Monday, December 6, 2010

Urban Pear! Great meal and creative desserts.

Recently I took the time to eat a meal at Urban Pear.
I've been there several times before and the creativity behind the food is quite amazing.
You never know what will be on the menu that day-except that it is mostly local ingredients and house cured meats.
To start with I had the antipasto platter-that usually has some pickled vegetables,roasted garlic,Canadian cheese,olives and a type of meat. The only small issue I had with this platter was the meat was pretty much invisible- the sausage piece was around the size of a dime and there was two small slivers.
Not a huge issue,but just a bit odd.
I also consumed a very tasty soup that was quite rich with cream and had some nice smoky bacon- unfortunately I forgot to write down the name of that soup. The soups do change daily and all of them are quite creative and good. Nice sized portion too!
To end my meal I had a very unique, creative and tasty dessert. A butternut squash and apple cake, topped with a apple compote, homemade cheddar ice cream and a caramel whiskey sauce.
Just writing that description is quite  lengthy
The flavors of the dessert blended quite well and it seems like it must be a lot of work just to think of putting these items together.
The portion of cake was just the right size and enough for one person. The cake part was very moist and flavorful. The apple compote was good and there was a lot of apple and a good seasoning with that too. The cheddar ice cream was quite rich and a small portion the size of a small melon ball. That is a good thing as the combination of all these ingredients along with the caramel sauce was quite filling.
The restaurant was not very busy when I arrived to eat, it was a Sunday night and the restaurant had just opened for business. The waiter that served my meal was also very friendly and very knowledgeable about every item on the menu.
My meal at the Urban Pear was great and I look forwards to dining there more often.
Butternut squash apple cake,apple compote, cheddar ice cream, whiskey caramel sauce!


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