Friday, October 19, 2012

Glymm October 2012 box with Bonus Nail Polish!

I just received my Glymm box earlier this week!
In September (and now again) Glymm has a promotion where if you sign up for the year at $10.00 per month and use a special code they will add a full size nail polish to each monthly box.
Now I thought this was a neat idea and my next thought was "I hope they do not send Ocean brand nail polish".
Previously I had received on of the Ocean brand polishes and could not find any info at all on this company or brand. I am fine with receiving products I have never heard of as long as they have a website where you can get more info and order the product.

Now on to the rest of my box and what I was sent for October 2012:

Glymm Oct 2012

*Miss Jessies: Baby Buttercreme (received 60ml jar, "full size"/value $9.00)

On the Glymm website this product is written up as "ULTRA HYDRATING HAIRDRESS FOR DRY PARCHED KINKS AND CURLS."
It also seems to be aimed more for people with ethnic hair, cornrows and "natural hair". Usually that means it is for African-American people. In the US I always see this brand sold with the hair relaxers and "ethnic" hair products. This is why I am quite surprised that Glymm even sent this out.
Usually I do use some hair products for African-American people as I have very dry hair, but have never put this down in any profile.
I have always been curious to try this line out, but when I went to Target I always end up getting the Curls brand line as that is my favorite and silicone and mineral oil free.
Looking at the Miss Jessies Baby Buttercream the first ingredients are Water, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil!
I am still going to try the product out this week.

So far I just tried a bit on my hand and it is quite moisturizing and has a very light vanilla powdery kind of scent. The scent is not very strong, which is good as I do not like overly scented hair.
I will update once I try this hair cream for a few days.....

*Cyber Derm: Every Morning Sun Whip SPF 25 (sample 10ml tube, value $9.00/ full size 50ml, $38.00)
Cyber Derm again?? At least it is not the same item as before and this packaging is more useful.
I like the Cyber Derm products, so do not mind getting their samples!
Last time I received two Cyber Derm samples in some cool looking lab syringes. Not as useful for travel,but it was a neat presenation (I had gotten night cream and the H20 cream).
So far I have only tried the Sun Whip on my hand and it is very light. I am going to use it today and this weekend and report back on that.
Usually I use mineral sunscreen and this one is supposed to be a mix of mineral and "regular" sunscreen ingredients with a mat finish (  15% Zinc Oxide (ZinClearTM), 7.5% Octinoxate (Encapsulated)).
Another plus is that this is a Canadian company!!

*Cyber Derm: H20 Hydration (sample 10ml tube, value $12.00/ full size 50ml, $60.00).

This is a sample I already got from Glymm earlier.
I did really like it and found it very moisturizing, but did not use the product long enough to see any of the extra benefits. My skin is quite sensitive and I had no issues with the Cyber Derm products and will buy some in the future!

*Femme Couture Lightning Lash mascara (full size 11.3g, value $8.99 US).
I have never heard of this brand before and see it being sold at Sally Beauty supply
The mascara claims to make extreme, non-clumping lashes.
I can not test out any eye products for a few weeks, so this will have to wait.

*Lash Card (sample 2 cards, value $1.50/ full size 10 cards, $6.99).
This is a neat idea, but am not sure I really "need" this.
The product is a card shaped like your eye and each card is individually wrapped in plastic.
I am not sure they really need to be wrapped with so much plastic.
I'm sure this product works quite well, but again...not using eye makeup right now so this has to wait!


*Johnson's baby oil (travel size 88ml, value?? $2.00)

Glymm sent a travel bottle of Johnson's Baby oil to promote their new subscription service GLYMM MAMA!!! coming soon......
Seems most people missed reading the sticker on the bottle and wondered why?? they were sent baby oil.

That is just too funny.

*Sari by Ocean nail polish (full size 15ml, value?? $8.00)
Glymm recently had an offer where if you signed up for the year at $10.00 per month and used a special signup code they would send you a full size nail polish in each box/bag. This is addition to the 4 or 5 samples you get each month.
I was already paying $10 a month and liked most of my boxes, so this was a pretty easy decision to make!
My second thought before signing up was "I hope I do not get an of those % %%^^**** Ocean nail polish".
Well, of course what was I sent.......Ocean nail polish.
My issues with this company are that they claim to be a premium salon brand, yet there is no info online about them and no colour charts to be found anywhere.
The only place to buy a couple of the colours is on the Glymm website.
How can this company claim to have at least 80 different  shades when there is no info about them online??

The only contact info I can find is:

On top of this "they" can not spell Montreal properly. Their listing spells it as " Montyreal".
Well, at least Canada is spelled properly.

Now a bit more about the quality of the polish I was sent.
The colour is called "872 WITH ABANDON".
There is no ingredient listing or contact info on the bottle, yet the company claims this polish is "does not contain harmful chemicals"?
The polish is also quite thin and it took me 3 coats to get a decent look where you could not see my nails underneath.
In the bottle the polish looked very nice-at first it looked like a dark brown with copper shimmer. But once applied the colour was more a dull black with copper shimmer. It was also hard to see the shimmer on my fingers and it looked more like black polish.

Sari by Ocean polish 872 WITH ABANDON

with better lighting,under a lamp.

It really is quite disappointing when this nail polish looks nothing like in the bottle.
Also, before I forget- I was sent a Ocean brand nail polish (same company) in my Glymm box this spring. The cap on the polish looked like it was old, discolored and sitting out in the sun.
The nail polish was a metalic red that looked ok in the bottle,but did not go on nicely at all.
I will try to dig up a photo or my post about that soon.
Receiving this polish has annoyed me enough that it deserves its own post and I will compare the polish against my other black ones.
Hopefully I will not be getting any more of this brand in my Glymm boxes!


  1. i got that same nail polish shade and was disappointed... i thought it was quite ugly, but then again i generally don't wear dark nail polishes.

  2. lol funny review! the irony of getting the one polish brand you find awful