Friday, November 30, 2012

Glymm November 2012 bag!

My Glymm bag came a couple of weeks ago, but I did not get around to writing about the products or taking pics until recently.
Many people online were also wondering if you signed up for the promotion  with the free monthly nail polish, would you be getting a second full size polish in your bag as well?
It does seem that the people who signed up under the nail promo received two nail polishes this month.
In my printed card there is The New Black polish that everyone received and my bonus polish is Cocolilly (in mature wine).


What was received in my Glymm bag?

*Lys Parisien Shampoo (sample bottle 50ml, value $2.40/ full size 500ml, $24.00)
The shampoo has a nice light fresh kind of scent. Also the shampoo made a lot of foam while cleaning my hair, but my hair did not feel dry at all. I also did not need to wash my hair twice like with some shampoos that feel like they are not cleaning.
I also did not lose any hair with this  shampoo, some shampoo formulas somehow make me lose more hair. Not too  sure what ingredient can cause that.

*Lys Parisien Moisturizing Balm (sample bottle 50ml, value $2.40/ full size 500ml, $24.00).
The conditioner contains Argan oil and coconut. My hair was nicely untangled and not weighed down at all from this formula. I have curly hair and this did not make my hair look flat at all.
In the bottle the conditioner is quite light and is very easy to apply.
I would consider buying this conditioner when I run out of some of my other hair products.

The New Black nail varnish in Gold Grenade.(full size 4ml, value $5.00).
These nail varnishes look very cute and what I received is part of a set. The New Black packages their polish in sets of 3 or 5 themed shades. So really you would pay $15-24.00 for a set of polishes.
Now the polish I received is called "Gold Grenade". There is nothing at all gold in this bottle.
The shade of polish is a cream orange red that is quite bright and festive.
I also found the texture of the polish to be much more thin than my usual polishes. It did take two coats to get a nice finish.
I am very tempted to get a set of this brand's nail polish- the ombre sets look very nice and Glymm has a promotion on their website at the moment.

*VILAINESS SOAPS Bar in SCINTILLATING (Sample bar 1oz or 30grams, value $2.00/ full size 3.5oz or 100 grams, value $6.00).
This is the second Vilainess product that I have received from Glymm (hopefully they will have samples of the foaming scrub one day......?).e
I did sample a whipped body cream that I liked so much and ended up buying.
When I first opened up the soap sample I thought it was a chocolate mint scent (it does look just like chocolate mint fudge), but after reading the wrapper it is a vanilla mint soap (still good).
I really like how the soap sample is packaged in a nice black envelope with a great description and all the ingredients. So many companies never bother to list ingredients for samples and I find that very annoying and time consuming to look up.
*I haven't tried this soap yet,but will post an update once I do use it (I'm sure I will like it).

*The Beehive Scents: LuLu Lemondrop. Perfume vial on a card, eau de parfum. (sample size 0.7ml or 0.024fl oz., value $0.50 cents/ full size bottle 100ml, $35.00).
I really like the sample scent I received. The card states that it is supposed to be "lemongrass and citrus with a fruity blend of berries and spun sugar".
To me it just smells fresh and fruity. I'm pretty sure the name of the company has confused a lot of people on Facebook as I recall reading that people were wondering why this did not smell like honey at all....
The Beehive is actually a clothing store that just created their own line of scents.
My only issues with this sample is how tiny it is- how can you actually get 14 uses out of this?
And with such a small sample I think it would have been better to send one of each scent since there are three in this collection. It also seems kind of cheap for Glymm to even call this a deluxe sample.

**BONUS NAIL POLISH: COCOLILLY in MATURE WINE. (full size 15ml/value $13.00)
I am quite pleased with the extra nail polish that was sent this month. This summer I did receive another Cocolilly polish and the quality was very good. Now this darker shade is not something I would usually pick out for myself,but after trying it on one finger it did look very nice.
This is also a great colour for fall!
I did swatch both polishes I got this month:

Swatches of new nail polish.
*Top:China Glaze "Exotic Encounters"  from Topbox
*Middle: Cocolilly "Mature Wine"
*Bottom: The New Black "Gold Grenade"

Product info/printed card.

This month I have to say I am quite pleased with Glymm and the brands of nail polish they sent.
Are you a member of Glymm and if so- what The New Black shade did you receive? or did everyone get red??

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