Friday, March 14, 2014

Harvey's Funnel Cake "fries" now in Ottawa!

Harvey's now serves funnel cake "fries" in Ottawa.
This is news to me and I saw an ad at the cash in the restaurant, so no idea if you can get this everywhere yet.

Miso restaurant Ottawa Chef Choice Sushi plate! Tasty and Fresh!

Miso has been around a while and was a few different sushi restaurants before being run by different people now (again).
I haven't seen too many reviews or pictures, so thought I might finally take photo of my latest order.
This was the chef choice special and the person making my sushi used smoked salmon, a couple shrimp and a lot of avocado.
But seeing this is "chef choice" it can change all the time. My order was $13.00 plus tax and I thought that was a fair price.
My order this time had 16pc, but another time I did have only a dozen, so maybe it kind of depends on the ingredients. My other chef choice order that had a few less pieces, the container was just as full as this one- so thought it was still fine.

Miso Chef Choice Sushi Special!

sNow I'm sure you want to hear about the quality of the ingredients?
The avocado was very fresh, the smoked salmon was quite tasty and easy to eat- except for maybe one piece that has some smoked salmon that was much tougher than the rest (maybe it was salmon from the end of the fish)?
But I have had the same thing happen with a lot of other smoked salmon, so maybe it is just a personal preference. The shrimp was very fresh too.

Miso does not have a website yet, but they are located at the intersection of Bank st and Slater.
The restaurant's address is:

132 Bank St
Ottawa,ON KIP 5NB
Tel: (613)286-6138

Mon-Sat: 11am-9pm

I also have a copy of their take-out menu that they seem to run out of often and will post that up soon if there are any requests for it.

Has anyone tried any of the sushi here and what do you recommend I try next??