Saturday, February 9, 2013

Glossybox Dec and Jan, Feb 2013 updates and info!

If you recall in Dec 2012 there were quite a few "issues" with Glossybox Canada and many people receiving expired and discontinued samples. on their Facebook wall was telling people they partnered with Avon and you could still purchase the products. They asked for photos and would provide sale info....of course most people were mad and threw out the cosmetics. I kept them on hand in case someone wanted them for reference of some kind...
Here is some additional info I was sent:

Revlon Canada commented on their Wall post.
Revlon Canada wrote: "MiXXX, Unfortunately, the shade you received is not currently available in Canada. Although we did not supply the product to GlossyBox, we are happy you followed up with us. If you have any further concerns with the box, please feel free to email their customer service department at We apologize for the confusion, and appreciate your support."

I had contacted Glossybox numerous times and finally some replacements came in the mail.

Apparently they did not read my email first as I specified very clearly "NO AVON, NO REVLON....I CAN GET THOSE BRANDS MYSELF".

I posted on a forum before updating my blog a week ago, but here is what I was sent:

Somehow after ignoring me Glossybox sent me 2 replacement items in the mail!
I think they put together what they sent out before contacting me,as there is one item I mentioned I did not want.
Specifically said NO REVLON,NO AVON.
Well, they sent me the Revlon nail polish in Tuscan Sun 478 and a MNY lipgloss.
The lipgloss seems fine.
But as soon as I saw the nail polish I thought "bet it is discontinued" and looked it up and yes it is......
I'm not too surprised though!

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