Monday, February 1, 2016

Foodiepages Tasting Box Review Jan 2016!

My box was a little late getting here and I was happy my box was not lost or taken off my front steps!
Everything in the box looked amazing and it was hard not to eat everything as soon as the box was opened.

It looks like there is a new box design for the FoodiePages boxes.
My earlier boxes always came in a plain brown box- this makes the box look much more fancy and very visible.

The New Packaging!

This is what I saw as soon as I opened my box.
They are always well packed with shredded paper and an info card.

Opening My FoodiePages Box!

Here are the tasty items that were sent in the January 2016 tasting box:

Jan 2016 Tasting Box!

The first item I tried from this box was the Sapsucker Maple Tree Filtered Water!I was not familiar with this brand, but have bought some bottled maple water from the market in Montreal. It is very refreshing with a light maple taste- so I was looking forwards to trying this.
The Sapsucker packaging is much more practical to send by mail and not likely to break, as it is in a carton like the fruit juices that are shelf stable.
There is a small amount of natural sugar in this product and also some minerals that are good for you.
The maple taste is extremely light if you were to compare this to maple syrup- this is what they boil to get your maple syrup in the bottle. Except that with maple syrup it is much more concentrated.
I read that Whole Foods carries this product,I will look for it next time I am there and will surely buy a couple cartons for myself and gifts!

Maple Water in my Cup!
This is what the maple water looked like in my cup- pretty much like water!
When this is chilled, it is so refreshing!

**The rest of my tasting notes will be up shortly. I need to catch some sleep before continuing....

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