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Glossybox Canada September 2012 Review!

I received this Glossybox a little while ago and just did not get around to posting my review, with fall being here there are a lot of things to do and updating my blog was put aside for a bit!
But now here is the September 2012 Glossybox!
This month's box was a nice surprise and had two full size items.

Contents of the September 2012 Glossybox:

The theme for this box was the red carpet, fashion week(s) and movie festivals.
What was sent in the box does a pretty good job of achieving this, mostly because there was a makeup palette that is based on the movie The Dark Shadows.

The Theme Description!

September 2012 Canada Glossybox items!

*Wella Professionals Mirror Polish Shine Serum (full size item 40ml, value $16.99).
This is a full size item! I have used a lot of the Wella line in the past- from styling products to their professional hair colour (Colour Charm) and really like the quality of everything I've used.
Due to my having tons of hair products, I have not yet had the time to try this shine serum.
The packaging says you apply this to dry hair and that it gives a precious shine with the hold being "level 1".
The presentation for the hair serum is very nice and it comes in a glass bottle- the only downside to that is it might be a bit heavy for your gym bag and you might be afraid if you drop this somewhere.

*B Kamins Lip Balm SPF 20 (sample tube 4ml, value $5.25/ full size 15ml, $21).
I have gotten a sample of this product before (last year from a cosmetics website) and did find it nice!
I was expecting the balm to have a maple scent or taste and the balm does not have a taste or scent.
The lip balm did moisturize well and the packaging is good for keeping in your pocket or small bag.
What confuses me the most is the sample does not say SPF 20 on it, even though the full size product does have that printed on the tube.

*B Kamins Maple Body Lotion (sample tube 12ml, value $2.73/ full size 180ml, $41)
My first impression of this sample is how small the tube is 12ml is not really much for a body product.
I also expected the lotion to have some kind of maple scent or maybe vanilla or unscented- but the lotion has this kind of floral powdery scent I am not a fan of.
The lotion is also much thinner than I expected,but it did absorb quickly into my hands and that would be good for daytime.
Now my hands are extremely dry and I can still see a lot of dry spots on my fingers. I need a product that is a bit richer for my hands. This lotion would be good for spring and summer.
I do like the Glossybox mentioned that this company is a Canadian brand!

*NYX Cosmetics: The Crimson Amulet makeup palette inspired by the movie Dark Shadows!
This is one of my favorite items in the Glossybox! A full sized NYX makeup palette with a value of $25!

I really like the presentation for the makeup case, it looks just like a DVD cover.
My mother saw this product and actually thought that I had received a movie in the mail!.
I have not been able to use any eye makeup, but the eyeshadows are quite pigmented (tried on my hand).
Another plus is that there are many neutral colours, so this could be used every day.
In the palette there is 24 eye shadows- one section is more shimmery and the other more matte.There is also 5 blushes, a highliter, 4 lip gloss, a black liquid eye liner and a small HD shadow base.
The blushes are quite pigmented, my only issue is there is no small brush in the kit to apply blush or highlighter with and I have to carry something separately. Same for the lip glosses.
I did try the liquid liner on my hand and it dries quite quickly with a strong black line and did not smudge.
The only issues I have with this palette is no small brush for the blush and that the outside packaging had a nice chart with what all the products are and it would have been nice to have that on the back of the palette.
(my solution will be to cut the packaging and tape the image from there to the back of my palette).

Back of Packaging for NYX Palette

*Bonus item: Dove Cleartone antiperspirant: (travel size 17g, value $2/full size 45g, $4.99).
I have not had the chance to test this out, but the antiperspirant sounds interesting.
It is supposed to make the skin of your underarms look renewed.
I don't have any underarm skin issues and was only going to test this out at my dance classes next week.
There is no scent written on the packaging, but the product does have a clean soapy smell.There is also calendula and sunflower seed extracts, so this sounds like it would be good for you.

*There was also an invitation for an event in Toronto that was called The Art of Fashion,but that is kind of far for me to travel. There was info about their Facebook group and the Glossybox info card states that it is a non-profit organization that supports up-and-coming Canadian fashion.

My thoughts on the September 2012 Canada Glossybox:

Overall I am quite pleased with the assortment of items that was included in my Glossybox.

The only issue I have is that the way the info card is printed it is not clear if you should get 2 hair products or only one. Other beauty subscriptions usually have a small note stating you only receive one of the products.
From Facebook and online comments many people seemed very confused about this and contacted Glossybox through their Facebook site.
The value of the products was also great considering I paid $15 for this box!
The contents are worth: $51.97!!

Did you or anyone you know receive this box? What did you think?
Also what kinds of looks did you create with the NYX makeup?
Comments are welcome!

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