Friday, May 4, 2012

Topbox April 2012 unboxing! April 2012 Topbox is here!!!
If you do not know what Topbox is, it is a monthly beauty subscription where you get 4 deluxe and sometimes full size samples per month.
There was quite a delay with the April Topbox and everyone was kept updated via Facebook.
I think the box was worth the wait and price I paid- but really hope that they will arrive in a more timely manner in the future.

Now here is what I received:

Topbox April 2012 contents!
* Benefit the POREfessional.
A face primer. The size is a generous 7.5ml (full size is only 22ml and costs $34!).
I have not tried this yet,but will update once I do so.

* Lise Watier Hydrasmart. 2ml sample tube in Teint Clair.(full size is 40ml and costs $35!).
I have only tried this on my hand so far and it blends in perfectly with my olive skin tone. The cream absorbs very well and does not feel greasy at all. My only issue is that the product is too scented and I prefer fragrance free face items.
Since this product has not been tried on my face yet,I will update once that is done.

* Bella Pella: Tropical Flowers Body Lotion. A nice 30ml sized bottle (full size is 175ml and costs $15.95). Very handy to carry in your bag.
This lotion has very cute packaging as well. Bella Pella is a Montreal based store that sells bath and body products. My mother actually shops at that store (I did not know this until I told her I got this lotion) and she buys some dog shampoo bars there. So, apparently they sell some house items like candles and pet care?
I like that the products they sell contain a lot of natural ingredients.
A big plus is that on the travel bottle all the ingredients and website are listed! I really hate when you receive a product and you have to hunt down that info.
The lotion is quite light and absorbs well for my hands. There is a lot of oils in this lotion,yet it does not feel oily at all and my hands are nicely moisturized.
The scent of the lotion is kind of hard to describe- kind of flowery and fruity a bit. I think if you used this all over your body,it would be quite scented.
I do not like flowery scents too much,but will look into what else this company has and hope to visit their store soon!

*Misa Nail Lacquer in Satin Slippers. Full size nail polish 15ml (value of $8.99).
I really like nail polish/lacquers and am pleased to see a brand I have never tried.
This is not a colour I would have chosen as it is quite light and pinkish with a pearl finish.
It would be really good to wear to an office or a job interview or more formal thing when you can not wear neon blue nail polish (or any crazy look).
I did try this polish on my nails and it was a very sheer colour and you need a couple of coats to get it to show up like in the bottle.
The polish went on very nicely and I will pick up some other shades from this brand.
Actually I almost did that a few days ago-but had forgotten the coupon that was stuck to the bottle of polish at home. From looking at the info card it looks like the nail polish may have been provided by Trade Secrets as they are mentioned on the coupon as well.

** Another issue I would like to point out about this nail lacquer is that at least it is from a known (or somewhat known) brand and you can easily find info about it online.
Also that you can find color charts online for Misa nail lacquer.
Unlike the "suspect" nail polish I received from Glymm that was OCEAN brand and has zero info online and no info on where to buy that.
And the Ocean nail polish also looked like it was sitting in the sun too long with a discolored cap....
(I could not resist adding this info and will make this a separate post).

Thoughts on the April 2012 Topbox:

Overall I really enjoyed all the contents of the Topbox and feel I got a good value for my expense of $10!
The only minor issue I have is the "personalized shade" of nail polish- I would never pick a pearl finish and rarely wear those.
But I did use the Misa polish and will use it again when I want something more business-like.
I also forgot to mention there was a sponsored Ad on the Topbox card for Cargo blu_ray face powder with a one use sample on a small card.
The powder was very nice and I plan to get some soon-the finish was very nice!

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