Monday, May 23, 2011

Valmont Bio-Regenetic Serum amazing for those 11 frown lines!

Recently I was able to get my hands on one of the elusive Valmont Switzerland skincare serums.
Having heard so much of this famed line and how it made the skin amazingly soft and young looking,I was curious to try some of this line.
Valmont is quite a premium line and out of my budget at the moment, so the opportunity to try even a sample is nice.
The Valmont product that I tried was Bio-Regenetic Serum. The website for Valmont claims the serum helps give the skin energy and can restructure the skin with DNA and RNA ingredients.
Now, I have not been using this product very long and can not yet determine if my skin will have any permanent changes from this product.
When I first tried Bio-Regenetic serum it absorbed very well and also has minimal to no scent. Good for people who are sensitive to highly scented products. I also have very sensitive skin and was not irritated at all by this product.
The Valmont serum was used on my "11" frown lines and I did notice an immediate plumping action and my lines were much less noticeable the whole day.
So far this very luxurious product has been very pleasing to use.
I would recommend Valmont Bio-Regenetic serum to anyone who wants a very luxurious was of improving their frown lines!
If you can get your hands on a sample it is the best way of trying this serum and knowing if it works for you.
The sample I was able to obtain came in a 3ml plastic tube and is not airtight. The full size Valmont serum is 30ml in size and comes in an airless pump to protect the ingredients.
(I got my sample from a store I shop at).
If you are looking to purchase Valmont products in Canada Essential Day Spa sells that line on their website and has great customer service.
The Valmont Switzerland website can be found at:

The price of Valmont Bio-Regenetic serum is $257.00 in Canada.
Valmont Bio-Regenetic Serum   
 *Thanks to Essential Day Spa for having this Valmont product pic on their site. I do not have the full product in my hands here.

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