Friday, March 11, 2011

Todric's Lobster Open Ravioli! Great taste and presentation!

I finally had the chance to go back to Todric's and try the Lobster Open ravioli in cognac cream sauce.
The dish was very well presented and had a very rich spicy taste.
The cream sauce was very rich and had an unexpected bit of spiciness to it. I asked the server and was told that there was a bit of cayenne pepper added to the sauce (it was not very spicy,just nicely spiced).
The "ravioli" part of the dish was made of two big sheets of pasta and the cream sauce and large chunks of fresh lobster were placed between that.
The ravioli was very fresh and nicely cooked too.
One part of the dish that surprised me was that there was actually mushrooms in the filling of the ravioli-that went well with the lobster (but was not mentioned on the menu). The mushrooms made the dish seem much more filling!

The server also mentioned that in this dish the chef uses the meat from a one and a half pound lobster,so that was quite substantial.
What was very original was the presentation- the head and tail of the lobster were on the edges of my plate.
There was also the two lobster claws and those were very carefully placed on the edge of the pasta making it look like the whole crustacean was there!
This dish is not something I would order every day as it is quite rich and would be better for a special occasion.
The market price for the lobster ravioli dish today was $38 (also why I could not eat this too often).

Also while at Todric's today I also had the chef's creation appetizer and a pineapple upsidedown cake.
Those will be added to my post soon this weekend!

Todric's Lobster open ravioli in cognac cream sauce!

Lobster Head!
Lobster Tail!

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