Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Candied orange peel at Alex's bakery on Bank st: Ottawa!

I have been going to this small new bakery for the past few months.
This lovely and modern looking store is a new addition to the Glebe area.
Usually I purchase some pastries and bread a few times a week.
During my last visit I spotted a few interesting new items- some homemade jams and freshly made candied orange peel.
I happen to be a fan or candied orange peel with chocolate, orange marmalade-so this was right up my alley :)!
The lady working at the bakery told me that they freshly made the orange peel in the store. The display was very nice looking and the price was very good at .80 per piece.
Each piece of candied orange peel was aprox 2x3" and around 1/4 inch in thickness- so fairly easy to bite into.
You could see the texture of the peel quite well and it was quite tart in taste!
I plan on purchasing more of this peel for myself and for a gift to someone who happens to enjoy everything with candied orange.
If you have a chance do stop by and try this item.

Candied orange peel from Alex's bakery!

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