Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Glymm Sept 2012 review!

Glymm is another of those monthly cosmetic sample subscription services.
I'm assuming most people will know how the service works by now....it costs $12 per month if you go on a month-by-month basis or $10 per month when you sign up for the year.
Glymm has made quite a few changes lately to how they present their boxes and product information and unfortunately I find it much harder to properly review the products they send.
There is no longer a product card and you just get info in a email. The problem with this is I missed seeing this email they sent and just have the info on the product packaging.
-or you could say lack of info... 

Here is a list of the products I received in my Glymm bag for Sept 2012:

*EVOLVh UltraShine Moisture Shampoo (sample bottle 60ml, value $7.50/full size 250ml, cost $25.00)
I have not yet tried the shampoo,but have bought the conditioner twice already.
So if the conditioner is great- I'm sure the shampoo will be just as enjoyable to use.

*EVOLVh Ultrashine Moisture Conditioner (sample bottle 60ml, value $7.50/full size 250ml, cost $25.00)
I really like this conditioner, the scent is very nice but hard to describe. Not really fruity, not a very strong scent either-there is apricot,mango,nectarine,wild pansy,clover listed on the ingredients label.
My hair type is quite dry and curly and I did find I had to use much more conditioner than if I used something with silicones in it.
The only issue I have with the conditioner is that it gets used up so quickly for me and is a bit expensive to use every day.
That being said I do plan on repurchasing this product once in a while as a treat to myself!

*BENTA BERRY: Super moisturizing face cream for girls (sample tube 3ml, value $1.90/full size 30ml,cost $19.00)
Last month I received a different Benta Berry face cream-so not exact and lly thrilled to get another face cream sample. The company does make other skincare items and anything else would have been nicer to receive.
Such as a cleanser, eye cream or maybe wait a month or two before resending the same brand?
I have not tried this cream yet and am not sure what makes it specifically for girls.
The tube states that the "active ingredients are  100% natural", but then reading the ingredients there are chemicals listed in the formula.
This is somewhat confusing as I thought this was a all natural line?
myristyl alcohol, hydroxyethyl acrylate,caprylyl glycol, behenyl alcohol,polysorbate 60.

Could this be kind of considered "greenwashing" by the company?? Maybe......

LA Fresh waterproof makeup remover wipes (sample 2 individual packets, value $1.00/full size 18 single use packets, cost $9.99)
The packaging for these wipes says that they are biodegradeable and are used for eye and lip makeup removal. There is also lavender added to this product.
I do not use anything fragranced near my eyes,so this sample is being given to someone else to review for me.

*Villainess Soaps: Whipped body cream Dulces En Fuego (sample jar 10ml, value $1.00/full size jar 170g, $15.75).
When I received this my first thought was how small the sample was.
But then after trying the cream on my hands I realized you do not need much and it is very concentrated!ry
The texture of the cream is really whipped and feels very light when you apply it, but then the cream feels quite rich on the hands as it is made with many kinds of natural oils.
The scent of the cream is like chocolate and spices a bit, maybe like holiday baking.
I actually ordered this cream with the matching scrub from Glymm the day I received this sample.
Right now there is a great deal for $22 you get the cream and matching scrub with free shipping!
In the future I plan on trying more products from this brand. I had never heard of this company before and everything else they sell on their website looks interesting.
The packaging also makes for some nice gifts and I will most likely be giving some of these products for holiday gifts.

Glymm Sept 2012 contents!

My thoughts on the Glymm samples:

This month Glymm did have a nice selection of higher end items.
The shampoo and conditioner were a very good size, while the face cream and body cream were very tiny samples.
The value of the samples I received was $18.90 and the cost of the Glymm bag was $10.00!
Considering I really like the hair products, I am coming out ahead just on that (excuse the pun...lol).
I still consider Glymm to be a good value, but really wish they would send an extra sample instead of a cosmetic bag.
Or even send some other kind of useful container...anything but a cosmetic bag.
If you received this bag what did you think of the contents? And are you just as annoyed about getting tons of cosmetic bags?

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