Friday, February 15, 2013


Dearest Glossybox (Canada)- it's time for a Makeup Breakup.

It's not's you. Everything started off just rosey- with those lovely pink boxes that had the latest "treasures" of cosmetics every month.
As time went on I was content with how things were going, but it seemed that come summer your eyes were wandering and more adoring towards bloggers who got their boxes sooner and with better items.
That somewhat saddened me, but we (customers) gave you a second chance.
Then came fall and winter and obviously your focus and interests changed-before you used to like to show and send high end premium items and now you just shower me with "bargin bin" discontinued items.
The last straw came over the holidays in December- instead of being fun and festive, you were deceitful and untruthful and that is not something to tolerate in a (business) relationship.
Sending me old and expired harmful items? is that the way to celebrate a holiday....I think not!
You said "I'll make it up to you in the new year...." and I believed you. But then instead of keeping your promises, you went and sent me more old expired sad that you do not care for the safety of your customers!
On top of this, when you found out I was breaking up with you- blocking me from making any comments on Facebook is quite a low blow- if you can call it that.
So fortunately it has finally come to this A MAKEUP BREAKUP. 
Maybe in the future you will learn to appreciate your customers and their safety when it comes to cosmetics.

It took me quite a while in deciding to write this "letter".
But I figured trying to be somewhat funny is the best I can do with this situation.
If "Glossybox Canada" were a real person, the way they have been treating customers lately would be the equivalent of a abusive relationship.
And no one should have to suffer with lies about expired cosmetics that gave people eye and lip rashes.
What else would you do to someone how was continuously deceitful and harmful towards you??

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