Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I received my April 2013 Topbox quite a while ago, but did not get around to reviewing as I can not use most of the products in it at the moment.
The assortment of items sent was great and the sizes were quite generous too!
I also found of there is a new product line that is going to be sold at Target Canada stores called be Delectable. The line is made by the Cake Beauty people that has been so hyped up over the years.
Target is not yet open where I live, but I will be sure to check out the beauty dept, as it seems they will have some interesting products.

The products that came in my Topbox this month:
Contents of April 2013 Topbox!

*Be Delectable from Cake Beauty! Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream:  we were sent a full size product. The tube is 118ml and has a value of $12.
For a "drugstore" type place this is still quite a spendy hand cream, but the cost is much less than the original Cake creams.
I thought the presentation of the tube is very well done and seems much more simpler than the original cake products.
The hand cream smelled just like a vanilla cupcake or dessert and when I did use the cream it left my hands nicely scented and very soft. It did not take long for the cream to absorb either!
I will buy this product and many others once the Target here opens.

*Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover: sample size 50ml, value $12/ full size er100ml $24.This makeup remover looks very good. I am surprised I have never seen it even though I used to buy EA makeup. This is the kind of makeup remover that you need to shake before using as it is separated into 2 layers. The Topbox info card states it is good for waterproof makeup- I do not really wear much of that and already have another eye makeup remover to use up from an earlier Topbox.
I will update this once I try it...

KMS California FREESHAPE  quick blow dry: sample size 30ml, value $3/ full size 200ml $18.75.
This is a spray that claims to reduce the time it takes to blow dry your hair by up to 50%.
I can not use a hair dryer at the moment, so not sure when I will try this product.
KMS happens to be one of my favorite salon lines (I buy the large Hairstay gel). I'm sure when I do try this that it will work well!

*Michael Todd True Organics Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub: sample size 30ml, value $6/ full size 100ml tube, $18.
I have never tried a charcoal scrub before, this should be interesting. The product claims to be gentle for sensitive skin and to "scrub" with Jojoba wax beads, while the charcoal detoxifies.
I can not really use any face scrubs for a few more weeks, so will have to wait to sample this!

Topbox April 2013 Info Card!
My overall impression of this box:
I thought this was a pretty good box overall and I like that I was introduced to some new brands and products I have never tried.
I'm very curious about the Michael Todd organics line and will be looking more into that.

If you got this Topbox what did you think of the products? And how were the other scrubs?

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