Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Beauty Test Tube Jan 2012 edition!

Here is a pic of what I received in the New Beauty Test Tube for January 2012.
Also forgot there was a Macadamia sample kit inside.

New Beauty Test Tube January 2012

New packaging for Test Tube!!
There was also an unexpected change with the New Beauty Test Tube this season- the packaging now seems more sturdy and "eco friendly". It is made from a cardboard cylinder and no longer the plastic packaging.
This kind of packaging seems much more sturdier,so maybe this is better?

*So far I have had the chance to try the  Mirai purifying body wash. The body wash comes in a kind of airless pump and is a very nice sturdy looking container.
The body wash is quite thin in texture and has a very light citrus grapefruit smell-I think anyone who does not like strong scents would like this product.
The body wash did foam nicely and left my skin nicely moisturized.
There are so many soaps I have tried that leave your skin feeling tight and dry and this one did not.
 The size of the body wash is 150ml and retails for around $20, but if you go to the Mirai website they sell some travel size body wash and body serum for a very good price and those would be good for a trial and your gym bag.
The only minus I can see is the pump itself is kind of heavy if you have to carry it around.
Also this product works best with a bath puff or else you use up too much product.

So has anyone else tried anything from the Mirai line??

*I also sampled the Immunocologie treatment cream Venomax.
The jar in the Test Tube is 15ml (quite decent for such an expensive product).Full size jar is $275!
From looking at the Immunocologie website the cream looks like it is very good and has a lot of exotic ingredients.
I tried a bit on my skin as it is very dry from winter and my skin did feel very moisturizes right away and quite refreshed. But I have not used this product long enough to determine how it will work for me yet.
The only minus I see is that there is no size listed for the jar on Immunocologie's website and not sure how many people want to pay $275 and GUESS? how much product you might get.
Now is the jar 30ml,45ml,50ml,60 or 75ml- there is no "standard" size for jars of cosmetics yet,so this info is always helpful to know.


  1. Cool.. Never heard of this before..

    There is also a new box out in Canada called

  2. I see that you are from Ottawa, where did you get the test tube? I'm from Canada too and always think that this tube is Us only. Please share... :-)

    1. I get the Test Tube from the US- my parents live there half the year.
      But you do need a US billing address, so I changed one of my credit cards to their US based address and that works for me.
      I can only check my statement online now though.

      But if you really want a Test Tube you can also use some parcel forwarding services where you pay a fee to have any item from the US sent here.
      I have not done that in a few years,but know people who do that and seems to work well.

    2. Thank you for your answer. That explain everything.

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    1. Hi,
      I am following your blog now!
      The Lush reviews are great!