Monday, May 23, 2011

CocoMira delicious and addicitive Canadian candy!

CocoMira is a candy I tried quite a while ago and meant to post about sooner.
If you have not heard of CocoMira it is a hard toffee-like confection that is topped with chocolate and various kinds of nuts.
CocoMira is made in Canada in Toronto.
When I first tasted CocoMira Maple Crunch, it reminded me of Almond Roca- except that CocoMira is in flat squares instead of the foil wrapped candies of Almond Roca.
CocoMira Maple Crunch is made with real Canadian maple syrup and I found it had a richer taste than the Almond Roca toffee center. The milk chocolate was not overly rich and was quite sweet. The combination of nuts of the Maple Crunch is pecans and almonds- which makes for a nice tasty change.
CocoMira also happens to be gluten free, for those people who are trying to avoid those ingredients.
I bought CocoMira at Natural Food Pantry in Ottawa, but it can also be bought in many other stores and ordered online.
This would make a great Canadian gift for anyone who likes sweet treats.
The only "problem" there is with CocoMira was that it is too easy to finish the whole box by yourself!

CocoMira Maple Crunch and Hazelnut Crunch!

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