Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Abbey St. Clare- The Bleue Creme review!

I got this as one of the samples with my last Abbey St. Clare order a few weeks ago. Being quite busy I did not get around to trying this sample until today.
Now I kind of wish I had tried this creme sooner as it is great for normal or dry skin and even oilier skin I think.
My skin type is sensitive and sometimes oilier and sometimes normal-usually it is hard to find a face cream that does not bother my skin. Many items are either too light or too greassy feeling.
With this Bleue Creme I had absolutely no issues and there is not much scent to the product.
Many creams I find are too overly scented and bother me after a while or even when applying them.
With it being fall my skin did not feel parched using this product and the cream absorbed very well too!
This would be good for a year round face product too-it does not have any sunscreen though.
There were two other samples with my order and those were the Vitamin C Complex Serum and Coffee and Cloves shampoo. Those will be reviewed fairly soon.
To order or read more about The Bleue Creme go to:
The Bleue Creme comes in a 60ml jar and costs $34.00
-just wanted to add the creame is a light blue shade and not a very bright tint. I'd say it is almost as light as the label of the product.

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