Sunday, July 3, 2011

Close call with food poisoning at Maison Baguette!

Hope that everyone is having a great summer!
I haven't posted in a while as I just did not get around to it. Now I hate to start up again with a negative experience,and debated writing this- but this was my personal experience two weeks ago.
I had bought a few (3) coupons through a local deal of the day website and had heard of Maison Baguette before from their previous location downtown.
Having never gotten the chance to go to their old location, I jumped at the chance to try this much heard about bakery.
My first visit was good- had a breakfast sandwich made from a croissant and that was ok. It was slightly ruined by the cooking of the eggs in the microwave and also heating the croissant in the microwave.
The breakfast croissant was alright,but the sogginess somewhat ruined it, at least they did use real cheese!
I also had a bread with fruits in it and the homemade baked beans.
My visit was overall positive and I looked forward to going back to try other items.

Now my visit two weeks ago was not very pleasant for the most part.
I had bought a filled croissant and that was good (unfortunately it is hard to remember what was even in it), a "corn bread" and the homemade baked beans.
I did not try the baked beans in the store as they were already packaged. Since it was hot out at the time I had brought a small insulated cooler to keep my grocery items cool.
The beans were transported in that and were still very cold when I got home.
The beans were tasted when I got home and I immediately noticed an "off taste" or a fermented taste.
Also when I had gotten the container home the lid was inflated,but I thought that was just from carrying the container on the bus (even though it was secure).
I ended up putting the container in the fridge and came back an hour later to find there was a lot of buildup of gas and the container looked like it could explode in my fridge-the lid was pretty much about to pop off the container.
Unfortunately I did not get a picture,but I know what spoiled food looks like (cans and sealed containers that are bulging are unsafe to eat).
I also consulted with some food safety experts, a nurse and the city dept that handles food safety and my details of the spoiled item did confirm that it was spoiled and too "fermented".
(I have also seen a similar thing happen with some beans from Costco someone bought a few years ago...roommate had left them in the fridge too long...).
Just to be sure, I also spoke to some "bean experts" who make baked beans every week and they told me the item was unsafe to eat and that I'm lucky I did not get ill from this.
Before I forget, the beans were also not dated, so no idea how long they were there for. It was also the last container in the fridge.

Based on this latest experience, I am sure I will not return to Maison Baguette on Montreal road.
Another thing is I thought most of their items were supposed to be homemade?
Well, when I was there they were advertising fresh waffles....MADE FROM A MIX.
I do not remember the brand, but they had the manufacturer's poster for Malted waffle mix.
If I wanted items made from a mix those are easy enough to make in my own kitchen.

I'm sure some people may have had more positive experiences with Maison Baguette,but I am not one of those persons apparently.
Now I do want to end this post on a positive note and will also include my list of places that have delicious fresh baked beans.

Bearbrook Farms at the Lansdowne Farmer's market has fresh baked beans every week.
The only downside is they have bacon in them and vegetarians might not want that?
But if you enjoy eating bacon and like baked beans, these are very tasty.
They have molasses,onion,bacon and...beans.
A large container is $5- you can also only get these on Sunday's till 3pm.

La Binerie Plantagenet also makes baked beans that are sold in some local stores.
I've bought these from Farm Boy before. These are good and they also have a vegetarian version for the people who do not want meat in their beans!

Foolish Chicken on Holland also has baked beans on their menu. I just had some as a side dish with my meal and they were very good. Forgot to ask what was in them though.

So there you have it! Thankfully I managed to avoid food poisoning!

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