moisturizing, but did not use the product long enough to see any of the extra benefits. My skin is quite sensitive and I had no issues with the Cyber Derm products and will buy some in the future!

*Femme Couture Lightning Lash mascara (full size 11.3g, value $8.99 US).
I have never heard of this brand before and see it being sold at Sally Beauty supply
The mascara claims to make extreme, non-clumping lashes.
I can not test out any eye products for a few weeks, so this will have to wait.

*Lash Card (sample 2 cards, value $1.50/ full size 10 cards, $6.99).
This is a neat idea, but am not sure I really "need" this.
The product is a card shaped like your eye and each card is individually wrapped in plastic.
I am not sure they really need to be wrapped with so much plastic.
I'm sure this product works quite well, but again...not using eye makeup right now so this has to wait!


*Johnson's baby oil (travel size 88ml, value?? $2.00)

Glymm sent a travel bottle of Johnson's Baby oil to promote their new subscription service GLYMM MAMA!!! coming soon......
Seems most people missed reading the sticker on the bottle and wondered why?? they were sent baby oil.

That is just too funny.

*Sari by Ocean nail polish (full size 15ml, value?? $8.00)
Glymm recently had an offer where if you signed up for the year at $10.00 per month and used a special signup code they would send you a full size nail polish in each box/bag. This is addition to the 4 or 5 samples you get each month.
I was already paying $10 a month and liked most of my boxes, so this was a pretty easy decision to make!
My second thought before signing up was "I hope I do not get an of those % %%^^**** Ocean nail polish".
Well, of course what was I sent.......Ocean nail polish.
My issues with this company are that they claim to be a premium salon brand, yet there is no info online about them and no colour charts to be found anywhere.
The only place to buy a couple of the colours is on the Glymm website.
How can this company claim to have at least 80 different  shades when there is no info about them online??

The only contact info I can find is:

On top of this "they" can not spell Montreal properly. Their listing spells it as " Montyreal".
Well, at least Canada is spelled properly.

Now a bit more about the quality of the polish I was sent.
The colour is called "872 WITH ABANDON".
There is no ingredient listing or contact info on the bottle, yet the company claims this polish is "does not contain harmful chemicals"?
The polish is also quite thin and it took me 3 coats to get a decent look where you could not see my nails underneath.
In the bottle the polish looked very nice-at first it looked like a dark brown with copper shimmer. But once applied the colour was more a dull black with copper shimmer. It was also hard to see the shimmer on my fingers and it looked more like black polish.

Sari by Ocean polish 872 WITH ABANDON

with better lighting,under a lamp.

It really is quite disappointing when this nail polish looks nothing like in the bottle.
Also, before I forget- I was sent a Ocean brand nail polish (same company) in my Glymm box this spring. The cap on the polish looked like it was old, discolored and sitting out in the sun.
The nail polish was a metalic red that looked ok in the bottle,but did not go on nicely at all.
I will try to dig up a photo or my post about that soon.
Receiving this polish has annoyed me enough that it deserves its own post and I will compare the polish against my other black ones.
Hopefully I will not be getting any more of this brand in my Glymm boxes!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Glossybox Canada September 2012 Review!

I received this Glossybox a little while ago and just did not get around to posting my review, with fall being here there are a lot of things to do and updating my blog was put aside for a bit!
But now here is the September 2012 Glossybox!
This month's box was a nice surprise and had two full size items.

Contents of the September 2012 Glossybox:

The theme for this box was the red carpet, fashion week(s) and movie festivals.
What was sent in the box does a pretty good job of achieving this, mostly because there was a makeup palette that is based on the movie The Dark Shadows.

The Theme Description!

September 2012 Canada Glossybox items!

*Wella Professionals Mirror Polish Shine Serum (full size item 40ml, value $16.99).
This is a full size item! I have used a lot of the Wella line in the past- from styling products to their professional hair colour (Colour Charm) and really like the quality of everything I've used.
Due to my having tons of hair products, I have not yet had the time to try this shine serum.
The packaging says you apply this to dry hair and that it gives a precious shine with the hold being "level 1".
The presentation for the hair serum is very nice and it comes in a glass bottle- the only downside to that is it might be a bit heavy for your gym bag and you might be afraid if you drop this somewhere.

*B Kamins Lip Balm SPF 20 (sample tube 4ml, value $5.25/ full size 15ml, $21).
I have gotten a sample of this product before (last year from a cosmetics website) and did find it nice!
I was expecting the balm to have a maple scent or taste and the balm does not have a taste or scent.
The lip balm did moisturize well and the packaging is good for keeping in your pocket or small bag.
What confuses me the most is the sample does not say SPF 20 on it, even though the full size product does have that printed on the tube.

*B Kamins Maple Body Lotion (sample tube 12ml, value $2.73/ full size 180ml, $41)
My first impression of this sample is how small the tube is 12ml is not really much for a body product.
I also expected the lotion to have some kind of maple scent or maybe vanilla or unscented- but the lotion has this kind of floral powdery scent I am not a fan of.
The lotion is also much thinner than I expected,but it did absorb quickly into my hands and that would be good for daytime.
Now my hands are extremely dry and I can still see a lot of dry spots on my fingers. I need a product that is a bit richer for my hands. This lotion would be good for spring and summer.
I do like the Glossybox mentioned that this company is a Canadian brand!

*NYX Cosmetics: The Crimson Amulet makeup palette inspired by the movie Dark Shadows!
This is one of my favorite items in the Glossybox! A full sized NYX makeup palette with a value of $25!

I really like the presentation for the makeup case, it looks just like a DVD cover.
My mother saw this product and actually thought that I had received a movie in the mail!.
I have not been able to use any eye makeup, but the eyeshadows are quite pigmented (tried on my hand).
Another plus is that there are many neutral colours, so this could be used every day.
In the palette there is 24 eye shadows- one section is more shimmery and the other more matte.There is also 5 blushes, a highliter, 4 lip gloss, a black liquid eye liner and a small HD shadow base.
The blushes are quite pigmented, my only issue is there is no small brush in the kit to apply blush or highlighter with and I have to carry something separately. Same for the lip glosses.
I did try the liquid liner on my hand and it dries quite quickly with a strong black line and did not smudge.
The only issues I have with this palette is no small brush for the blush and that the outside packaging had a nice chart with what all the products are and it would have been nice to have that on the back of the palette.
(my solution will be to cut the packaging and tape the image from there to the back of my palette).

Back of Packaging for NYX Palette

*Bonus item: Dove Cleartone antiperspirant: (travel size 17g, value $2/full size 45g, $4.99).
I have not had the chance to test this out, but the antiperspirant sounds interesting.
It is supposed to make the skin of your underarms look renewed.
I don't have any underarm skin issues and was only going to test this out at my dance classes next week.
There is no scent written on the packaging, but the product does have a clean soapy smell.There is also calendula and sunflower seed extracts, so this sounds like it would be good for you.

*There was also an invitation for an event in Toronto that was called The Art of Fashion,but that is kind of far for me to travel. There was info about their Facebook group and the Glossybox info card states that it is a non-profit organization that supports up-and-coming Canadian fashion.

My thoughts on the September 2012 Canada Glossybox:

Overall I am quite pleased with the assortment of items that was included in my Glossybox.

The only issue I have is that the way the info card is printed it is not clear if you should get 2 hair products or only one. Other beauty subscriptions usually have a small note stating you only receive one of the products.
From Facebook and online comments many people seemed very confused about this and contacted Glossybox through their Facebook site.
The value of the products was also great considering I paid $15 for this box!
The contents are worth: $51.97!!

Did you or anyone you know receive this box? What did you think?
Also what kinds of looks did you create with the NYX makeup?
Comments are welcome!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

GLOSSYBOX August 2012 review!

Glossybox is one of the monthly cosmetic subscription services available in Canada.
My Glossybox was quite late showing up and actually came in September-but it seems that the company is trying to improve the shipment times and my September box should actually arrive in.....September!
Actually my Glossybox for Sept was supposed to be here yesterday according to Canada Post,but it seems my package is taking the long route and not here yet.

The theme for the August Glossybox is the last days of summer and getting ready for fall.
I do not really see this theme with the items I received,but do like the assortment that was sent.

Glossybox August theme!

Here are the items I received in the August Glossybox:

*Sebastian Potion 9 Lite (sample size 50, value $7.00/ full size 150ml, $20.95).
Potion 9 Lite is supposed to be a light leave-in conditioning treatment.
I have never tried this version of it and usually buy the original Potion 9 and have been doing so for years.
I'm sure I will enjoy trying this product and will update once I try it for a few days!

*Biore Makeup Removing Towelettes (sample 10 towelettes, value $3.99/full size 30ct, $9.99/60ct, $14.99).
I have not tried this product lately and have enjoyed using it in the past.
The Biore towelettes did leave my face feeling clean. I have not tried removing eye makeup with these though.
One funny thing is that the package says you can remove waterproof eye makeup, but then the back of the package states "avaoid getting into eyes". That is kind of a contradiction I find!

*Kryolan for Glossybox lipstick. (full size, special edition no price listed/assuming $15.00).
I have heard of this brand before,but have never tried any of their line.
Kryolan is a professional makeup line and they sell a lot of theatre makeup and special effects items.
The lipstick I got is a medium rose colour and has a bit of a powdery or flowery scent.
Usually I like lipstick to have no scent or maybe mint.
The lipstick did go on smoothly and was easy to apply.
The only dissapointment is that my lipstick was damaged and crushed into the cap. It is still useable but not that nice to look at. I will also have to use a lip brush if I want to salvage this product.ry

Kryolan for Glossybox lipstick!

*Layla eyeliner (full size 6ml, $12.99).
This is a full size product that was in the box. The eyeliner is a dark greenish brown colour and has very fine glitter in it. The brush for the liner is also very fine making it easy to do a thin line if desired.
The liner did last all day on me and did not bother my eyes. It is not waterproof though,but testing it on my hand now it does not smear at all once it is dry. 
I would definitely buy more from this line if I knew where to find this brand!

*Befine Fine Food Skin Care: (5 sample packets 10ml each, value $20??)
I really like this line and have tried their peel off mask in the past, as well as their scrub with brown sugar.
I'm sure I will enjoy trying the samples I received. What I got in the Glossybox is 5 single use packets: Gentle cleanser,Exfoliating cleanser,Pore refining treatment scrub,Warming clay mask,Night cream.
The packets are a very generous size and I'm pretty sure I will get several uses from most of the products.
Single use packets are somewhat better than small jars as the products keep better and they are usually cheaper to send by mail- the downside is trying to keep the packet for more than one use.
The best solution I have found for this is to put your opened packet in a ziplock bag and it is ok for a few days.
I have not tried these products yet,but will update when I do!

Glossybox Aug 2012!

Bonus items in Glossybox:
*Elastoplast Sos Blister bandage: (single bandage, value $1.50/full size box of 5 units, $5.99)
This is a bonus item that was in my box!
The odd thing is my Glossybox product card lists this as a full size item and what I received was a booklet with one bandage and a guide to shoe sizes in other countries.
I'm not complaining about this, just pointing out that the card and what I got are not exactly the same.
These bandages are quite expensive,so having one on hand is really useful. Usually I have a few different types of bandages in my bag as dance classes can be hard on my feet- same can be said for new shoes!

*Trend Trunk mystery gift card (value $5-250).
This is a new service where you can sell new and pre-loved fashion items.
I have not used this service yet,but it sounds interesting and I will check it out when I have more time.
I'm pretty sure most people got the $5 credit- but if anyone did get something higher I'd love to know!

My thoughts on the August 2012 Glossybox:

Glossybox this month was a very good value!

My calculations have the items in the box worth $59.00- to me that seems a bit high and it might be because it is hard to put a value on the Befine skincare kit.
Maybe a value of $45 sounds better?, either way the Glossybox costs $15 per month and you do get more than $15 worth of items in it.
I really like how there is a mix of drugstore items and high end as not too many people can or want to use only high end items.
The only issue I have with Glossybox is that a few of the cosmetic and skin items I have received are hard to locate in Canada.
Where can I find the Layla brand cosmetics? I would love to buy some of the nail polishes....

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Glymm Sept 2012 review!

Glymm is another of those monthly cosmetic sample subscription services.
I'm assuming most people will know how the service works by costs $12 per month if you go on a month-by-month basis or $10 per month when you sign up for the year.
Glymm has made quite a few changes lately to how they present their boxes and product information and unfortunately I find it much harder to properly review the products they send.
There is no longer a product card and you just get info in a email. The problem with this is I missed seeing this email they sent and just have the info on the product packaging.
-or you could say lack of info... 

Here is a list of the products I received in my Glymm bag for Sept 2012:

*EVOLVh UltraShine Moisture Shampoo (sample bottle 60ml, value $7.50/full size 250ml, cost $25.00)
I have not yet tried the shampoo,but have bought the conditioner twice already.
So if the conditioner is great- I'm sure the shampoo will be just as enjoyable to use.

*EVOLVh Ultrashine Moisture Conditioner (sample bottle 60ml, value $7.50/full size 250ml, cost $25.00)
I really like this conditioner, the scent is very nice but hard to describe. Not really fruity, not a very strong scent either-there is apricot,mango,nectarine,wild pansy,clover listed on the ingredients label.
My hair type is quite dry and curly and I did find I had to use much more conditioner than if I used something with silicones in it.
The only issue I have with the conditioner is that it gets used up so quickly for me and is a bit expensive to use every day.
That being said I do plan on repurchasing this product once in a while as a treat to myself!

*BENTA BERRY: Super moisturizing face cream for girls (sample tube 3ml, value $1.90/full size 30ml,cost $19.00)
Last month I received a different Benta Berry face cream-so not exact and lly thrilled to get another face cream sample. The company does make other skincare items and anything else would have been nicer to receive.
Such as a cleanser, eye cream or maybe wait a month or two before resending the same brand?
I have not tried this cream yet and am not sure what makes it specifically for girls.
The tube states that the "active ingredients are  100% natural", but then reading the ingredients there are chemicals listed in the formula.
This is somewhat confusing as I thought this was a all natural line?
myristyl alcohol, hydroxyethyl acrylate,caprylyl glycol, behenyl alcohol,polysorbate 60.

Could this be kind of considered "greenwashing" by the company?? Maybe......

LA Fresh waterproof makeup remover wipes (sample 2 individual packets, value $1.00/full size 18 single use packets, cost $9.99)
The packaging for these wipes says that they are biodegradeable and are used for eye and lip makeup removal. There is also lavender added to this product.
I do not use anything fragranced near my eyes,so this sample is being given to someone else to review for me.

*Villainess Soaps: Whipped body cream Dulces En Fuego (sample jar 10ml, value $1.00/full size jar 170g, $15.75).
When I received this my first thought was how small the sample was.
But then after trying the cream on my hands I realized you do not need much and it is very concentrated!ry
The texture of the cream is really whipped and feels very light when you apply it, but then the cream feels quite rich on the hands as it is made with many kinds of natural oils.
The scent of the cream is like chocolate and spices a bit, maybe like holiday baking.
I actually ordered this cream with the matching scrub from Glymm the day I received this sample.
Right now there is a great deal for $22 you get the cream and matching scrub with free shipping!
In the future I plan on trying more products from this brand. I had never heard of this company before and everything else they sell on their website looks interesting.
The packaging also makes for some nice gifts and I will most likely be giving some of these products for holiday gifts.

Glymm Sept 2012 contents!

My thoughts on the Glymm samples:

This month Glymm did have a nice selection of higher end items.
The shampoo and conditioner were a very good size, while the face cream and body cream were very tiny samples.
The value of the samples I received was $18.90 and the cost of the Glymm bag was $10.00!
Considering I really like the hair products, I am coming out ahead just on that (excuse the
I still consider Glymm to be a good value, but really wish they would send an extra sample instead of a cosmetic bag.
Or even send some other kind of useful container...anything but a cosmetic bag.
If you received this bag what did you think of the contents? And are you just as annoyed about getting tons of cosmetic bags?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Topbox September 2012 review!

Topbox is a monthly deluxe cosmetics subscription service where you receive 4 premium samples to try out.
Sometimes you luck out and get full size items too!
The cost for this "tube" is $10 per month and there is a waiting list for new subscriptions.

This is what I received in the September 2012 Topbox:

Sept 2012 Topbox info card!

*Benefit They're Real Mascara (3.0gram tube, value $10.00/full size 8.5g,full size $29).
I have not tried this mascara yet as I already have a couple tubes open.
Eventually I will get around to trying this.

*Balenciaga Paris: L'essence by Balenciaga Paris (4ml vial sample, value $9.00/full size 50ml,$110.00)
The description states this eau de parfum has notes of leather and violet.
This is an interesting scent and not too strong.I  smell the leather more than the violet part.
The result is not too overpowering and does smell different from other perfumes out there. You could wear this during the daytime and evening-anytime really.
I don't really go for floral scents,but will use this one up. Usually I like fresh green fragrances more (like Verbena, Green Tea).
The sample would have been nicer with a sprayer top.

*Philosophy Purity made simple one step facial cleanser (sample size 30ml bottle,value $4.50/full sizes 90ml $13/ 240ml $26)
I have used this cleanser in the past and it is nice.
Really reminds me of a high end version of Cetaphil or Spectro Gel cleansers.
This is good for removing your makeup, but I always feel like I need to use a foaming soap or cleanser afterwards.

*M. Asam Perfect Teint (sample size 5ml jar, value $4.20/ full size 50ml, $42.00)
This is a clear primer. In an earlier Topbox? (or maybe another subscription) I received the Magic Fini and that has a whipped texture and a light tint.
Perfect Teint is a clear product and it makes your pores look invisible.
I have not tried this yet during the day and will update with my results at a later time.

My thoughts on this months Topbox:

This months box has a value of $27.70.
That is a pretty good value as the cost of a Topbox is $10.00.

I would reccomend this box for people of any age who like to try new skin and beauty products before purchasing them.
So far Topbox has done a very good job of providing higher end samples that I may not be able to get my hands on as easily and also introduced me to many new brands like M. Asam.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Glossybox Canada July 2012 review!

Glossybox is another one of these monthly cosmetic subscription services that delivers a lovely boxes with deluxe cosmetic samples. The cost for Glossybox in Canada is $15 per month, which so far has been worth it. The only somewhat small issue is that out of 6 items 4 are drugstore brands-but out of the six items three are full size. The value for this box is still good.
Some people are also not pleased that the box ships towards the end of the month, for me as long as I get a box it is fine.

This is what I received for my Glossybox Canada for July 2012:

July 2012 Glossybox contents!

*ZOYA - NAIL POLISH SUMMER 2012 – BEACH AND SURF COLLECTION (full size polish 15ml in Kimber, value $8.00).
Zoya is a salon brand, I had never tried this brand of polish until now- even though I have heard about it for many years. Usually I use the other salon brands as I have one favorite brand already.
But the quality of the Zoya polish was great and I will be buying others from that brand- the price is also much less than my hard to find European salon brand...
The shade I received is KIMBER- a dark raspberry pink shade with some gold shimmer in it.
Coverage was very good and I did not need many coats,also the durability was very good and there was almost no chipping after 4 days.

*ALESSANDRO - HEEL RESCUE BALM (30ml tube, value $7.00/full size 100ml tube, $19.95)
This is a brand I have never heard of before. The back of the tube states this cream is made in Germany-that makes it seem like a good product.
I have had severely dry heels for the past month and can never have enough foot creams to try out!
The Alessandro balm is a bit thick and minty smelling,but absorbs right away.My heels look well moisturized and feel better.
The cream contains shea butter and olive extracts, along with PLANKTON EXTRACTS and lactic acid.
Ingredients look good,but why do I need plankton in my foot cream?
Overall I do like this cream and would buy it.

*JOHN FRIEDA - SHEER SOLUTION (10ml bottle, value $2.50/full size 60ml, $14.99)
I've tried the regular Frizz Ease products and they are good. The line uses silicone to get rid of frizz.
I have finer hair, so it will be nice to try out the sheer solution.
In the bottle there are 2 layers and you need to shake the product before using.
Small peeve that my bottle is 1/3 empty....
I will update once I try this product!

*BURT'S BEES - LIP SHIMMER (full size 2.6g, value $5.99)
Burt's Bees products are nice and I have only tried their regular lip balms that are not colored.
I got the colour CHERRY, which looks like a darker red in the tube.
It is nice that the product comes in a skinny tube, makes it easier to apply!
The lip shimmer is a nice sheer red shade and could be worn by most people quite easily.

*Dove Visible Care softening Creme body wash (full size 200ml, value $5.99)
Not too thrilled to receive a Dove body wash, only because I already have some many Dove products here.
I have never tried this specific kind that claims "visibly more beautiful skin in one week".
Guess I'll have to see once I try this out.

*Beauty So Clean Sanitizer Wipes (sample 4 wipes, value $1.00, full size box of 48 wipes, $12.50)
These are makeup sanitizing wipes to clean lipsticks,gloss,cream makeup. They work quite well and I will buy these to keep my makeup products with a minimum of bacteria!

Theme for the month!

I am unable to allign the images,my computer is being very fussy!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Topbox August 2012 review!

Topbox has to be one of my favorite monthly cosmetic subscriptions so far!
I like how the price of the monthly subscription is decent and you always get more value than you paid for!
This month there was a good variety of products and the bonus of a Nexxus shampoo and conditioner was very nice!
Here is what I received:

Topbox August 2012 contents!

*Kellett Skincare Clarifying Acne Treatment (10ml pump bottle, value $15.00/full size 50ml,value $75.00) .
This is a Benzoyl Peroxide gel at 5% strength. The lotion is very light and did not dry out my skin. It seems to have some moisturizer in it also. I really liked this product,but do not really need such an expensive treatment  for as I am pleased with my current spot treatments.
Now if you have the budget for this, it is a lovely product and has a nice "grown up" presentation!

*Expression Round Crease Brush (full size $16.00).
I really like this crease brush. Usually I use professional makeup brushes,but this brush is quite nice!
The bristles are very soft and the brush picked up enough pigment to make a nice application.
Normally I do not use a crease brush (I prefer smaller brushes),but for a sheer application of eye makeup this is great.

*Marc Jacobs: Dot Marc Jacobs eau de parfum (4ml miniature, value $7.00/full size 50ml,value $79)
The topbox description states that this perfume is a "lush floral bouquet of beautiful jasmine and juicy red berries".
I can not smell the jasmine that much myself (I am a bit congested), but do smell the fruity
 part of this quite well. To me the perfume smells fruity and fresh and would be good for daytime.
Any age could wear this as it is not a strong scent.
The packaging is very cute too- but it is not a scent for me. I prefer scents like Verbena, green tea,cucumber and Bvlgari Black (smells like vanilla and spices).
I will use up this sample though as it is a nice change from my regular perfumes.

*Chloe: L'eau de Chloe perfumed body lotion (30ml bottle, value $10.00/full size 200ml,value $60.00)
The Chloe lotion is much lighter than expected. I thought it would be a thicker consistency- but the way it is so light is also good for warm weather.
The scent is not too strong-I think it is a green and fresh smell and reminds me of being outside.
If you have extremely dry skin you might want to find something more moisturizing. I just applied this to my hands that are a bit cracked and dry and my skin still feels like it needs more moisture.
But for a light lotion to use during spring and summer this is great!

There was also a bonus of a Nexxus shampoo and conditioner.
Topbox wrote that it is a new line to drugstores.
I'm not too sure about that as I have seen it in drugstores for at least a year, if not two?
I know Nexxus used to be a salon only brand and many salons still carry that line.
The size of the product sent by Topbox was very generous too 90ml!

*Nexxus Therappe: Luxurious Hydrating Shampoo (90ml bottle, value$  )

*Nexxus Humectress: Ultimate Hydrating Conditioner (90ml bottle, value $)

*Summer travel extra: Pink Wipes biodegradeable wipe. (sample = 1 wipe, full size 15 wipes for $12).
Description of Aug 2012 contents

Description of Aug 2012 contents

**I will finish updating this blog post shortly and add about the Nexxus hair products.
Do you receive a Topbox or other beauty subscription? 
Also what do you think of this month's products.
Comments are always welcome!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Glymm Bag August 2012 review!

Hopefully by now most people have heard about the Glymm beauty subscription?
If not it is a monthly subscription- much like a magazine, but instead you receive deluxe cosmetic samples.
The cost per month is currently $12.
So far I am enjoying this service and like trying different new products that I have never heard of!
My only peeve with Glymm is I have had enough already with the cosmetic bags- please send something  USEFUL  like a nylon bag for groceries or produce- something to change it up a bit.

Now on to the items for August 2012:

August 2012 Glymm Bag!

*Vitamine & Sea Mineral Clay Mask (sample jar 10grams?,value $3.00/ full size 210ml, value $62)
This was a fairly small sample size. I had enough to try out on two or three small spots on my face.
The Glymm description stated the mask is made with mud from the dead sea.
The mask has a thick texture in the jar and is more a dark green shade. I also noticed there was quite a seaweed smell or maybe more a outdoors mud smell to this mask.
Not the most pleasant,but not that great either. If you enjoy clay masks then this is for you!
The actual retail product is quite big and seems like it would last a very long time compared to the small sample.

*Naked Princess Naked Shine Luscious Lip Gloss (sample size mini tube 0.008oz or 0.25g, value $2.20/ full size 2.96ml, value $26.00)
This lip gloss came in a cute doll size applicator (it seems, super tiny).
The lip gloss did not have a taste, but did have a very nice wet look shine and was also not sticky.
The colour Barely Coco is a very natural looking pinkish brown once put on and I'm sure would be flattering to all skin tones.

The Glymm website states that this lipgloss has a healthier formula and has gentle lip plumpers.
I did not notice any lip plumping with this product.
The gloss was still enjoyable to use though

*Bentaberry: G-1 moisturizing Face cream for boys and girls - Regulating line (3ml sample tube,value $2.20/full size tube 30ml, value $22.00)
I am not very familiar with this line and have not yet tried this product.
The cream is supposed to contain many natual ingredients and mattifies the skin and has a scent formulated by a "famous perfumer".
Personally I prefer unscented face products-if you get headaches sometimes you do not really feel like using scented face products.
I think I will try out this cream today and report back later.....

*Mai Couture Blush Papier: PRETTYFUL shade. (sample size 2 sheets, value $1.00/full product 50 sheets,value $19-26.00).
The concept behind these blushing papers is that it is a modern and convenient way to apply blush on the go!!!
The papers are quite thin and it was a bit hard to just get one sheet out of the sample package.
But the sample presenation was very pretty and nicely executed.
The sheet size is 1.97inx2.6, as stated on the back of the package.
The blush was a very light color and I could see more shimmer than pink on myself (I already have very pink cheeks,lol).
The shimmer did make me look a bit more awake though and is kind of a shimmery pink.
Overall I did enjoy using this sample and hope to see the other items in this line in person before buying anything.

Cocolilly Nail Enamel in PROVOCATIVE #3

u think of this
*Cocolilly Nail Enamel in Provocative #3 (full size item, value $12.00).
I really like getting nail polish in the cosmetic boxes as I get to try brands and colors I would never think of picking up at the store.
Bright neon pink is not something I would pick up at the store or salon to put on my nails. The brightest I did this year was a neon orange that was still quite dark (Mavala Nice).
But since it is summer and the weekend I can try this out,this would not be a appropriate choice if you work in an office or a bank. Better for weekends and vacations.
The quality of the polish is very good and I just applied 2 thin coats  with no base coat and a Sally Hansen quick dry topcoat and this lasted 4 days with no chipping!
The polish has quite a lot of shine and a nice finish.
The Glymm website states that there are 5 shades of pink in this collection. This is not a brand I have heard of before either.
From the Glymm website:

"Coccolily’s favorite color is pink and so designer, Naana Tennachie Yankey created five different shades of pink for you."

Overall thoughts on the Glymm August 2012 bag?

So far I have enjoyed trying all the samples and feel the value is fair this month (I only paid $10.00).
Total value of the samples received is $20.50.
I did find quite a few of the samples are very small,but the nail polish does make up for that.
Now I wish these was a way to let Glymm know I like more muted colours (I am in my 30's.....have to save this for the weekend).
My other peeve is the continuous cosmetic bags.....enough already.
Maybe give members the option of either a bag for those that really want to collect them and the other people get a 5th sample??
Or change up the containers like a lunch bag one month,produce bag the next, reusable food bags even? Like a "ziplock" back but made of nylon for your crackers??

What did you think of this month's selections?
How do you feel getting so many cosmetic bags.
I'm going to send this post to Glymm and want to know what their response will be!