Thursday, February 21, 2013

Healthy Surprise Food Box Feb 2013 MY TASTY REVIEW!

I just received this box last week after winning an online contest Healthy Surprise had hosted!
Healthy Surprise is a company that specializes in sending a monthly box of healthy gluten free snacks to your doorstep. Right now they ship to the US and Canada only.
Shipping to Canada is an extra $6.99 and the cheapest box starts at $33 and is said to contain 16-20 servings of healthy snacks for one or two people.

My how time flies.....!
I am now updating my post the first week of April. Quite a lot of running around has kept me from updating and posting lately, but has also given me a chance to eat pretty much all the tasty snacks in my Healthy Surprise box!!!

Some of the snacks that stood out for me were the Brother's Apple "crisps".
Those are like apple chips, but somehow they have managed to make them light and fluffy and they melt in your mouth.
I really wish that there was more than one  TINY serving as the bag was gone in ten seconds.

*Kale Joy was another snack that stood out and I would have never thought to pick that up at the health food store myself. The "original recipe" kind is like salt and vinegar chips, but made with kale.
There was also some sweetness from apple juice and a lot of flavour was added with sesame seeds, cashews and walnuts.

Bare Fruit apple chips are another favorite of mine. I used to buy them every week at the grocery store and can no longer find them at the many stores I shop at.
The bare fruit apple chips are just made from US apples and sliced very thinly, then oven baked.
The apple chips are quite filling also- some family members mentioned that if you ate a too large portion your stomach feels much too full. But then the person who did eat these ate a couple bags (not from this box,they bought a large bag on amazon).

If there was one item I was not crazy about it had to be the coconut water.
While I do like coconut water, it is ekind of expensive to ship and always a heavy item and I would have rather received a drink mix or tea or some kind of drink I can take with me and add to my water bottle.
There are so many natural drink mixes sweetened with Stevia that are much more economical and make more sense to ship to Canada.
The O.N.E. Coconut Water is 330ml in size and was probably about a quarter of the weight of the box.

Overall I did enjoy the Healthy Surprise box and plan on making a few separate posts to review the snacks.
I would definitely sign up for this service as the value of the items is much more than if I were to purchase them all locally.
Now, speaking of value the box that seems the best for one person would be the mid sized one as the smallest size did not have enough sn.acks to last me the whole month.

The only other thing I would have liked in the box is more SAVORY snacks. There were mostly sweet items in the box- which is nice, but you do not always feel like having something with sugar or fruit all the time.

If you are interested in signing up for Healthy Surprise their website can be found at:

*Just wanted to add I was not paid for this review. I won a free starter box from a Facebook contest that Healthy Surprise was having. I was actually considering their service before that, but after seeing the box in person, it was much better than expected!

Friday, February 15, 2013


Dearest Glossybox (Canada)- it's time for a Makeup Breakup.

It's not's you. Everything started off just rosey- with those lovely pink boxes that had the latest "treasures" of cosmetics every month.
As time went on I was content with how things were going, but it seemed that come summer your eyes were wandering and more adoring towards bloggers who got their boxes sooner and with better items.
That somewhat saddened me, but we (customers) gave you a second chance.
Then came fall and winter and obviously your focus and interests changed-before you used to like to show and send high end premium items and now you just shower me with "bargin bin" discontinued items.
The last straw came over the holidays in December- instead of being fun and festive, you were deceitful and untruthful and that is not something to tolerate in a (business) relationship.
Sending me old and expired harmful items? is that the way to celebrate a holiday....I think not!
You said "I'll make it up to you in the new year...." and I believed you. But then instead of keeping your promises, you went and sent me more old expired sad that you do not care for the safety of your customers!
On top of this, when you found out I was breaking up with you- blocking me from making any comments on Facebook is quite a low blow- if you can call it that.
So fortunately it has finally come to this A MAKEUP BREAKUP. 
Maybe in the future you will learn to appreciate your customers and their safety when it comes to cosmetics.

It took me quite a while in deciding to write this "letter".
But I figured trying to be somewhat funny is the best I can do with this situation.
If "Glossybox Canada" were a real person, the way they have been treating customers lately would be the equivalent of a abusive relationship.
And no one should have to suffer with lies about expired cosmetics that gave people eye and lip rashes.
What else would you do to someone how was continuously deceitful and harmful towards you??

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Glossybox Dec and Jan, Feb 2013 updates and info!

If you recall in Dec 2012 there were quite a few "issues" with Glossybox Canada and many people receiving expired and discontinued samples. on their Facebook wall was telling people they partnered with Avon and you could still purchase the products. They asked for photos and would provide sale info....of course most people were mad and threw out the cosmetics. I kept them on hand in case someone wanted them for reference of some kind...
Here is some additional info I was sent:

Revlon Canada commented on their Wall post.
Revlon Canada wrote: "MiXXX, Unfortunately, the shade you received is not currently available in Canada. Although we did not supply the product to GlossyBox, we are happy you followed up with us. If you have any further concerns with the box, please feel free to email their customer service department at We apologize for the confusion, and appreciate your support."

I had contacted Glossybox numerous times and finally some replacements came in the mail.

Apparently they did not read my email first as I specified very clearly "NO AVON, NO REVLON....I CAN GET THOSE BRANDS MYSELF".

I posted on a forum before updating my blog a week ago, but here is what I was sent:

Somehow after ignoring me Glossybox sent me 2 replacement items in the mail!
I think they put together what they sent out before contacting me,as there is one item I mentioned I did not want.
Specifically said NO REVLON,NO AVON.
Well, they sent me the Revlon nail polish in Tuscan Sun 478 and a MNY lipgloss.
The lipgloss seems fine.
But as soon as I saw the nail polish I thought "bet it is discontinued" and looked it up and yes it is......
I'm not too surprised though!

Glossybox Jan 2013 replacements update...WHAT'S OLD...IS NEW....AND OLD!

I decided to post an update about my Glossybox Canada issues from the past December.
A few posts back I mentioned receiving expired samples that were also discontinued.
After receiving no responses for weeks,I kind of gave up on the whole shenanigans.