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Topbox August 2012 review!

Topbox has to be one of my favorite monthly cosmetic subscriptions so far!
I like how the price of the monthly subscription is decent and you always get more value than you paid for!
This month there was a good variety of products and the bonus of a Nexxus shampoo and conditioner was very nice!
Here is what I received:

Topbox August 2012 contents!

*Kellett Skincare Clarifying Acne Treatment (10ml pump bottle, value $15.00/full size 50ml,value $75.00) .
This is a Benzoyl Peroxide gel at 5% strength. The lotion is very light and did not dry out my skin. It seems to have some moisturizer in it also. I really liked this product,but do not really need such an expensive treatment  for as I am pleased with my current spot treatments.
Now if you have the budget for this, it is a lovely product and has a nice "grown up" presentation!

*Expression Round Crease Brush (full size $16.00).
I really like this crease brush. Usually I use professional makeup brushes,but this brush is quite nice!
The bristles are very soft and the brush picked up enough pigment to make a nice application.
Normally I do not use a crease brush (I prefer smaller brushes),but for a sheer application of eye makeup this is great.

*Marc Jacobs: Dot Marc Jacobs eau de parfum (4ml miniature, value $7.00/full size 50ml,value $79)
The topbox description states that this perfume is a "lush floral bouquet of beautiful jasmine and juicy red berries".
I can not smell the jasmine that much myself (I am a bit congested), but do smell the fruity
 part of this quite well. To me the perfume smells fruity and fresh and would be good for daytime.
Any age could wear this as it is not a strong scent.
The packaging is very cute too- but it is not a scent for me. I prefer scents like Verbena, green tea,cucumber and Bvlgari Black (smells like vanilla and spices).
I will use up this sample though as it is a nice change from my regular perfumes.

*Chloe: L'eau de Chloe perfumed body lotion (30ml bottle, value $10.00/full size 200ml,value $60.00)
The Chloe lotion is much lighter than expected. I thought it would be a thicker consistency- but the way it is so light is also good for warm weather.
The scent is not too strong-I think it is a green and fresh smell and reminds me of being outside.
If you have extremely dry skin you might want to find something more moisturizing. I just applied this to my hands that are a bit cracked and dry and my skin still feels like it needs more moisture.
But for a light lotion to use during spring and summer this is great!

There was also a bonus of a Nexxus shampoo and conditioner.
Topbox wrote that it is a new line to drugstores.
I'm not too sure about that as I have seen it in drugstores for at least a year, if not two?
I know Nexxus used to be a salon only brand and many salons still carry that line.
The size of the product sent by Topbox was very generous too 90ml!

*Nexxus Therappe: Luxurious Hydrating Shampoo (90ml bottle, value$  )

*Nexxus Humectress: Ultimate Hydrating Conditioner (90ml bottle, value $)

*Summer travel extra: Pink Wipes biodegradeable wipe. (sample = 1 wipe, full size 15 wipes for $12).
Description of Aug 2012 contents

Description of Aug 2012 contents

**I will finish updating this blog post shortly and add about the Nexxus hair products.
Do you receive a Topbox or other beauty subscription? 
Also what do you think of this month's products.
Comments are always welcome!!!

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