Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Glossybox May 2012 review!

Glossybox is one of the newer subscription box companies that has recently launched in Canada.
If you are not yet familiar with the concept- it is a monthly cosmetic sampling box that is delivered to your door and costs $15 a month.
At the moment I think it is the most expensive monthly box in Canada!
So far for the cost, the quality and size of the samples have been great- there are usually several full size items and many travel size samples too.
My only issue with Glossybox is that they are not consistent with when the boxes go out and the May 2012 box came on the very last day of May- and now we are being told the June box "will go out in June..."??
I figure as long as I actually get a box that should be good enough!
(I am used to waiting on my other boxes from the US as my family does not go there monthly,so a few weeks delay is fine).

Now on to the Glossybox May 2012 contents:

Opening the Glossybox!!

Contents of the May 2012 Glossybox!!
The contents of the May 2012 Glossybox were quite heavy and did not dissapoint!
There were several full size items in the box- actually 3 out of 5 items were full size. The Simple cosmetics were travel size and a third of the regular size.
I have not had a chance to try every item in the box yet,but will update this as I manage to do so.
Here is a breakdown of what was received in my Glossybox:

*Curel Foot Therapy (100ml, full size item. Value $3.99).
I have not seen this foot cream in the stores yet, it must be very new as not even the big stores have this yet.

*Simple eye makeup remover (56ml, travel size. Value $4. Full size 150ml retails for $12 here).

*Simple facial was gel (50ml, travel size. Value $4. Full size 150ml retails for $12 here).

*boxx Cosmetics Cream Corrector in Orel (Full size 4 grams. Value $24).
I did get the chance to try the boxx Cosmetics makeup and it does go on very nicely! The shade Orel matches my skin tone perfectly (I am medium beige in other makeup and olive skin tone).
The boxx makeup worked very well as a under eye concealer and did not cake during the day. The finish was not too matte and it would probably be better if you used a setting powder during the summer at least as this is quite a creamy makeup.
I do like that it is oil free though and that there is no scent to the makeup.
This line is new to me and I will surely look into trying more of their product in the future!

*Sebastian Professional Volupt Shampoo (Full size 250ml. Value $15.78).
Sebastian is a very good brand and sold only in salons (or is supposed to be salon only).
I have never tried this line from Sebastian and usually use the Laminates and Potion 9- so will see how this shampoo compares...

Card explaining this months box!
Glossybox May 2012 contents list!

Overall I am quite pleased with this Glossybox and did get more than my $15 worth. The value of the items in myt box this month works out to be around $65.
That is great, but only if you are actually going to use these items. For this month every item in the box will get all used up!
If you have signed up to Glossybox, what did you think of the selection this time?

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