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Topbox content for July 2012.

My posts for the cosmetic boxes I've signed up for are all somewhat late in being posted.
Between a computer that completely stopped working and refuses to turn on and a hand injury preventing me from typing-I am behind on everything that I usually do.

In the July 2012 Topbox the items that were received were:

*China Glaze nail laquer in  BLUE SPARROW (neon).
   This was a full size item (14ml) and sells for $10-12 at professional nail salons.
   The product cards stated that this was a "personalized shade" and I find that kind of hard to believe- being in my 30's  I would not be choosing a bright blue nail polish. Not a good look for job hunting or if you work in an office.
So far I have tried the China Glaze polish a few times- it does not seem to wear very well on my nails.
I tried using a Essie base coat and matte top coat and that did make my polish last 3 days tops without chipping.
Also tried just a base coat and no top coat and after not even a day my polish was chipped.
One very different characteristic I noticed of this polish is that it dries with a matte look. Not really something I expected. But still a interesting and different look.
Overall the China Glaze polish seems decent and I will probably pick up another one just to see if the quality is better.    
*Nume Style Hydro Punch Hydrating Shampoo.
  This shampoo sample came in a tube that is 20ml, the full size of the product is 250ml and sells for $24.99)

  The value for the shampoo is around $3.

*Finally got around to trying  the Nume shampoo!
The shampoo is quite liquid an d a translucent pearly kind of colour. There was some foam- not tons,but washing my hair a second time there was more foam.
My hair was nicely untangled just from the shampoo,but I still need some conditioner. I did get a sample tube of the Nume conditioner a few months ago from a sample service.
My only issue is that it would have been nice to try BOTH  shampoo and conditioner together to see how they work. If this brand had a travel kit with small sizes I would love to get my hands on one!

**With the Topbox there was also a $100 coupon for the NuMe hair appliances.
I see those coupons everywhere and already own professional hair tools..so it would have to be a great sale to get me to consider more styling tools.

*Pure+Simple : Calming Cucumber Mask
  The mask came in a 20ml pump bottle and the full size of the mask is a 50ml jar.

   The value for this mask is around $12.50.
   Usually I do not go for moisturizing masks, but this one is very lovely!
   I really like how it can be used for sensitive skin and the website also says you can use it as a overnight mask and a eye treatment!
The mask has a gel texture and a very light cucumber smell that disapears a bit too quickly (for my liking).
I thought this mask was great for releiving sunburn and dry summer skin and plan on purchasing the full size of this item.
The only thing I did not like is the sample comes in a great pump bottle,but then the actual product is in a jar.
I like the pump bottle better as it seems more hygienic and keeps the product fresher.

*Sampar Essentials Ultra Hydrating Fluid.
  This face cream sample came in a foil packet that was 2ml of product. I received 2 of the packets so it is worth $6.40.

The full size of the cream is 50ml and sells for $80.
I have heard of this brand but not tried any of their line yet.
Product Info July 2012

Product Info July 2012

Topbox selections for July 2012

China Glaze Nail Lacquer!

Overall I am pleased with the Topbox for July 2012.
Will add more text later today........

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