Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fried Ice Cream in Ottawa South! Mexigo Cabana food truck!!

Hope everyone is keeping cool in this weather.
I really wanted to try the deep fried ice cream from Mexigo Cabana on earlier visits, bit was always too stuffed to get a dessert -finally I went there just to get some ice cream and it was quite good!
The portion size for the ice cream was enough for two people or else someone enjoys a lot of ice cream.

Deep Fried Ice Cream from Mexigo Cabana!

The ice cream that is used for this only comes in vanilla, it seems like a classic flavor.
It is just regular vanilla ice cream, nothing too fancy- but still good!

The menu describes this item as "A ball of ice cream smothered with cinnamon sugar deep fried covered with a sweet chocolate sauce whipping cream".
I think that is a pretty accurate description- except the ball of ice cream is also coated in  cereal like corn flakes or something else.
The whipping cream is most likely the canned stuff and quite sweet. The chocolate sauce was good too and is like the sauce you would put on a sundae.
Overall the fried ice cream was quite sweet and not something I want to eat every day, but will surely have more of them this summer.
I was also told there is a caramel sauce that you can ask for now!

The cost for the deep fried ice cream was $6.50 and does seem fair as the portion is quite large and was enough for two people.
*let me know if you do try the deep fried ice cream from Mexigo Cabana!Also where do you get fried ice cream from in Ottawa,I want to check out a few more places to see how they make them.
(I did have the Lone Star one before....)

Mexigo Cabana is located at Walkley and Bank st, in the parking lot of Mr. Lube.
-there are 2 picnic tables and an umbrella to sit under as well!

The hours for Mexigo Cabana are: Mom-Fri 11-7, Sat 11-5 Sunday Closed.


Friday, August 5, 2016


I recently spotted a orange colored food truck in the parking lot of the Mr. Lube that is at Bank and Walkley.
Looking online I did not find any details about this truck or any reviews about it.
Passing by on the bus I did see they were open and the sign said MEXIGO CABANA!

I could not check it out until earlier this week and found out the truck is serving Mexican food, along with fries and burgers.
The owner/cook is a French-Canadian man, and he gave me a copy of his menu with descriptions without my even asking.
That was very helpful and the descriptions are very helpful. The hours they are open are also listed there.
There is also now a picnic table and umbrella, and the truck will be there all season or at least until the fall I would think!

Menu posted on the truck!

Earlier this week I had a poutine and it was really good. The fries were very hot and fresh, my only small complaint is the portion was quite small and I expected more fries.
I was supposed to share the poutine or at least the fries part and it was almost not enough for one person.
The portions for the mexican food are great, that is why I am surprized the fry portion is smaller.
Still, I will order fries here again, they were tasty!

Poutine:earlier this week.
This picture above was taken before I even ate any of my food.
Next time I will order just plain fries-hope there will be more fries.....

Earlier today I went back to try the Mexican food and ordered the Flautas and an order of guacamole.

Tasty Mexican food!

This was the Mexican food I ordered earlier. The Flautas were very tasty and had only white meat in them. The size was very good and filling. I did not realize they came with guacamole and would maybe have liked something else, as I did order a whole separate order of guacamole.
The order of gaucamole was quite big and I would say had at least 3 or 4 avocado in it and would be more than enough for 2 people.
The tortilla chips were also really good and fresh, they had no salt on them- but that is nice as often they are too salty when you get them at the store or other places.
You can add your own salt if you really want,but I do not think they need this at all.

Inside of chicken flauta!

I will definitely be back to try more of the menu. My food was tasty and well priced.
There is even fried ice cream on the menu and I used to always order that when I see it on a menu, but have not eaten at any place that has that in quite a while.

Here is a copy of the menu with descriptions I was given.
Also, the food is made to order, but came quite quickly-which was really nice.


I am curious to know if you try the food here and what dishes you ordered.
There is not really much info I could find about this food truck when I did look online-so hope this does help some people!

The hours for the food truck are: Mon-Fri 11am-7pm, Saturday 11-5 SUNDAY CLOSED.
**I was also told they will be accepting credit cards soon....