Monday, June 27, 2016

June 2016 Topbox review!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the summer and that it is not too humid in your area!
The weather here (Ottawa,Canada) has been quite hot and sunny-you can get a sunburn very easily.
If you wear sandals, remember to put sunscreen on the top of your feet,as they can burn quite easily too.

By now I have used to products in my June Topbox several times and thought the items sent are a good choice for summer.
One small annoyance is that I did not get a product info card and had to look up all the products-and some of the sites were making it hard to locate the correct product.

This month my Topbox came in a lovely metallic padded envelope.

Chic and festive envelope

Inside the envelope the contents of my bag were presented in a mesh bag.
I find these bags are quite useful- you can use them to wash small items in your clothes washer or just to organize your items.

My samples were packaged like this!

The contents of my June 2016 Topbox:

June 2016 Topbox!

Academie Beaute: moisturizing cream. Sample size 15ml, value $20/full size product 50ml, $60.
The Academie Beaute had a ton of products on their website and it was hard to locate this exact product.
The moisturizer is nice and light-like a gel and I think it would be good for summer as it is not a heavy-feeling product.
There is a light floral, kind of cosmetic scent to this cream. The brand is also made in France and seems to have very good quality skincare.
The only minus is that there is no sunscreen or SPF in this product,so you should use something with sunscreen if you are out during the day.

ORG SKINCARE: Mineral Peel Face: Sample size 5ml, value $5.00/full size 59ml, $44.I have never heard of this brand before and that it is a peel you use before doing your makeup in the morning.
Most other peels I have tried ,I use them at night-so this is quite a unique sounding product.
The instructions tell you to spray this on your face and leave it on for 3 seconds, use your fingertips in a circular motion to exfoliate, rinse with warm water, Repeat if desired.

I tried this and the peel, much to my surprise was not harsh at all.
My skin did feel and look much smoother and that was quite impressive.
What I did not like was that my cheeks felt a bit rough and had some kind of tiny bumps all over.

Each time I used the peel, it was the same thing-you could not really see the texture,but it was very noticeable to me.
Now that I used up the sample and am back to my usual peel (Exuviance 20%),the skin on my cheeks feels "normal" again.
The brand ORG SKINCARE is also based in Korea-the sample did not state this, but looking online.
Overall I did like this product,but undecided if I will purchase it.

Morgan Taylor: Professional Nail Laquer. Full size product 15ml, value $15
The shade I was sent is Postcards From Paris.
The laquer is made in the United States,so that is a plus.
The colour of the polish is a light turquoise with a bit of mint green. I think this would look really nice with a tan.
The bottle also feels expensive and not cheap looking. This would actually make a nice gift if you know someone who uses a lot of nail polish.

*I tried this polish on one finger with no base coat and no top coat and it chipped after one day.
If you use a topcoat,it should be more durable.

Second finger from left is Morgan Taylor lacquer

The second finger from the left is the Morgan Taylor lacquer,I only put on one coat and it chipped a bit the same day.
My other green polish-that is an Asian brand and that was on my nails 5 days with a topcoat.

Amika: Perk Up Dry Shampoo: travel size 21.3g, value $15 aprox.
It was hard to find this size for sale online in Canada.
I was pleased to try more products from this line-I did not know they had so many new products now.
Quite a while ago I tried their hair oil and really liked it.
The dry shampoo was easy to use and did refresh my hair. I would buy this product in the future.
Also the packaging looks very nice and colourful!

Final Thoughts:

The value of this box was quite good and was $60.
I like how there was some products for hair, skin and nails,but it would be nice to see some more face creams with sunscreen considering how sunny it is during the summer.
The only issue I have is that I seem to get quite a few nail polishes in the green family- light green, dark green, bluish green.

If you receive a Topbox, how were your selections this month?