Thursday, September 27, 2012

GLOSSYBOX August 2012 review!

Glossybox is one of the monthly cosmetic subscription services available in Canada.
My Glossybox was quite late showing up and actually came in September-but it seems that the company is trying to improve the shipment times and my September box should actually arrive in.....September!
Actually my Glossybox for Sept was supposed to be here yesterday according to Canada Post,but it seems my package is taking the long route and not here yet.

The theme for the August Glossybox is the last days of summer and getting ready for fall.
I do not really see this theme with the items I received,but do like the assortment that was sent.

Glossybox August theme!

Here are the items I received in the August Glossybox:

*Sebastian Potion 9 Lite (sample size 50, value $7.00/ full size 150ml, $20.95).
Potion 9 Lite is supposed to be a light leave-in conditioning treatment.
I have never tried this version of it and usually buy the original Potion 9 and have been doing so for years.
I'm sure I will enjoy trying this product and will update once I try it for a few days!

*Biore Makeup Removing Towelettes (sample 10 towelettes, value $3.99/full size 30ct, $9.99/60ct, $14.99).
I have not tried this product lately and have enjoyed using it in the past.
The Biore towelettes did leave my face feeling clean. I have not tried removing eye makeup with these though.
One funny thing is that the package says you can remove waterproof eye makeup, but then the back of the package states "avaoid getting into eyes". That is kind of a contradiction I find!

*Kryolan for Glossybox lipstick. (full size, special edition no price listed/assuming $15.00).
I have heard of this brand before,but have never tried any of their line.
Kryolan is a professional makeup line and they sell a lot of theatre makeup and special effects items.
The lipstick I got is a medium rose colour and has a bit of a powdery or flowery scent.
Usually I like lipstick to have no scent or maybe mint.
The lipstick did go on smoothly and was easy to apply.
The only dissapointment is that my lipstick was damaged and crushed into the cap. It is still useable but not that nice to look at. I will also have to use a lip brush if I want to salvage this product.ry

Kryolan for Glossybox lipstick!

*Layla eyeliner (full size 6ml, $12.99).
This is a full size product that was in the box. The eyeliner is a dark greenish brown colour and has very fine glitter in it. The brush for the liner is also very fine making it easy to do a thin line if desired.
The liner did last all day on me and did not bother my eyes. It is not waterproof though,but testing it on my hand now it does not smear at all once it is dry. 
I would definitely buy more from this line if I knew where to find this brand!

*Befine Fine Food Skin Care: (5 sample packets 10ml each, value $20??)
I really like this line and have tried their peel off mask in the past, as well as their scrub with brown sugar.
I'm sure I will enjoy trying the samples I received. What I got in the Glossybox is 5 single use packets: Gentle cleanser,Exfoliating cleanser,Pore refining treatment scrub,Warming clay mask,Night cream.
The packets are a very generous size and I'm pretty sure I will get several uses from most of the products.
Single use packets are somewhat better than small jars as the products keep better and they are usually cheaper to send by mail- the downside is trying to keep the packet for more than one use.
The best solution I have found for this is to put your opened packet in a ziplock bag and it is ok for a few days.
I have not tried these products yet,but will update when I do!

Glossybox Aug 2012!

Bonus items in Glossybox:
*Elastoplast Sos Blister bandage: (single bandage, value $1.50/full size box of 5 units, $5.99)
This is a bonus item that was in my box!
The odd thing is my Glossybox product card lists this as a full size item and what I received was a booklet with one bandage and a guide to shoe sizes in other countries.
I'm not complaining about this, just pointing out that the card and what I got are not exactly the same.
These bandages are quite expensive,so having one on hand is really useful. Usually I have a few different types of bandages in my bag as dance classes can be hard on my feet- same can be said for new shoes!

*Trend Trunk mystery gift card (value $5-250).
This is a new service where you can sell new and pre-loved fashion items.
I have not used this service yet,but it sounds interesting and I will check it out when I have more time.
I'm pretty sure most people got the $5 credit- but if anyone did get something higher I'd love to know!

My thoughts on the August 2012 Glossybox:

Glossybox this month was a very good value!

My calculations have the items in the box worth $59.00- to me that seems a bit high and it might be because it is hard to put a value on the Befine skincare kit.
Maybe a value of $45 sounds better?, either way the Glossybox costs $15 per month and you do get more than $15 worth of items in it.
I really like how there is a mix of drugstore items and high end as not too many people can or want to use only high end items.
The only issue I have with Glossybox is that a few of the cosmetic and skin items I have received are hard to locate in Canada.
Where can I find the Layla brand cosmetics? I would love to buy some of the nail polishes....

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