Friday, May 18, 2012

Topbox May 2012 review!

This week I received my May 2012 Topbox!
If you have not yet heard of Topbox, it is a monthly beauty sample subscription service that costs $10 per month (including shipping) and you get 4 or 5 deluxe samples. Often you can also receive full size items- in the boxes I have gotten so far there has been full size Cake handcream, Bella Pella soap,Deborah Lippmann nail polishes and more....

In the May 2012 Topbox I received:

Topbox May 2012 contents!
Orlane Anagenese 25+ First time-fighting Care Eye Contour (2ml sample tube,full size is 15ml $75 =value of aprox $11).
*This is a very nice eye cream. Actually it is more like a eye serum and quite liquidy. It does absorb well and makes the eyes look less puffy in the morning. I also like how this product is fragrance free and does not seem to have any colouring added to it.
I have not used this product long enough to see if it does anything for dark circles though. Dark circles are a concern for me lately due to allergies,but I have not had any product work yet.
I really like this eye cream and think it would be good for any age group and would consider buying this in the future!

Expressions Bronzing Powder Brush (full size, value $25).
This is a very nice and soft powder brush. I did not own any of these jumbo brushes, so this is a nice addition to my collection. The bristles are extremely soft on this brush and did not make my face itchy like on some cheaper brushes I have tried.
So far I used this brush for my mineral foundation and that went on very nicely. I'm sure this brush is just as good for bronzer and for applying shimmer to your body.
I am not sure where exactly you could get this brush,but the handle is imprinted with "imported for HBC" and my guess is that is the Bay??
I did see a not that Topbox is selling a set of these brushes for $49 as a special this month though.

Deborah Lippmann nail laquer in Whatever Lola Wants (full size 15ml, value $20)!
This is the second Lippmann nail lacquer I have gotten in a box!!
If I recall I might have gotten one in December or January from Topbox possibly? or maybe it was from another subscription....
This is a brand I have been meaning to try out, so I am very pleased to receive another laquer of this brand!
The colour Whatever Lola Wants is not really something I would have chosen myself,but I really do like it!
The nail lacquer is a light pink shimmer shade and there is some light green very fine shimmer as well.
In the photo it looks more like just a pink shimmery shade,but in the light it looks different.
The lacquer goes on quite thinly and I did need two coats to have it show up better.
Once applied to my nails, it did not look that pink but more of a silvery shimmer. Even with adding a third coat 4 days later I could not get as much pink to show up.
I still like this shade though, as it is not too bright and does not distract. You could wear this to the office or somewhere businesslike quite easily.

Cover FX: ClearPrep primer.
(7ml tube, full size is 30ml and $39. value of $10).
I have tried other Cover FX primers and really did like them. So I'm sure I will like this primer just as much.
This is supposed to be a primer and anti-acne gel in this is great for me to try right now as I have a mild breakout I am trying to get rid of.
I have not tried this yet,but will update in a few days.

The Topbox description card can not upload at the moment,so that will be added shortly.
*Also not too sure why the formatting of my text is all to the right now, while I did select that it post on the LEFT hand side?? Very strange....

My thoughts on the May 2012 Topbox:

Overall I am very pleased with the May 2012 Topbox and will use up everything in this box.
If you are very patient,I would suggest signing up for the wait list to eventually get your own box!
So far I have been pleased with every box I receive so far!

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  1. I am always impressed with Topbox. I got the same box but a different brush. I was so happy about the DL polish. I wish the color would have been a little darker or something. I put on several coats and it just made my nails look sparkly. Still nice just the same :)