Monday, November 30, 2015

Popeye's fried chicken Walkley rd Ottawa update.

I live very close to the new and "opening soon" Popeye's Louisiana Chicken and thought I would finally get around to taking some pictures in case anyone might be interested.
So far Popeye's had said they would open the Walkley rd store labour day weekend, then they posted on their "official Facebook" that someone was posting fake info and this was not written by them.

They (Popeye's Canada official Facebook page) had even said that it was people on Redit that made this up.
Well, I have never even been on Redit, Reditt? and saw this info on Facebook.
But it was quickly deleted.
Then the next for sure opening date was going to be Thanksgiving (of what year,haha....).

Now Popeye's has gone back to saying they have "some issues" and will be opening soon.

Here are my pictures, I took these Sunday night!

Popeye's Entrance!
Still being built...

Coming Soon!!!

Well, that is about it! Wonder how long it will take to open?
Have you been to the St Laurent rd location? How did you like it?