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Finally getting around to posting what I received in the March 2013 Topbox!
Better to post this late than never. I'm finding I have too many samples to try, but with the elimination of Glossybox and the implosion of Glymm- this is the only "beauty box" I am receiving at the moment.

I signed up to receive the regular Topbox. Most of the prive ones have not interested me as much so far.
March 2013 Topbox!
Here is what was in the regular/standard Topbox:

*Aveda Caribean Therapy body cream: sample size 25ml tube, value $5.25/full size 200ml $42.00
With the name Caribean Therapy I am expecting this cream to smell like a tropical island getaway. The cream contains "mango, cocoa butter and warm island aromas" according to the Topbox description.
Upon first smelling this cream I think it smells like lavender or more floral- kind of like when you walk by an Aveda store and they have all those aromatherapy scents going eon.
This cream is a bit more floral that tropical to me. It still smells very nice and absorbs quite well.

*L'Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil: sample size 3ml glass vial, value .75 cents. (2 samples included so $1.50 total value)/ full size 125ml bottle, value $26.
I will try this later today and report back. So many of the beauty box companies send hair oils and serums that it would take me weeks if not more to try them all out....
Update- just tried the mythic oil and I found the scent too strong for my liking. It is a very floral scent and I can not use something so strongly scented most days.
The nice thing about the oil is that you do not need to use much. I have very long hair and still have half of the sample left (1.5ml in the vial).
If you can handle strong floral scents- this might be a good product to check out!

*MaskerAide Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask: "sample" size full size!!! One sheet mask (23g), value $4.99. Sold on at $4.99 per single mask or else a package of 4 masks for $19.
This mask was formulated in Canada and produced in Korea.
Sheet masks have been quite popular in Asian countries for quite a few years. My sister who has traveled to some Asian countries always brings me back some sheet masks from other countries.
Topbox has sent out a MaskerAide mask before in another formula- this time it was Weather Warior.
The mask left my face feeling refreshed and very hydrated- I would use this mask again!
This mask would be perfect to take on a vacation or after a long day outdoors.
The packaging is cute, the mask feels great- I just wish it was a bit cheaper as I would use it all the time.

*Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush eau de parfum: sample size 4ml tube, value $6.00/ full size 50ml $79 and 100ml $105.00.
I am usually not a fan of floral perfumes and was not sure what to expect from this.
Recently I had a very bad experience with a perfume oil  sample made from essential oils and that left me not wanting to try any new scents. Whatever I had tried made me feel like throwing up and gave me a headache.
March 2013 Topbox Infocard!
Anyway, I tried the Vera Wang Lovestruck and it smelled so nice and light like being outdoors in the sun.
This is one sample I will be using up- not sure if I will buy it as I have to use up some of my collection first.

My overall thoughts on the March 2013 Topbox:

The mix of samples is great t o take on vacation-you have a face mask, hair oil, body cream and a perfume for your travel bag! It would have been nicer if the hair oil was a bigger sample and the perfume had a spray top as I seem to spill it quite easily.

Did you get this Topbox? What did you think of the products?

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