Tuesday, January 1, 2013

GLOSSYBOX CANADA DEC 2012 DISCONTINUEDe AVON?? Someone needs to explain this.....

My Glossybox showed up on New Year's eve....what a fun way to cap off the year!
Glossybox is supposed to be one of the more "premium" beauty subscription services in Canada- with a cost of $21 per month (plus tax.....).
This month was slightly different as the usual pink box was replaced by a nice glossy silver box!!
The December 2012 box was also a LOULOU magazine branded edition. I will evaluate my whole Glossybox in another post- as one or two major issues have stuck with my and are the focus of this blog post.
Overall I did like the December box, but found one product was very confusing, strange and not labeled in French or English- also a silver colour....so is it for eyes or lips???




Here are some photos (above) that show what was received and what was under the stuck on label of my item. From what is written here on the product it was hard to decipher if this was a eye or lip item.
Thesedays you can get silver colored items for eyes and lip area and just the name "London" does not tell me anything yet.

So off I go to do some research online- I do not like just using a product without knowing anything about it.
The Glossybox card does not have any specific info about this product and states: "Avon's extensive makeup collection pairs beauty and scientific innovation! FULL SIZE!......assorted see www.avon.ca".

My product is not on the Avon Canada site and has no labeling for the Canadian market.
I know in Canada products must have at least English and French labeling when sold here. This info was told to me by a company that imports European products to sell in Canada (a company I speak on the phone with often).

After my Google sleuthing I come up with this link on ebay's UK site:

Looking at the Avon Canada site,I do not see any product listing for Color Trend.
This is somewhat concerning as it seems this product is not sold here and is from a discontinued line apparently?
To me it seems like a bad marketing idea to send a discontinued product- it makes the manufacturer of that item look bad. And why send an item that was not even available on Avon.ca or in Canada?
This also makes the beauty box company look cheap or like it was a big oversight as I read on Facebook that the same item has gone to quite a few other Glossybox Canada customers.

I am going to email Glossybox Canada, Avon and not too sure who else.
I would really like an explanation for this.
Also from reading comments on the Facebook Glossybox.ca webpage some people have written that the Revlon nail polish that was sent is also discontinued and has recently shown up in some dollar-type stores for $2?
I generally do not buy Revlon nail products (usually use Mavala,OPI,Essie and Dior) and will have to look into this also.

This will be updated once I get more info.
But is this the kind of thing you would expect from a company that charges $21 for a monthly beauty box?
I have several beauty box subscriptions and have not had this happen yet.

*if anyone has info on the discontinued polish or Avon I will add that to my post if you message me. Did anyone else receive discontinued items for Dec 2012???

Update: Jan 3, 2013

No "real" additional info to add.
Glossybox did post this little note on a Facebook post. This does not address anything yet...

"GlossyBox.ca Hi ladies, we just wanted to let you know that we are currently looking into this issue. We appreciate your patience through this and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused."

*So far I did send a link to my blog and posted om LOU LOU magazine's English Facebook page.
LOU LOU  magazine replied right away that they will look into this matter.
That's it for now.......

Update: Jan 4, 2013

Looking at the Glossybox Canada Facebook page they just put down that they are sorry some people do not like the colors and that it is a full size item.

aaaaargh!&&&**^%, Glossybox Canada must have "selective hearing".
I also feel I should add a FACEPALM!!! to this...can't find the pic though.....

Here is what Glossybox Canada posted on their Facebook page:

"GLOSSIES, we are sorry that some of you were disappointed with your full-size Revlon nail polish. We were careful to send you colours that would be universally acceptable and all-in-all great additions to any nail polish collection. We hope that you can enjoy your nail polish and if you have any further questions, we are happy to have you email our customer service department. We are currently waiting on information about the Avon product as it came from Europe, but we will let you know as soon as we have more details. Thank you for your patience!"

If I do not get an answer from Glossybox I am going to have to contact my credit card provider to get my money back!

*I think Glossybox missed the point that people were writing about- it is not the colour of the makeup,but that it is discontinued a few years ago.

Update: Jan 10, 2012

Glossybox Canada sent the same message to all their Facebook readers and the same response to my email.

Pretty much that they are "glossing" over this issue and dodging all my questions and comments.
And apparently the items everyone received are not old and discontinued and if I send them my pictures they will to us where to buy them??

I'm grabbing my popcorn and waiting for their next entertaining response.....

Here is what I received as a response:


Thank you for being so patient and understanding while waiting for an answer regarding the Avon products included in

December’s GLOSSYBOX. Because we’re an international company, we strive to bring you products from around the globe,

which is actually why it has taken longer than usual to update you on this issue. We’ve communicated with our

supplier in Europe, who has been a reliable GLOSSYBOX provider in the past, and they have reassured us that the

product is in date, new and unopened
, but we are devastated if our GLOSSIES are upset. Our investigation is not over

and we have learned a lot from this situation. We will be reevaluating how we approach quality assurances going

forward, since our number one priority will always be making (and keeping) you, our subscribers, surprised and 

delighted with your GLOSSYBOX. If you have any questions at all about the Avon product you received, or about your

GLOSSYBOX in general, please feel free to email our customer service department at contact@glossybox.ca.

They will 
be getting up to date information on this issue and will be best equipped to answer any questions or concerns that 
you may have. Once again, thank you for your patience and understanding through this. We cannot even begin to 
express how extremely appreciative we are to have your perspective, loyalty and support!

The Revlon nail polish I received. Also the bottle seems to be 1/3 empty.....maybe it evaporated??

Have not tried the polish yet...

Revlon nail polish from Glossybox.

Revlon 115 PEACH PETAL



  1. Not 100% sure but I kind of remember Avon selling ColorTrend many many years ago (I believe its at least 9 years ago) and at the time I only bought the nail polish.

    But if what your saying is true then I am really disappointed that they are doing this and its not very professional of them considering we spend $21 on a box and I don't want to get discontinued items in my box.

    I am only suppose to get my box today so we will see. Thanks for sharing this info

    1. Wow!
      I used to buy Avon when a lady I knew sold it,but that was years ago.
      I was subscribed to Glossybox for 1 year...since they started in Canada pretty much.

      I'm happy with half my glossybox this month .

      I do not usually use much "drugstore" hair products as I get salon products quite cheaply (from authorized stores) or else use natural hair products.

  2. The Avon I got was the Glaze wear extreme in pale pink, and the Revlon nail polish i got was in lilac, (I already have the colour and I don't belive that its worth the 5.99 they claim. This is my last Glossy Box, the other than the polish I'm happy with it.

  3. I received the Cherry Crush polish. It was manufactured in 2011 and Discontinued. It is an obvious "second" as the print on the bottle is smeared.

  4. I received pale pink glazeware..I don't think it's as old...but I don't know exactly how old. I'm hurt about this because I'm such a huge fan of GB. *sigh* and *pout*

  5. Hi! I'm originally from Finland and the little note on the Avon product says "huulikiilto" in Finnish which means lip gloss. It also has Swedish in there (the last language) so I assume it was made for the Scandinavian market.

  6. I'm equally as bummed :( i posted a youtube video for my unboxing and had one girl comment saying:
    "you've got more product in there than what you paid for.... so even if they aren't "luxe" enough for your taste, it's still not a waste. also, the golden ticket thing is like a lottery. you don't buy a powerball ticket and think everyone who buys one wins, right? i just don't know what you're expecting for $20. you got more than you paid for!"

    but i think the concept went over her head; we buy these subscription boxes to try out new products, and if we like these new products, then we will buy more - and we cant really do that when the products are expired, can we?!

    1. For $21 the Aveeno products are a good deal-but I do not find that luxurious.
      Tresseme is ok, but I have other salon hair powder that I need to use up first.

      I just find it kind of insulting to get 2 expired items and to have Glossybox say they are fine.
      But what got me was that they buy items from third parties and apparently Revlon and Avon had nothing to do with this box??

      I've had a few small problems with other beauty boxes,but they fixed those things right away and were super helpful.

      -one bag/box I used to get had a water spray (Evian or other...?) and it was expired by a few months.
      The company posted on their Facebook, sent out a email etc...and sent out the new product to everyone with a few extra samples!
      -they had great service.
      If they still did their beauty bags I'd buy them,I am still a customer of that store.

      Also for $20 I can get a lot of beauty stuff. One store I shop at online had a 80% off haloween sale link they sent by newsletter and I bought a ton of recent items that are good (stuff from Me Bath, M Luxe, Bioelements)....not outdated stuff.
      -but for this sale seems they only had 1 or 2 of each item.

      Or there is a dept store near me, the cosmetic dept has charity events w gifts bags,food, tons of samples.

    2. Some people also got as Jergens tanning cream instead of the nice more expensive Aveno. I would feel chumped if I was one of those people.

  7. WOW, Glossy really should make this up. I know last year someone complaind about a product that expired in our Loose Button box. Right away Loose Button sent an email and aplogized. They said the company said the product was still good but to just throw it away and we would get a replacement in our next box. We did and it was really nice and useable. We shall see what Glossy does. For $21 a month this is really shameful.


  8. The red box for the silver color trend product says: Mini Lip Gloss. Even the sticker says Lappglans....not sure how it could be confused with an eye-product to be honest.

    Upping the price and sending out non-current or discontinued stuff is pretty unfair. It's great that you pursued this.