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Glossy Box March 2012 contents!

My box was received in a timely fashion, but unfortunately I kept on putting off writing the review for it.
The got caught up doing other things, but now that I am procrastinating on some house cleaning- it is a great time to post about Glossy Box!

Unopened Glossy Box!
Opened Glossy Box!

This is what the Glossy Box looks like when in comes by mail. There is an outer cardboard box that I did not photograph this time and then a lovely light pink sturdy reusable box.
I like that there is no logo as I could use it for a gift or storage. The second picture on the right is of the opened Glossy Box- there is some very tasteful black tissue paper and a nice pink ribbon.
The packaging is very classy and sturdy and I would hate to just recycle or throw out these nice boxes.

March 2012 Glossy Box contents!

Above is what was received in my March 2012 Glossy Box.

*Pandora's Box Blush in St. Tropez (full size, value $18).
I was exited to receive a full size blush as I really wanted a new blush for spring, but need to use up the 6 I already own before even considering buying anything.
The blush went on very smoothly and is a matte pink shade that seems like it would suit most people. The blush lasted all day on me and did not bother my skin.
I have never heard of this brand before,but it is Canadian and interesting. There was also a 40% off coupon included in the box. I am looking for a face powder and will see what this brand has to offer.
Pandora Blush in St. Tropez!

*Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion (75ml, value around $4. full size is $11.99 and 354ml).
Not too thrilled about this product. Aveeno is good and great. I use Aveeno fragrance free almost every day.
I do not own a travel size tube though and did not realize they even had those (or maybe I forgot).
A big plus that the tube they sent is fragrance free! A good way to be sure people will not react to this product. This is more a "useful" product for me than an  exiting one.

*Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray (full size 50ml, value $7).
This product is fun and nice to have. I like getting these as it is not really something I would buy very often.
I just happened to run out of all my other mineral water sprays when this one showed up.
Evian seems harder to find around here and I am more l ikely to see La Roche Posay and Vichy sprays around here. The mineral water spray is nice if you are on a plane or when you come out from outdoors and want to refresh your face!

*BAILEY Cosmetics Fresh Lip Gloss in Berry (full size 8g $28.00).
I have never heard of this brand before,but it looks very classy and expensive.
The Berry shade is a sheer dark red with some shimmer in it. This does not show up as well in the box, but I did swatch that and will post that up.
Some other people received a face powder and I was really hoping to be able to try that out. Seems a lot of the beauty boxes are adding tons of lip gloss to their monthly boxes.
Still the gloss is nice and I would not likely buy a very expensive gloss these days as I am on a budget.
The gloss seems like it would be suitable for most skin tones depending on how you apply it.
Another plus with this gloss is there is no awful perfumey taste and it does not burn my lips at all.
I have bought some very expensive designer lip gloss at The Bay that started with a "G" and that brand burned my lips and smelled (and tasted) of perfume- I did try to use that one up as it was so expensive.
Bailey Cosmetics lip gloss!

Swatch of Bailey gloss in Berry!

*Sebastian Re-Shaper hairspray (travel size 1.5oz/43g value $6, full size is $22 in stores).
I have not tried this yet,but do really like the Sebastian brand and buy a lot of their other styling products.
This hairspray claims to be brushable and that you can restyle you hair easily. Also that it is humidity proof.
I do not use much hairspray,but will try to use this soon as it is very humid here.

** Little Extra bonus: Algemarin Foam Bath 15ml packet (value aprox $1).
Algemarin is a German brand of foam bath that has been around for ages. My mother has used this product for at least twenty years- if not longer.
This foam bath has a very ocean like scent and is quite strongly perfumed. The neat thing is it turns your bath water a bright shade of blue- like the ocean! And also makes tons of fluffy bubbles.
The back of the packet has Algea extract listed in the ingredients- so this is supposed to be good for your skin.

Info Card from March 2012 Glossy Box!

My opinion of the March 2012 Glossy Box!
You will have to stay tuned for my last paragraph as it getting very late here and I have to run.....!


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