Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Glymm March 2012 box!

This Glymm box was received in March 2012,but I never got around to posting about it as I was quite dissapointed in most of this box.
Usually I like most items,but that I got a suspect nail polish really ticked me off. Then the hair extensions that are impossible to put in by yourself......
The M. Assam Magic Fini was great and the highlight of this box, but the Anastasia gloss was also great!
So, not a total loss.

Glymm March 2012 box!

Contents outside the box!

M. Asam Magic Fini!
The M. Asam Magic Fini was one of the highlights of this box and a great product.
It is a kind of primer and makes your skin look smooth and matte. The product is whipped kind of in a similar way to the Maybeline Dream Mousse products I have tried (hope that is the correct name for that line??).
The M. Asam primer looks much darker in the jar, but is a very sheer shade once applied!
I think most of the people who received this items ran back to the Glymm website to order this- it really is that good.

*The Ocean nail polish- now to me that was a suspect item. No info to be found online at all?
Also if you look at the very top pic you can see the cap is discolored..what is up with that??
-I will update more of this review when I have time later this week.....

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