Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Glymm box May 2012 review!

Hopefully by now most people have heard of these monthly cosmetic subscription boxes like Glymm!
If not, it is a company that sends you 4-5 "deluxe" samples for the fee of $12 monthly.
Glymm used to cost $10 per month and is still that price for the older subscribers. I find it fair and still very nice that they decided on this policy!
I do not think many of the founding customers would have been very pleased with a price increase.

This month I did notice the Glymm box has a different is not in a box,but in a cute nylon cosmetic bag! With my box I received a glossy postcard that stated Glymm goes green and that it comes in a "eco-friendly Glymm bag".
I guess in a way a cosmetic bag can get reused,but also when you get so many cosmetic bags from everywhere else too I'm not sure how eco-friendly that is?
Receiving one or two bags is fine,but I sure hope that I do not receive a dozen Glymm bags if I subscribe for the year.
One company I subscribe to this year they had a cosmetic bag, then a matching tote bag,travel organizer.
If Glymm can find different reuseable ways to package items, that would be great. Then we would not be struck with a ton of cosmetic cases.
At the moment I have around 10 extra cosmetic cases I do not use and the best use I found was to wrap up birthday and holiday gifts for friends and family.

Card from Glymm box!

Here is the new and improved Glymm bag for May 2012:
 *Borrowed from the Glymm blog!

May 2012 Glymm bag contents:

*Ck one Shock for her. (1.2ml spray, full size 50ml $45.00. Value $1.00)
*Ck one Shock for him. (1.2ml spray, full size 50ml $45.00. Value $1.00)
*Coola Mineral Matte Cucumber Face sunscreen. (5ml packet, full size 50ml $36.00. Value $3.60)
*Nume Hydro Punch conditioner. (20ml tube, full size 250ml $24.99. Value $2.00)
*Cargo eye shadow duo in Vienna (full size 3G. Value $25.00)
*Caudalie Vinexpert Serum for Eyes and Lips (7ml tube!!, full size 15ml $33.00. Value $17.00)
*Caudalie Vinosource SOS Serum (1ml packet, full size 30ml $48.00. Value $1.60)
*Caudalie Vinosources Moisturizing Sorbet (1ml packet, full size 40ml $38.00. Value $1.00).

Pic will not load in the correct direction....! very strange.

May 2012 Glymm box contents!
May 2012 Glymm box contents!

My thoughts on the Glymm May 2012 box:

So far I am very pleased with the new format of the Glymm box/bag.
I like every sample I received and plan to use them all!
The only product I am familiar with in this bag is the Caudalie eye serum- as I had a small 2ml tube from a store. The serum is very refreshing and good for sensitive skin. I'm happy to receive a half size tube as I would liek to buy this product,but have so many other eye creams at the moment.

The Cargo eyeshadow is nice, but I just received the same shade from a store online in their beauty sampler.
It would have been nicer if there was more than one colour choice for this. Guess I will put the Cargo shadow in the giveaway pile...

I will add more comments about the cosmetics I received as soon as I get to try them out!
If you subscribe to Glymm, what did you receive this month?
What do you think of the new format with the cosmetic bags?

Actual contents of my Glymm May 2012 bag!!!

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  1. HI. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I have to agree with you on the bags and talked about it in my review. Its nice that they want to change it up but really if its going to be make up bags how many can one person use in a year? I hope that this is just an occassional thing.

    Its been awhile since I have been happy with Glymm and I know I should cancel but I always hold out that one month the box will be fantastic. I just wish they would live up to what they promise of 4-5 deluxe sample sizes.