Sunday, October 25, 2015

Super Duper Pizza review! Ottawa pizza delivery, super tasty and quick delivery!

Pizza still in the box!
I've been ordering from this local pizza place in Ottawa south for quite a few years,but just never get around to taking pictures of my pizza to review.
Super Duper Pizza has been around quite a few years-not exactly sure how long,but I've lived in the south end of the city for at least 10 years so far.
Tonight I really was hoping for some fried chicken and they were all sold out :(, but my second choice was the pizza.
Actually I was going to get chicken and pizza and have a bit of both.
My order was for a small pizza with bacon and pineapple (not a ham fan), and this pizza had almost too much bacon (if that is possible), there was some pineapple- but not too much. There was also a lot of cheese,I was going to ask for less cheese but did not this time.
My small pizza weighed almost 670 grams on my kitchen scale and one slice was aprox 180grams.
The dough on the pizza is quite thick,so even just one slice is quite filling. I had almost 2 slices and then put the rest in my freezer for another day (you can reheat the slices nicely in the oven, wrapped in foil).
The small pizza is 10" and the cost was around $16 including tax. Small one item is $10.85 and extra items are $1.25.
There is also a special on Mon/Tues after 4pm that is much less than other days-I just need to remember to order then...
If I had to compare this pizza to any other kind in this city,this would be very similar to Colonade pizza.
This is not one of those thin crust,fancy ingredient kind of pies. I like those too,but for a thick crust,really cheesy pie this one is Super!

A slice of Super Duper Pizza!

Where else do you get pizza from in Ottawa? I'm always looking to try new places and types of food!