Monday, June 17, 2013

Seasonbox April 2013 Review!

I am somewhat tardy in reviewing the April 2013 SeasonsBox- just do not seem to get around to using all my items in such a timely fashion.
That kind of happens when you have so many subscriptions that send out cosmetics, tea or bars of soap I find.

This month I am going to try and do a unboxing through photos.
Here is the SeasonsBox before it was opened. The packaging and box is a lovely presentation!
Unopened SeasonsBox May 2013!

The April SeasonsBox was quite lovely and had a handwoven scarf that was made by the non-profit organization Connected in Hope.
Their mission is to help women in Etheopia who were former Fuel Wood Carriers to find better employment.
The scarf I received is the pink Shiromeda scarf:
The scarf itself is quite finely woven and you can see through the material a bit- but there is a lot of layers you can wrap around in many styles. I only wish that there was info on the exact materials- like if it is cotton or a mix.
My mother liked my scarf so much she is buying several from their website for herself and gifts!

Contents of my SeasonsBox!
You can find out more about Connected in Hope and buy their scarves at:

Crawford Street Skincare Lemon Deodorant Cream
This is kind of a different product and you do not see too many deodorants in jars.
One advantage of a deodorant in a jar is you get to use up the whole product, with the sticks I always seem to waste some at the end that stays stuck in the plastic.
The deodorant is a white cream in the jar and is clear once it is on.
To me the scent is not exactly lemon, but more a mix of essential oils. I did find the scent does compete with some of my perfumes as it has a fairly strong scent.
The product seems to work well for everyday use, I have not tried it exercising yet.

Ecotools Foam Applicator
This is a neat pointed makeup sponge that is on a bamboo handle. It is very useful for blending cream makeup and applying concealer to small areas of your skin.
While it is a neat idea, I find I prefer using my makeup brushes more and find them easier to clean as well.
I have this in a stand with my other makeup tools and this is not one I have been too tempted to reach for.

Honibe Honey Drops
I was not that exited to see this product- only because I already know about it and have been buying Honibe products since they came out!
This is also a Canadian made product that comes from Prince Edward Island and is only made of 100% pure dried honey.
You can use these in your tea or even if you have a sore throat. This would also be great for keeping at work or someplace where liquid honey would be too messy.

April 2013 info sheet.

Overall this has been one of my favorite SeasonsBox so far!
I have a one year subscription and the next box I am getting is June- I skipped the May one as I did not want any colour cosmetic items.
If you are interested in signing up for SeasonsBox their website is at

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Topbox May 2013 review!

Finally getting around to writing my May 2013 Topbox review!
I liked the box items, but found for this month it was not really items I use that often (I prob have at least ten unopened lip glosses already).

Here is what was in my May 2013 Topbox:

*Cuccio Colour Nail Laquer: FULL SIZE!!
(13ml), value $10.00 colour name "I Left My Heart in San Francisco".

I always like getting new nail polish and some nice neutral shades are nice, as I do not own many of them.
This is a new line of nail polish and previously I did get samples of the Cuccio Naturale hand creams from Topbox.
The polish I got is a very light pink and seems quite sheer. It would be good for a French manicure.
I tried to get a solid pink on my nails and needed a good 3 coats. I'll probably get a darker colour to see how they apply sometime.

Cuccio Colour in I Left My Heart in San Francisco!

*Lise Watier Haute Couleur High Coverage Lip Laquer: sample size 1.5ml, value $5.75/ full size 6ml, $23.

The lip laquer is in the colour STYLISTA and is kind of a dark pink almost neon shade that does not have shimmer in it. I was kind of afraid of how this would look as it could be a raspberry kind of gloss and I usually do not wear such bright lip looks.
On myself I was able to make it look sheer, but even if I applied the "laquer" to be a solid colour it did look nice.r
I also like how the laquer/gloss has a nice fruity scent. Some expensive gloss I bought before had a awful perfumey smell that I did not like at all.
I was not able to test out how long lasting this product is as I am eating as I type and had to take the laquer off my lips.
Also I noticed Topbox has a maple leaf beside the brands that are Canadian in their "box". While Lise Watier is a Canadian brand, the lip laquer is made in Italy!

May 2013 Topbox!

*Yaby eyeshadow refill in Dragonling: shade #es553 , full size sample (3.0 grams), value $3.15
I was not too sure what to expect from this brand. I know I have seen their products in other boxes, but did not know anything about the brand at all.
The refill looks very tiny and I was not sure how concentrated it would be.
To my surprise the eyeshadow is extremely concentrated and you need almost nothing to get a very bright look!
Some of my other brand name shadows that are of this size (Lancome palette), I need ten times more product to get anything to show up.
The colour Dragonling is a sort of blueish/purple mix and looks much nicer than expected once applied.
I will definitely be buying some Yaby makeup in the future!

*Deborah Lippmann Smooth Operator: full size nail file, value $12
This is a nail buffer with 4 kinds of textures in one file.
You follow the 4 steps to have a polished look to your nails in minutes.
I am eventually going to try this out- unless my sister likes it.
I'm not in a rush to try out this file as I am already a big fan of the Tweezerman 6 in 1 ergonomic file and that works great for me. I already have nail polish on my nails, so this will have to wait anyways....

Topbox infocard!

My thoughts on the May 2013 Topbox:

Overall I am pleased with this box and the value is good at retail $30.90!
There was 3 full size products in the box and they are all things I will eventually use.
I have been a subscriber of Topbox since their first box and am still pleased with what I receive and enjoy trying the new brands they send me!

So? Did you try any of the products in this month's Topbox?
What Yaby products would you reccomend?