Thursday, February 21, 2013

Healthy Surprise Food Box Feb 2013 MY TASTY REVIEW!

I just received this box last week after winning an online contest Healthy Surprise had hosted!
Healthy Surprise is a company that specializes in sending a monthly box of healthy gluten free snacks to your doorstep. Right now they ship to the US and Canada only.
Shipping to Canada is an extra $6.99 and the cheapest box starts at $33 and is said to contain 16-20 servings of healthy snacks for one or two people.

My how time flies.....!
I am now updating my post the first week of April. Quite a lot of running around has kept me from updating and posting lately, but has also given me a chance to eat pretty much all the tasty snacks in my Healthy Surprise box!!!

Some of the snacks that stood out for me were the Brother's Apple "crisps".
Those are like apple chips, but somehow they have managed to make them light and fluffy and they melt in your mouth.
I really wish that there was more than one  TINY serving as the bag was gone in ten seconds.

*Kale Joy was another snack that stood out and I would have never thought to pick that up at the health food store myself. The "original recipe" kind is like salt and vinegar chips, but made with kale.
There was also some sweetness from apple juice and a lot of flavour was added with sesame seeds, cashews and walnuts.

Bare Fruit apple chips are another favorite of mine. I used to buy them every week at the grocery store and can no longer find them at the many stores I shop at.
The bare fruit apple chips are just made from US apples and sliced very thinly, then oven baked.
The apple chips are quite filling also- some family members mentioned that if you ate a too large portion your stomach feels much too full. But then the person who did eat these ate a couple bags (not from this box,they bought a large bag on amazon).

If there was one item I was not crazy about it had to be the coconut water.
While I do like coconut water, it is ekind of expensive to ship and always a heavy item and I would have rather received a drink mix or tea or some kind of drink I can take with me and add to my water bottle.
There are so many natural drink mixes sweetened with Stevia that are much more economical and make more sense to ship to Canada.
The O.N.E. Coconut Water is 330ml in size and was probably about a quarter of the weight of the box.

Overall I did enjoy the Healthy Surprise box and plan on making a few separate posts to review the snacks.
I would definitely sign up for this service as the value of the items is much more than if I were to purchase them all locally.
Now, speaking of value the box that seems the best for one person would be the mid sized one as the smallest size did not have enough sn.acks to last me the whole month.

The only other thing I would have liked in the box is more SAVORY snacks. There were mostly sweet items in the box- which is nice, but you do not always feel like having something with sugar or fruit all the time.

If you are interested in signing up for Healthy Surprise their website can be found at:

*Just wanted to add I was not paid for this review. I won a free starter box from a Facebook contest that Healthy Surprise was having. I was actually considering their service before that, but after seeing the box in person, it was much better than expected!

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