Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Topbox October 2012....where are the "real" deluxe samples???

I was so unenthusiastic about the October 2012 Tobox that I put it off until the very end of the month to bother writing about the contents.
My first thoughts on opening the Topbox were where are the deluxe samples, well more like there was 2 deluxe samples and two samples I can get for free at the store.

October 2012 Topbox contents!

Topbox description card

*Aveda Invati shampoo and conditioner (sample size 10ml tube each, value $2.70/ full size 200ml, $27)
One of the so-called deluxe samples was the Aveda Invati shampoo and conditioner- each sample is a cute little tube.......and only 10ml??
Aveda is known for being very environmental- yet these tiny samples are over-packaged in a cardboard box with a long flap that folds out and more written papers inside. I guess I can recycle the cardboard, but the shampoo and conditioner sample- what is supposed to be a deluxe size is just 10ml and I have gotten so many free hair product packets that size and bigger for free.
I have not yet gotten around to trying these hair samples, but will do so today and update later!

This afternoon I did get around to trying the Aveda Invati shampoo and conditioner.
The shampoo smelled nice, but really dried out my hair. There is one more use left in the small tube. The shampoo was also quite liquid compared to what I usually use.
The conditioner was thicker and did moisturize well. But there was almost not enough conditioner to do my whole hair. My hair was untangled and the scent of the conditioner did last a few hours.
I would consider buying the conditioner, but really did not like the shampoo.

*MaskerAide: hydrating facial sheet mask (full size, one mask/ value, $4.99)
These kind of sheet masks are very popular in places like Korea and many Asian countries.
My sister has actually brought me a few of these sheet masks over the years from China,Japan,Korea.
I also see these masks at the Korean grocery that I go to, but never think to pick one up.
This kind of mask is like a sheet with the cut outs for your eyes and mouth that you leave on as a concentrated spa treatment.
The mask from MaskerAide that I received was "All Nighter: Awaken,Replenish &Refresh".
I have not yet used this,but will get around to using this week.

*Stila eyeshadow palette: In the Garden (size: ?a paper palette with 10 one or two use samples, value: ?maybe $2.00 at most).
This was a neat sample to receive but,I do not consider this a deluxe sample when I can go to the store and get this for free. I might have been more ok with this is they sent more than one kind of Stila palette to try- like blush,concealer or whatever else they had.
Still this is a cool idea for sampling and a very sanitary way of trying samples. It would be nice if more stores had this for testing cosmetics as I never use the testers in the stores on my face (who knows what germs are there....).
I should be able to get two uses out of each eyeshadow colour if I use a makeup brush to apply.
Unfortunately I can not use any eye makeup right now for a few more weeks,so this will have to wait.

*Stila: Prime Pot in Taffy. (sample size 2ml, value $15.00/ full size 3.3ml, $26).
The Stila Prime Pot can be worn like an eyeshadow or as a primer/base for other eye colours.
I received a light beige shade that looks like it could be used by quite a few people.
Normally I prefer a eye base that is clear and do have a brand I usually use (Mavala eye base).
I'm not able to test out this product at the moment as I can not use any eye products for a little while.

The verdict:

Overall I was pleased with the value of this topbox, but still disappointed that two of the samples you can get for free.
The value of the topbox was around $25- considering I paid $10 that is still a good deal.
I am still going to stick with Topbox for now as I did enjoy all my earlier boxes.
If the price is raised I'll have to reconsider.


  1. Yeah, this month's box was a bit underwhelming. I just tried the All Nighter mask though and it's great!

    I think we're getting nail polish next month so that will be nice :)

  2. i totaly agree it's not a deluxe sample and you know what the topbox will be 12$ .