Saturday, February 25, 2012

Glymm Feb 2012 box!

Earlier this week I received my Glymm box.
If you are not familiar with Glymm, it is a monthly beauty sample subscription where you pay $10 per month to receive some "deluxe" samples.

What did I receive this time?

*Sula natural creme shadow in He Loves Me. (value $8.00
The shadow comes in a cute glass jar and is very easy to apply.
But on me the light pink shimmery shade does not show up much. Will prob use this as a highlighter.
I have not yet worn this on my eyes so not sure how long lasting it is.

*Burts Bees tinted lip balm in Rose. (value $7.99)
Always wanted to try this,but never got around to buying one. I do not really consider this a "deluxe" brand.
Still it is a nice product and I am going to keep it in my purse instead of plain lip balm.
The only thing making this product better would be if there was a SPF in it.

*Glamglow mud mask. 7ml sample tube. (value $9)
This seems like a very fancy mud mask. the sample size is decent enough to use once I would think.
Not sure if I will try this or give it to a family member as I have very sensitive skin.

*Mai Couture bronzing paper. (value of .24 cents...yup....)
This has to be one of the cheapest looking samples I've gotten. Just ONE sheet of bronzing papier?
Would have been nicer if they included the blush or maybe 2 sheets.
I have not tried this product yet, when I get around to it...sometime.

Glymm Feb 2012 box!

Overall my impression of this box was the value was ok. But the Mai papier sample kind of ruined this for me with their stinginess.
I have seen other box companies where Mai provided a whole book of their papers, plus a blush sample- so really it is not asking too much.
The Glamglow mask seems nice, but I already have a favorite mask that I like and is good for my sensitive skin.

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