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Topbox Prive edition Clinique skincare and cosmetics January 2013!

Better to be posting this late than never- I just did not get around to posting about the first Prive edition of the Topbox.
If you are not familiar with Topbox, it is a monthly subscription service where you receive 4 or 5 deluxe samples by mail for the cost of $12 per month.
The new Prive feature allows you to have the choice of the regular mystery Topbox or else a box that is curated by a specific brand.
The box that everyone got in January was with an assortment of Clinique skincare and cosmetics.
I am not that thrilled by Clinique products as I have been using quite a few of them for a few years, so not much was really new to me in this box.
That is not really Topbox's fault- even tnough they could have maybe sent out some survey to see who already uses Clinique items.

Here is the info card that came in my Topbox:

eWhat I received in my Clinique Prive Topbox:

*Clarifying lotion 3 in combination/oily: sample size 30ml, value $3.00.
This sample size is decent and should last at least a week. It is somewhat drying as there is alcohol in it. For normal skin this can be quite drying. This does feel very refreshing to use during the summer though.
Not too much else to say about this toner at the moment, but I do like the Acne Solutions toner with the powder in it better...

*Rinse Off Eye Makeup Solvent: sample size 60ml, value $12.50.
This is a very generous size for the eye makeup "solvent" and is half the full size!!!
 I am low on what I am using now, so this will come in handy. I have used this before and did like it.
Really great that this is fragrance free as my eyes are quite sensitive and I do not use fragranced eye products.

*Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo in Strawberry Fudge: sample size 1.6 grams, value $15.
I really like the presentation of these sample eye shadows, it looks almost like the regular size and had me fooled for a minuted until I read the back (full size is 2.5 grams).
The shadow applies very smoothly and has a nice shimmer that is not overpowering.
Strawberry is a light pink shade with some gold in it, while fudge is a medium brown with shimmer in it as well. This duo could be used by many skin tones as it is quite easy to use.
The swatch I did is indoors under some fluorescent lighting without a flash.

*Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle: sample size 7ml, value $16.00
This sample seems neat and is probably enough to use for a week.
But I do not have any sun damage (did that fancy computer scan at the derm :) and do not have any wrinkles,so this is a sample that I will pass along to a family member who can use it.

Contents of Jan 2013 Prive Topbox!

What did I think about this box:

Overall this box was not so exiting for myself, but I am sure that many people have never tried Clinique before. I'm always surprised to hear this as they are one of the companies that sells one of their famous yellow moisturizer every second (or something like that).
The only thing that I think was missing from this box was a lip gloss or a chubby stick- I was really hoping to try more lip products and hear so much about clinique lipgloss that I was really hoping for one in this "box".
I am still quite pleased with this Topbox, just not exited about it!

Did you receive the January Topbox?
What Clinique item do you like best?

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